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  1. Super duper massive bump for this thread. I used to adore this car! What happened to it??
  2. Hi guys. Spotted a private plated G reg dark corrado twice today. Once in Cabot Circus car park then later drove past me on Fishponds road. Following me?! In Bristol.
  3. Going to get some laquer and spray the wing and the keyscratch on the side and some small stone chips.
  4. Definately the Brera, I keep forgetting how lush that car is!!
  5. Damn that sucks mate :( Why didn't you leave it in gear you silly billy?! :-P Hmm, how about...20vT baby :norty:
  6. bristolbaron, Well we know what a Corrado is then :-P :lol:
  7. Happy bday, love the lights, awesome cake :D
  8. Cant you get a regular on and chrome it? Easy to do I thought...
  9. Ahh right :) Thanks Might get me arse down to more shows!
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