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  1. Right... As an ex-moderator here and someone who spent far too much of his life posting on here (just shy of 11,000 posts over the last 16.5 years!), and as someone who witnessed the indifference/coldness/clique of the old CCGB board (even though I was a member of CCGB before some of them owned a Corrado having got my first back in '98 and originally joining CCGB that year too! :scratch:), I still think that joining the CF and CCGB is the way forwards for both entities, AS LONG AS the information on here stays in the public domain and is not put behind a paywall or similar... Forums are struggling in the new age of social media. The information held on this site is far to valuable to lose. The CCGB has had a large injection of fresh blood which appears (I'm not a member as I don't own a 'rado anymore) to have changed the base culture which was the large part of the issues it had, and was basically the reason that Andi started The Corrado Forum in the first place! If the current owner of the CF (Toby?) is up for talks about the merger/take over/buy out, then I really think that now is the time to do it, and that the current CCGB comittee have the CCGB in a good (and friendly!) state.... Meh, that's my tupence worth anyway, for what it's worth..... :)
  2. Sorry, but the only thing I can think of when I hear about this is this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]75393[/ATTACH] Probably an age thing.... ;)
  3. works fine in Firefox V22.0 for me....
  4. yeah, from experience, I always ignore white paint timing marks if I didn't make 'em myself! you never know what they're supposed to line up with and if they were just there for a cam-belt change, not setting the timing...
  5. OK, Sitting comfortably? ;) Yes, a boost leak could cause this kind of issue, although with it "boosting" over 3000rpm, I'd still be more inclined to say it's a timing issue... I can't remember off the top of my head what the MFA readings should be.... There's a thread on here somewhere that'll tell you if that's good or not. Use the search to find it... ;) An SNS anti-lag chip IS a remap chip.... it should have been spec'd to match whatever changes have been made to your engine, probably around the time it was Stage 5'd and it's probably had a smaller pulley installed to give it more boost, so would have needed the new chip to be able to use that properly without melting the engine.... The Boost return pipe delete is often done.... apparently it's good for a couple more BHP when it's hot outside (you're not trying to re-compress hot boost making it hotter, only taking in air from outside into the charger), but the noise always used to bug me, so I only ran with mine off for about a week, then put it back on again! The fact that you're getting a loud sneeze goes to show you're getting boost to the throttle body again, in my mind at least, pointing to timing rather than a boost leak... Setting cam timing can be a sod on the G60... there's two little dots on the cam wheel which have to be on either side of a small pointer on the cam cover... on the other side of the cam wheel, there's a single dot, which has to line up with something too which is nigh-on impossible to see (I can't remember off the top of my head what it is supposed to line up with though.... too many beers tonight!) It's very easy to get it a tooth out when using the twin dots, as it doesn't always line up 100%, so I always (after I got it wrong!) used to turn the engine over a few times by hand, and then re-check the timing marks are spot on. Also be aware that there are 2 timing marks on the fly-wheel... one is TDC, the other is the 6degrees marker... make sure you use the TDC mark when timing up the cam! ;) Cam changes can have a good effect on G60s... basically anything that helps them breath in or out better will make a marked difference to a G60... Be aware though, that to get the best out of any modifications like this, you'll need to get a map (chip) to suit the modifications... ;) The standard cam is actually pretty good, so unless you're on a real hunt for every last bit of power you can get out of a G60 (and have VERY deep pockets and lots of patience!) or are planning a few modifications and will get a remap to suit all of the changes, then I wouldn't bother... :)
  6. nope.... boost in a G60 should be present as soon as you use the throttle pedal... Do you have a boost/vacuum gauge fitted to see what's actually going on? Very much worth getting one fitted it you haven't... :) The SNS no-lag technology doesn't reduce boost lag as you'd get in a Turbo while it spools up, as G60s don't suffer from this kind of lag due to the way they work... While the G60 engine is running, it's always producing positive boost. The throttle body bypass (the vent on the bottom) allows the engine to not use some of the positive pressure boost when it's not required (like on idle or on deceleration) so you'll never actually get a boost lag from a G60 supercharger setup... The SNS No-Lag map removes the "lag" when the ECU switches over from using the lambda and other sensors to using the WOT map, which, on a well tuned engine can feel like a bit of a pause when you floor it as the ECU switches mode, works out what's going on and where it is in the map, then adjusts the fuelling/timing according to the map... Your 3000rpm kick would suggest to me that your timing is out on the engine... I'd be checking that the cam is timed up properly and not a tooth out if I were you, as it's very easy to get this wrong on a G60 (I've done it myself!) and it makes the car drive very differently from how it should.... very flat at the bottom end, then a sudden rush at about 3K, but no real "go!" to it to speak of....
  7. Henny

    G60 intercooler

    nope, stick with the paper filter with a G60... cotton or (even worse!) foam ones let too many small particles through which turn into a grinding paste within the charger causing excessive wear and eventual failure of the charger... :( Don't forget, those parts on Bar-Tek are brand new uprated parts.... second hand ones pop up on ebay and on quite a few forums regularly, but at least you can see in their pics exactly which parts you need to get hold of! ;)
  8. Henny

    G60 intercooler

    BAR-TEK do a full kit of the pipes, including the U-bend you need to go from the charger to the intercooler... This one -> http://www.bar-tek-tuning.com/lshop,showdetail,21250,en,1374144736-21293,tuning.1080551703,2160009,195,Tshowrub--tuning.1080551703,.htm And this one -> http://www.bar-tek-tuning.com/lshop,showdetail,21250,en,1374144736-21293,tuning.1080551703,2160087,196,Tshowrub--tuning.1080551703,.htm Just under €600 all in, which isn't cheap, but it's beautifully made stuff and spot on fit-wise... :)
  9. Yup, can be collected (by arrangement!) from either CW12 3RP or M50 3XW depending on if I'm at work or not (second is work address) 8) Pics below... 3 of the wheels have no damage, one has a very light scuff (done about a week after I had them refurbished! :mad:) and the fifth with no tyre needs a full refurb, but is not buckled so there shouldn't be any problems getting it refurbed should you wish... :)
  10. Got a set of 4 near mint Borbet Cs with 215,45,16 Goodyear GSD3s on 'em and a somewhat ratty 5th spare without a tyre... They're 4x100, but have a 40 offset, so I'm supplying 10mm spacers (and longer bolts) with them to make them fit a Corrado perfectly... They also fit over the 305mm Brembos when used with the spacers... I'm after £300 for 'em...
  11. And, just for variety, this is being posted from my MacBook Air. OS-X 10.8.3 using Safari, logged in as me (obviously!) and I'm getting the same mix of thumbnails and text links as I got on my Win7 PC... :) :geek: :study: *edit* and the same on OS-X using Firefox 14.01
  12. This has sometimes happened to me when I've typed something in using the advanced editor and then pressed "preview post"... Deffo had the same when editing posts though as per O/P...
  13. :dance:I was right... they only showed up as text links... *EDIT* interestingly, I just tried this in Internet Explorer9 and ALL were text links, not pictures... Although I wasn't logged in... *EDIT EDIT!* Having just logged in using IE9, I see the same as I did under Firefox, (ie, I can see the fire extinguisher pic, but not the A6 one in my post above...)
  14. OK, so a couple more pics to try and help... "What I See1.jpg" is what is shown on my screen when I look at my post above with the fire extinguisher and A6 pictures "What I See2.jpg" is what is shown on my screen when I look at the post I mentioned in my A6 thread... "What I See3.jpg" is what is shown on my screen when I use the media uploader on the forum to show the "?" icon I was on about compared to the thumbnails of older pictures I've uploaded in the past... All grabs were on a machine using Firefox 22.0 on Windows 7 with no blockers or other odd software running... And, as a prediction BEFORE I hit submit reply, I'm gonna predict that non of these pictures will show up as thumbnails, but only as text links to me... :)
  15. Ah, interesting... :scratch: I edited my post above and added a couple of pictures... The pic of my Corrado interior after a fire extinguisher went off shows up as a thumbnail, but the one of my A6 doesn't, yet both work when clicked... When I used the forum uploader, the A6 pic shows as a ? icon, where the extinguisher photo was already there, and had a thumbnail version of the pic as it's icon... Is this because there's a bit of forum software that's not creating the thumbnails properly anymore?
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