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  1. rebuilt my jabba one after it had done about 28k,, didnt look too bad insiide but rebuilt it as the secondary shaft bearings were getting really noisy which is never good!! got some nice new rs spec bearings in there now
  3. the one closest to the inlet manifold out the back
  4. they are awesome especially in 4 stud!!!!
  5. bloody hell good work!! difficult to know what to do when you could do anything at all,, maybe buy a couple and have an all out G60 and then an all out one with a different engine and 4x4 etc edit: doh just re read and you didnt win,, better luck next time,,
  6. vac hose form TB to the ecu, must be 2.5mm internal diameter and exactly 1m long,, try that?
  7. has to be a chip and pulley on a g60, £170 and you get 30 bhp,, putting that into perspective i spent about £1500 + on my mk1 gti 1600 8v engine to get another 27 bhp,,,,,
  8. all done now,, bit of heating to casings and teh bearings go in ok,, bit nervewracking and so many things you can damage but got there in the end reallly carefull as i went,, just gotta get a few hundred miles on it so i can give it some stick,,
  9. hmm looks lie a good un then, ill finish putting the rest back together and check here again in a bit
  10. yes, new one is made by fag,, cage is made from "latest composite material" apparently,, could be better?
  11. using an RS rebuld kit form bar-tek i got of of edition 1 on this forum, has nice uprated countershaft bearings etc,, all going well and back on teh rebuild,, the only thing that concerns me is that teh bearing for the main shaft, supercharger pulley end has a plastic cage around the bearings as oppose to the old one had a metal cage around, new bearing is made by fag old one is nakichi, do i use the new bearing or get another one with a metal cage,, all teh otehr bearings are exactly the same as the old ones apart from the countershaft ones which are uprated,,, advice anyone? :D here is the bearing,, http://www.bar-tek-tuning.de/lshop,show ... 25576,.htm
  12. i love white ones,, picks out all the black details really well,,
  13. do a search on "veailige" car in members gallery he has a nice tank and i am sure darren would be able to arrange for something similar to be fabricated
  14. always a good idea to whip the sump off and check the gauze on the oil pump pick up is clear,, it can get blocked over time if the car has not been cared for proeprly by the previous owners,,
  15. Hi, thanks for the reply. Only thought of using the ebay one as the Pro alloy one is a direct fit for the corrado and the outlets are on the same side. http://www.proalloy.co.uk/cgi-bin/sitewise.pl?act=det&pt=52_62_143&p=658&id=proalloy I have plenty of alu bends and samco hose so pipe's aren't a problem, so wot do you think i should do? Been trying to get hold of a original golf cooler but there so bl**dy hard to get hold of. Any help would be great. Thanks. i have one of these and its an excellent piece of kit,, see my how to guide here,,, bought mine direct from pro alloy,, and was very impressed, only thing i dont advise is fitting with teh quickmounts they provide as they will cut through your radiator in no time,, hope this makes interesting reading for you,, http://swdubs.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php ... ght=#14483 http://www.swdubs.co.uk/fmic1.htm
  16. thanks darren, look forward to seeing the pics, i already have a supersprint cat by pass pipe so will be from that point backwards,, :-)
  17. are they 6, 6.5 or 7j rims? anyone know? :wink:
  18. OOOPS SORRY ABOUT THAT,, nice one henny,, (walesy your`e a cheeky fecker) !! :lol:
  19. no point scrimping on oil, its like blood for your engine,, synta is only £11 + vat for 5 litres from gsf anyhow,,,
  20. lots of chargers have these markings form the factory,, to us they mean nothing at all,, if it is the faint scribings on the top i am thinking about,, some rebuilders will also scribble all over your charger on every piece,
  21. rx`s are the ultimate oem + look, raddos look awesome on them have a look at some of the older pics of mike G60`s one,, looked awesome!!! got Rc`s on mine at the mo but would love a set of rx`s aswell
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