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  1. just buy mine its the same colour and already has most of teh mods you mention!! :D
  2. excellent work going on here,, keep us posted
  4. what you need is a 240 bhp g60,, best of both worlds..
  5. if your engine is filthy best thinkg i have ever used to clean one is Wurth Motorcycle cleaner , it comes in a 1 litre spray bottle and its purple, i use it on my motocross bike and tried it in my engine bay and it was awesome!!
  6. tehre is a special vw ring compressor for this,, seen one somewhere
  7. come on dave get some more pics up,, allot more cleaning and painting has been going on and teh engine bay has now been laquered, finishing off teh engine bay painting,, tonight i will be sorting out the wiring loom, lots of soldering heat shrinking and taping, dave has more cleaning and degreasing to do wahoo,, as a little treat for dave i repainted the front cross member ove rteh weekend whilst he was out galavanting
  8. get your wallet out stop messing about and take teh car to a specialist,, this has gone on too long,, earths lambda wiring, o2 sensor knock sensor, crank pulley bolt, fule pressure, fuel pump wiring harness, everything needs to be checked,, bet its something glaringly simple,,
  9. thanks we built it ourselves can fit 5 cars in there no problem :D 8)
  10. yep we have a bad egg here but will be an awesome G60 once we are done,, get saving up dave may aswell take it to same spec as mine whilst we are at it,, ££££££££££££££££££
  11. hmm nope,, £25 an hour and your sorted,, thats cheap If only i had the time,, seems to be a full time job keeping my own stuff up to my standards!!!
  12. knock sensor, plugs leads rotor arm dizzy cap 1m long vac pipe fuel filter, Earths.. do the simple things first. many people waste time looking for elaborate solutions to problem when in fact its usually just the simple things that go wrong just as they would on an old ford anglia or something of similar prehistorc origin. 8) go back to basics and work from there.. :D
  13. we are looking at about £1000 - £1500 to get everything we want done,, and thats with me doing all the tricky bits and labour related stuff for free,, if you were going to a garage you would be spending muchious ££££££££££££
  14. pics of last nights work to follow i am sure,, charger verdict is not quite so grim,, see here,, http://www.dubforce.net/forums/index.ph ... opic=10479 i have said it once and i`ll say it again,, always use a paper filter on a G,, saves all this grinding paste going round and round in your charger
  15. i beleive teh sensor screws into teh tapping in teh top of teh BBM rail,, you can see it here..
  16. It looks too diy for it to be done by vw i thought, surely vw would have stamped idents onto it, cant see a Tech scribing every one that goes out, or did they? :lol: it is true vw do put hand scribbled ident scribe marks on them,, mine had it too so have many others..
  17. lot sof silly problems with this car aswell as teh big ones,, running prob that griff was having was dude to the front engine mount breaking and knocking the throttle closed switch off line,, a spimple adjustment with a pair of pliers here to bentd it back to where it was would of avoided the need for the taped WOT switch,, there is also a strange wire coming from teh hall sender feed on teh dizzy to inside teh cabin,, maybe for a previous shift light or a bodge round something,, lambda wiring above speaks for itself coolant flange on top of rad broken.. similar wiring woes on the headlight loom, its an abomination,, and for some reason all the flanges have been cut off teh downpipe under teh car (which is blowing at the top flexi i might add) , and several welded pipes make its way to teh center section,, a crude stab at a cat bypass pipe i would imagine,, tehre are 2 lambdas under tehre one thats disconnected in teh stock location (prob siezed in) and one just before teh first silencer that is kinda wired in sort of.. wish i had teh time to go with dave to view the car,, i was at goodwood festival of speed at the time.. sure its nice looking but its like a supermodel with hidden ghonnorea,, once you take teh clothes off you find all sorts of stuff you just dont want to see............ I will leave no stone unturned with theis car and it will be an awesome G60 once i am done,, but its gonna cost allot of £££££ to get it up to spec and sorted.. bad news about teh charger too, looks like its done an oil seal for somoe reason,, wouldnt be crankcase pressure venting oil back into it as she is running a boost return.. trouble with private sales i suppose,, :shock: :shock: as i say though it sure is a pretty looking car!! 8) 8)
  18. not really a problem, slave cyl is cheap as chips £40 form gsf, its a vw one with the part no ground off made by fag,, takes about 10 mins to fit,, master cyl is about £80 and more of a pain as there are parts to disconnect inside and teh master cyl is pretty tight to the engine etc.. try teh slave forst,, may also be worth bleeding teh sys through as its often a neglected area at fluid changes..
  19. no you cant they are stretch bolts,, and very cheap,, tehya re the same as a normal 8v Gti if you have a PG lump,, get some new ones,, save you diagnosing a blown headgasket in the near future........
  20. http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic. ... hilit=kent
  21. Mine flames on every upshift,, kinda like it,, adds insult to injury when you overtake someone!!
  22. shoudl take a bit of work off of the raddo and gain me some fuel economy too,, also i should be back on here a bit more now,, been seconded to the clients office for the last 7 months with no web access at work its been a total Doomer :, i am back in the fold now though!! 8) 8)
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