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  1. I did it. It took me about 2months as I made it work at home as a standalone setup (using a couple of +12v chargers LoL!!). There's LOADS of work involved, it's not only a matter of pulling aircon setup out, and plugging climatronic back in... While you're there, it'd be a good idea to fix and repair all broken wire that WILL be behind your dash, etc..
  2. I went the ABF + KJet route in the end, I hope it loves me too :D
  3. so it was a cheap fix in the end, wasn't it? I thought that crank sprocket would cost silly money ... glad it's fixed now!! congrats :)
  4. did an oil+filter change. Spent 1 fkin hour to pull the old oil filter out as there's no room for an oil filter tool now... noticed a small (but continous) oil leak. I'll try to do as I've not seen it LoL!!!
  5. as long as crank is allright, you only need a new sprocket :) so no problem ;)
  6. my crank sprocket "inner tooth" went and a massive loss of power + glowing exhaust manifold appeared :( I think it's not only the bolt that holds the sprocket in place
  7. yes I moved it, but I can't pull it further than 1/2 of the tensioning runner/guide/whatever :S
  8. Hey, I'm stuck at tensioning the alternator belt in my car.It's an ABF but using everything off a KR. I can slide the alternator through it's "tensioner", but I can't just pull it up enough so that the belt is correctly tensioned. I've tried using a long bar and pushing the alternator upwards with the bar against front crossmember, fail. I've also tried to move the alternator upwards with a hammer, fail. I can't get it to the correct belt tensioning :( any tricks? :D thanks
  9. finished the ABF running on KJET conversion. Good points: 1. Started on the key!!! 2. idle is a bit lumpy but steady at 900rpm approx (needs CO adjusting I suspect) 3. clutch (vr6 disc+bearing with kr pressure plate) feels reallllllllllly soft !!!!!! it even seems to not be pushing the pedal :D 4. coolant warmed up to 91ºC and then the fan kicked in, so temp went down to 88 or so :D 4. I could use kr flywheel (7.5kg, while abf one was 9.6!!) Bad points: 1. ignition timing seems to be wrong as the exhaust manifold was glowing red after idling for 15mins. Also, the car feels like no power at all!!! 2. a coolant pipe is slowly leaking these two bad points will be checked and fixed by a local garage. I'm fed up with the car ATM as I've spent the last 3 weekends from 8 to 20h doing the conversion.... I'll let you know how it gets on :)
  10. I couldn't sleep thinking about the PAS pulley :( NO!! LOL it was 8.30 in Catalonia :D I've got an ABF pump which (as etka says) has the same length as the 9A one :S Will it suffer a lot if I add some washers between pump and pulley?
  11. Hey, I'm in the middle of an abf+kjet transplant. The engine is in the bay and everything's okay. I'm stuck at the fact that PAS pulley does not line up with crank outer pulley (kr crank pulley is made of two pulleys. the bigger one moves water pump + a.c., and the smaller one acts on PAS). Using a PAS pump that was originally in my KR engine (I've been told by several mechanics that this pump is NOT a kr item, given the fact that it's got some washers between the pump and the pulley...), PAS pulley sits like 2cm far away from the crank pulley (I mean, it's closer to the gearbox). Using an ABF PAS pump, its pulley sits to far away from the crank one (further away from the gearbox -> it's closer to the wheel). KR pas pulley sits closer to KR PAS pump than ABF pulley to the ABF pump. May I add some washers (using longer bolts, which I've already sourced myself :D) between PAS pulley and the pump itself, acting like a spacer? is it very risky???? Please if anyone's been in this trouble... or anyone with a KR -> ABF swap (keeping all kr pumps and kjet) could help me............... thanks!
  12. dropped the abf engine in, just to realize that PAS pump sits too far from the crank pulley that I'll need a longer belt, as well as PAS Pulley not being aligned with crank pulley and so I'll need to use some washers in order to move it away from the pump.... no comment there...!!!! water pump pulley needs to be mounted the other way round so it lines up with crank pulley. is there anyone who did an abf swap, keeping KR k-jet and all kr pumps etc????????????????????????????????????? I was told it was pretty plug+play but it's not!
  13. in the end, I couldn't fit the VR6 pressure plate so my kr one was reused. just for future reference is anyone needs to know this ;)
  14. I'm in the process of fitting an ABF with k-jet. Abf flywheel weights 9.6kg (I read in CGTI that it was 10.5kg IIRC). KR one weigths only 7.5kg. will it run propperly? or I'll have idle issues, etc? btw, could anyone confirm their kr flywheel weight? thanks!
  15. it's a professionally rebuilt one. everything's been replaced (pistons+rings, valves, etc)... :D oh, and it's an ABF.
  16. out wit the old while the new one is waiting :norty:^1000
  17. prepped the rebuilt ABF engine for going into my corrado tomorrow 8)
  18. I've just received the package from vwspares and the vr6 clutch disk's depth is about 0.8mm..... so it looks like I have two brand new disks now :S
  19. polished inlet manifold. also bought loads of parts for the engine transplant :norty:
  20. LoL!! then 0.6mm means that it's about to die.. and so, I've ordered a vr6 clutch :) I'll be receiving an old and tired ABF tomorrow, and a rebuilt one on monday. Thanks all!
  21. anyway just to know... does 0.6mm be too much wear? at which % of use would that be?
  22. right then, I'll go for a std 16v kit :) I'll get it from vwspares, I hope it arrives to Barcelona soon as I'm doing the ABF transplant next week :S
  23. the disk I have at home is about 0.6 mm depth (of the 'thing' that is in contact with the pressure plate). is that okay?
  24. I'll replace only the disk as I've got a brand new one at home, and reuse the bearing and pressure plate. I hope it lasts LoL!!
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