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  1. any differences between vr6 and kr ones? :norty::norty::norty:
  2. would this fit? Is it 'stronger' than kr? http://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=2021 p.d. :norty: :norty: !!
  3. I'm doing an ABF transplant. I'll keep the 02a corrado KR gearbox. What clutch should I fit? Is there any turbodiesel or other seats etc clutch that are worth fitting? and.. is abf flywheel the same as corrado kr? Thanks!!!
  4. I put a bit into the gearbox rotating thingy, then quickly bolted the cable back into it. Let it "dry" for a couple of hours as, despite epoxy glue dries really fast, provided that it's got no air in there, it may take longer. are you doing it then? Post the results :D I hope it was of help to you :)
  5. Last time I tried to do that, all relays started to click like hell when I cranked the engine LoL. So i never did it again.... it used to work a while ago though...
  6. I already have one, for both low and high beams, but it's not enough since my oem headlights' reflectors are kind of burned out :(
  7. Hi, I'm trying to legalize HID lights in Spain. I'm constantly getting pulled over as Corrados are usually driven by 'certain kind of people' around here LoL Long story short, I would need the following parts in order to legally be able to use HID in my car: a) Headlight washers (doable, presumably easy to find and install) b) Headlights with "DC" Euro code (stamped in the headlight). c) Automatically height adjusted headlights a) I could fit some corrado ones, or other cars. That's not really the main problem of the HID legalization... b) That's THE problem! Corrado OEM headlights are HC (Hallogen), and INPRO's angel eyes (despite using projectors instead of reflectors) are HC as well. The "HC" code is written in the headlight plastic surround (the one on the front-most of the headlight). This could be, not easily, replaced with a DC writing but I don't want to fool with it as it is illegal as well... c) These should be like newer cars, which automatically adjust the light's height when one turns on the lights questions: b) what other cars' DC headlights would fit the Corrado? I'd like them to look as much oem as possible (I'm not fan of installing other car's parts in mine, you know, not a tunning fan at all...). c) same as b In addition, could someone have a look at their inpro's angel eyes for the DC or HC writings? I reused oem headlight surrounds as inpro's didn't come with any... thanks for reading!!!
  8. nice one there! Rear window washer outlet at the pump could be used for headlight washer jets.
  9. I did it yesterday. thanks for telling us!!!
  10. yeah!!! Still works :nuts: that 60p epoxy glue works a treat!!! :lol:
  11. back to the future! I re-read the other thread and people said that this s2 steering wheel would fit in an early interior corrado. Any info on this?
  12. take care when removing the washer jets' pipes' clips (if needed)
  13. krnau

    Earth strap

    that's said to be better replaced by a thick wire going from the head to the battery negative
  14. krnau

    Earth strap

    if it's flat and thin, something like an old VHS cassette, then it should go to one of the ignition coil mounting bracket's bolt. but let's wait for some other replies, I don't want to be responsible of any massive destruction :lol:
  15. wires, wires everywhere! climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdfDSCN8079.JPG[/attachment:11esqgiw] much tidier now 2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfDSCN8083.JPG[/attachment:11esqgiw] win!!! (excuse the ultra-dirty screen LoL) DSCN8095.JPG[/attachment:11esqgiw]
  16. it was just to test illumination. now it sits right :D MFA needles look crap. It'll take longer than I thought at first :(
  17. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: !!!!!!!! I'll do the heat shrink as well!! Thanks for this writeup :) BTW, there's one similar light in the boot... that one should also be heatshrinket should it?
  18. wow, sorry to hear that :( are you still going to buy it?? I'd keep away from it, except it's really cheap and you can fix it yourself.. Corrados have (usually) been driven hard, most of them with no maintenance, etc.. so I would not buy one with visible problems. I bought mine 4 years ago, it was running fine, and in one week the clutch went, as well as the head gasket, starter motor.............. anyway good luck with it :)
  19. sure! Just need to finish it before. the total amount spent doen't exceed 30Pounds including backlight and needles :) RPM dial sits a little to the right, I mean, it's not really centered but I can do nothing about it now :( I'll get myself some leds and try to finish it tomorrow :)
  20. little progress. speed and rpm done (incl. needles). mfa done, but needles pending (need 2 leds!!) I hope it'll be finished by tomorrow :D DSCN8072.JPG[/attachment:3nlauiwy]
  21. you should leave a finger in the car just in case a friend needs to borrow your car
  22. you'll get no sleep tonight :lol:
  23. Turn the wheels to give you the angle you need that's a good point :salute:
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