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  1. hi, just to let everyone know that I rebuild one handle 3 years ago and it's still working fine since :) top product!!!
  2. I'd replace the cam-cam timing chain while you're there
  3. I managed to turn them into black -background color, with white lines/numbers and without "corrado" and "vw" and "16v" writings :),and they are the correct size :) oh and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 in the rpm dial, instead of 10-20-30-etc.. I've got them in BMP extension, can't manage to upload them. if anyone is interested, I can mail the files :) :salute:
  4. Hey, I'm going to try to do some DDI-style dials for my KRap corrado. I found these ones (not to my taste at all, but it's a good base to modify!) I'm going to get them printed in acetate (or something like this) so it can be back-lighted :D I'd like to know the size these should be (fuel/temp and speed and rpm) thanks!
  5. krnau

    20vt Corrado

    I asked about the pistons, all comes down to price, I should still get a fair use of the engine and get the power I'd like evo 6 intercooler ordered and ihi turbo off a Subaru should be here for Xmas :) as soon as lap tops back from repair I'll FINALLY update a few pics :clap: so then the moment will come that I'll retrofit a climatronic to your corrado, and you will turbo mine, eh? :grin: :lol: pics awaiting :salute:
  6. krnau

    vr6 clocks

    there were early/late hybrid VR6's as well as g60's and KR's. I've seen KRs with fully late exterior + late clocks BUT early dash and door cards+switches I've also seen VR's with late exterior + early clocks and interior.... no modded at all, they came as is from factory. btw a friend of mine owns an hybrid G60 that had full late style exterior, late clocks (with 2 digital screens and speedo driven by sender NOT cable) and early interior (dash, door cards..)
  7. krnau

    vr6 clocks

    these belong to "hybrid early/late style" vr6
  8. 1. get yourself a car-towing insurance or something similar 2. make sure that you have (1.) 3. save as much as you can, and then keep saving as everything will break when you're broke
  9. replaced idle screw+o-ring (kr engine) which cured: -intermittent crazy idle -intermitent huge loss of power -idle going up to 1200rpm every two weeks (which needed two turns of the screw to set it back to 900~1000) -when starting moving the car on 1st gear, engine used to "jump" like PLA-PLA-PLA as if it had a broken engine mount, now it doesn't do it any more! :grin: something to be checked by (at least) kr owners!!! my old screw wiggled all the way round when touched by my finger!! now the newish one feels really good held in place :norty: :norty: :norty: p.d. :norty: hey, and :norty:
  10. I've got the same problem, except mine is pulling to the right. I've had every little thing replaced and everything checked and haven't been able to cure it :( I'll keep an eye on this thread so that if you come to a fix, I'll try to do the same with mine :( good luck!
  11. yes, it's kr engine. the only problem I find is that it'll have about 5 or a couple more Liters less of capacity :(
  12. Hi, I was sanding+undersealing a couple of surface rusts on the underneath of the rado and, as a good day of corrado ownership, every time you have a look anywhere you find more problems. Today I've found that the fuel tank is kinda pressed in! I can't explain it better as I can't find the word (any help!!), but it looks like it's been hit by a rock or bumpstop or whatever :confused4: :confused4: :confused4: How can I put it back to it's original shape?? Is it a tank out-of-the-car job, or can I use anything else? It's not leaking though!!! (yet!) :nuts: thanks!!!!
  13. not a fan of colour coded engines, but nice work. did you feel much power difference? congrats!
  14. disassemble that module and inspect it. look for bad solderings etc. mine was faulty and it came back to life with a bit of iron soldering
  15. I've the feeling that k-jet metering head flap etc .. uses these oil vapours for self-lubrication. This may not be true though :lol:
  16. the delayed off function can be done with a condenser I think, but I'm not sure what specs it should be
  17. now that's strange to me. My interior light (roof one?) stays on only while a door is open :?
  18. well, I've glued it and it's working fine :norty: let's see how long it lasts though, maybe 1 week? who knows
  19. what if I Epoxy-glue the cable (gearbox end) to the "rotating thingy" on the gearbox? Will it last or break soon? :nuts: btw this cable is discontinued :brickwall:
  20. Mine is not square-shaped anymore :? so it's not working :( how can I re-do the square shape of the cable that plugs into the gearbox?
  21. I thought it could be dropped into the corrado with the s2 boss. Well I've changed my mind anyway about using an audi wheel . thanks ;)
  22. I'm looking at audi s2 steering wheels as I think they look cool in the corrado. Does anyone know what other cars' steering wheels may fit the corrado? thanks
  23. done 8) and all barrels rekeyed to match the 16v key! I killed tailgate unlocking mechanism though. I've broken 3 of the 4 "legs" of one of the white plastic thingys that attach the mechanism to the lock :( oh and also, this 16v key can't be pushed into the tailgate lock now, which means that I have to turn it CCW, take it out, push the lock in, put the key back in, turn it CW until it's vertical and take the key out :cuckoo: how's that possible???
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