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  1. Hi there, It's been a while since I last posted in the forum. I'm looking for a full set of cream leather interior including seats and door panels. This should be shipped to Barcelona but I'll pay for this, no probs! Thank you!
  2. could anyone confirm, please? Thanks!
  3. fixed. it was a missing (LOL) crank position sensor o-ring !!
  4. no, it's not leaking from anywhere near the oil press switches :( yes the gauge may be telling lies. I'll take the car to a good garage (not the one I brought it to...) so the chap has a look at it. any comments are welcome ;) thanks!!
  5. Hey, After doing the ABF transplant, I've noticed a huge leakage of oil. After spending several days trying to find the cause, I took it to a local garage. They replaced the oil sump gasket. still leaked. Crank seal (the one next to the gearbox) replaced, still leaks. Now they say that they don't know where the oil is coming from...... WTF???!!! so... may a high oil pressure be causing this?? Just to let you know that the oil light/buzzer does NOT act at all.... oil + filter were replaced 1 month ago by the way. oh! I forgot to say that I have an oil press gauge and it reads (when warm and cold) more than 6 bars at idle!! While with the kr engine it read about 1bar per 1.000rpm.... what may cause an extremely high oil press? worn piston rings??? would a compression test reveal this?
  6. same here! I have to select "a bit" of 2nd, then straight into 1st. This way it does not crunch at all ;) I'm so used to do this, that I even do it when driving any other car!!
  7. krnau

    Pollen filter

    it was sold in ebay by "golf_girl" or something like this. can't remember, sorry. you may find it in scrap yards of course
  8. krnau

    Pollen filter

    I fitted an mk2 golf one and it fitted really welle. I own a KR in which ECU/wirings aren't an issue, don't know about yours, sorry
  9. krnau

    PAS Tensioner

    Why not getting a similar bolt of the same thread etc? That's what I did :) and it was only pence
  10. so there's no way of doing this mod? :(
  11. can it be fitted to an early non-sunroof corrado?
  12. you could fit the led in one of the spare led blanks of the speedo :)
  13. wow this is one of those things that need to be fixed in my C LoL!!! where is the other end (opposed to the door one) bolted? does the wing need to be removed?
  14. I like it, my car has had it for the last 4 years
  15. krnau

    Idle issues

    the idle screw is located in the throttle body itself. You'll find it by looking at the engine from the front of the car. take it out and inspect. Then, drop it back in and adjust the idle at 900-1000rpm while you're there. I've found that mine is OK at 900, except in summer when I have to set it at 1000 (otherway it'll stall when aircon is ON). While you're there, check that the TB microswitch is being correctly activated. you should hear a "click" right when you open/close the throttle body. this may cause your issue as well. If any adjusting is needed, it's held in place by two little screws.
  16. krnau

    Idle issues

    check it out, it's free...
  17. krnau

    Idle issues

    this could be caused by an air leak. if you've already checked all vac pipes + intake pipe, then the idle screw+o ring is likely to be the cause. take it apart and inspect it (mine was knackered). 5minute job ;)
  18. yes that's true, isn't that what I said? I may be going mad.
  19. oh, and you'd know that the climatronic controls the radiator fan as well, so this part of the wiring needs to be removed and replaced with the climatronic one, which works together with the VR6 rad fan relays (the ones in the engine bay)... so if you've not already got'em.. you'll need to wire them as well!! In addition, you'll need to trim/replace the glovebox if you don't already have A.C., as well as the lower shelf. Would I do it again? er.... probably as I'm crazy LoL!!!
  20. This is the only one I have :( It came off a 35i passat. This is the square shaped unit, and had to be trimmed to fit. Adapting it to the corrado centre console was a real PITA. I even had to trim the climatronic inner circuitry and the centre console plastic sepparators.... It took about 4 or 5 hours to make it fit propperly, really!!
  21. I kept everything off corrado. Remember that mine had aircon from factory... anyway I had to mess with the wirings
  22. whoa! I used a b4 passat climatronic unit, the early one (powered by air servos instead of electrical motors). I've no idea about mk4 unit, sorry :S
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