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  1. yeah stuff him graham! thanks for the jump start, Im investigating battery drain problem tomorrow. 👍
  2. pedal feel was great and solid, hardly any travel cured my problem. i think the transporter had an extra port on it which wasnt needed so fitted a blank in place
  3. i have twin piston audi s2 calipers and use the vw transporter t4 one 25.4mm if i remember correctly
  4. not updated for a while as i lost interest after all my photos disappeared but am happy to see they have returned:cheers: i cant seem to post any new ones tho any ideas anyone? ive fitted the bigger injectors and chip and unleashed its potential now the problem is traction, but a nice problem to have lol LSD is on the list next
  5. i may be able to help. let see if i can find them tomorrow and ill reply back then
  6. ive got samco hose kit on mine
  7. good work. its a pain not having a garage to use i can feel your pain! for years i messed about with driveway mechanics battling the weather which always comes at the worse point lol luckily my dad built a large garage i have a corner of to use its a godsend i couldnt have completed all the work i have with out it. looking good tho:thumbleft:
  8. you can now! there was a company at vw festival offering an electric conversion to a split screen camper for example only costs £35,000! they can do most cars for about that money apparently lol
  9. thats ridiculous money surely????
  10. sorry i think im gonna save for the originals instead sorry to mess you about
  11. yes ill take these please paypal gift payment?
  12. betaseal is what we use at autoglass
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