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  1. Note, This is for very early Instrument Clusters , from "M" Chassis Build onwards it was integrated into the main board on the cluster, and non replaceable.
  2. Well done, professional quality re-make, a dab hand at the sewing, you could start making a living doing this sort of thing. 🍺
  3. Not the best of pics, but I blame the low winter sun etc...! No space in my small garage to photo these, middle pic of brake lines shows the pipe end crimp, this was not easy, steel is pretty hard to work with, if you don't have factory hydraulic presses.
  4. Hi, ABV, That is quite an audacious project, like you I was after UV Recaro's but long unobtainable, so I will stick with my factory chairs. Wish you all the success with it though, and thanks for keeping us informed. You might remember me posting about brake piping, well soon after that I did make up a straightening tool, from steel offcuts of square section tube, and did all the brake lines (4.75mm), clutch feed pipe (6mm) in factory steel, not turned out too bad at all. took a fair bit of time, the rear axle feed's to caliper's were blooming awkward! Also painted the gearbox and re-plated the bolts using my DIY kit, must post some pics up.
  5. Right, thanks for that, just wondered.
  6. Hi.

    I am in the process of making new mouldings. I think they will be available in 4-6 weeks.





  7. Hi.

    I am in the process of making new mouldings. I think they will be available in 4-6 weeks. And then available under the following link:







  8. Hi, Re you original post for replacement early style Corrado scripted sill strips in 2018, do you still do these ? Posted August 13, 2018 Please look at our new "Corrado" - strip: https://www.pic-upload.de/view-35786063/20180723_153845.jpg.html
  9. Hi, regarding the Corrado early style self adhesive sill scripts, do you still do these ?

    Below is from your original post:

    Please look at our new "Corrado" - strip:




  10. Hi, Thanks for replying so quickly. Hmmm, well if these are from OEM+ , run by a guy called "Darko" from Macedonia, then I will forget about it, i dealt with him before, of about 6 stickers on his regular website 4 were wrong shade, or wrong size, or wrong font, and just looked odd. When I queried this he promised to send replacements, but ultimately never did, I took him off my christmass card list. So thanks , I will go ahead with my originals. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can I ask where did you get the decals / stickers from ? I have overhauled my original servo and was going to try to re-apply my original ATE Blue sticker, I also have a brand new OEM Master Cylinder bought from VW 10+ years ago, and that had no sticker.. I could not find these correct number ones on line. Thanks.
  12. Corroda, HI, Late to the thread, but unless I missed it, did you return the doors to Heritage for a refund, and if so is the moral of the story don't bother buying new doors, they probably won't fit ? Regards.
  13. Chris, Many thanks for taking time out to post the pics and for the info, I have re-plated/ passivated the offending end fittings today, need to paint, the main pipes again, the olive green spray I used was rubbish, came off to easily, need to find the right colour and type of paint, but hopefully will get there, just another thousand things to do along the way with my G60. Have spent Far too much of my time, on this project, any sane person would have taken another direction a long time ago ! Hopefully will be on the road next year ? Cheers.
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