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  1. Filling with petrol is always good when troubleshooting a non-start scenario 😉
  2. Maybe they mean two people own it at the same time haha. The only interior shot is a dodgy long exposure - must have plastic bucket seats in there or something! Just weird that out of all the photos that were taken there are no proper ones of the engine bay or the inside - but I guess 16 quid for a doer upper is not too bad.
  3. If they sell all the tickets they'll have 18k - not bad for a couple of hours work.
  4. Nasty. Down with this sort of thing - at least there are plenty current and former members on here who are reasonable when it comes to pricing parts.
  5. I've bought some small items off nk in the past - he wasn't always that overprices - he seems to have jacked up all the prices (adding Corrado tax and multiplying by at least two) in the last couple of years - but then he woudn't be the only one doing that. Anything I bought was genuine VW and new, and had no problems. It's not cheap, but I've seen much worse rip-offs. What was the last VAG dealer list price anyway?
  6. A bargain at double the price! [emoji41] Still cheaper than a replacement screen and all the attendant hassle, unless you can get it done on insurance.
  7. I've seen billet casings for the 044 that hook straight onto the swirl pot mounts in the bottom of the tank, if it's of any use - like anything that is billet they don't seem to be cheap though. Having taken a couple of in-tank pumps apart, if you can get a pump body that is the same dimensions (could be trial and error) you should be able to fit it into the existing swirl pot assembly, which means you retain the the original fuel sender float assembly.
  8. Often a bit of copper grease on the back of the pads (not the side facing the disc) will sort this out - could also be a sign of a seizing piston in the calliper. Alternatively, some pads will just squeal like a pig - I had this with Ferrodo DS2500s, and while they were great at stopping, they produced a lot of noise and dust. For the last few years I've just been running the OE discs and pads from VW, and haven't had any issues whatsoever.
  9. Golf 3 is different, the part number indicates that it is a Corrado specific item - but if you ask on the Facebook Corrado groups or put a post in the "Wanted" section on here, there are always a few cars being broken for parts. I wouldn't be too confident that the bracket would come off without damage, so if it was me I would probably just buy the part - do a careful search and it might turn up cheaper elsewhere.
  10. Unfortunately the 535 at the beginning means it is a Corrado specific part - the first three digits indicate the Medellin number. Maybe it would be possible to remove the mount from a car that is being broken for parts if the bonding is not too strong?
  11. I'd say don't bother testing, just replace it with a new one - that noise it's making in your video is not good.
  12. The part number suffix (letter) can change to indicate a later version or substitution. Hella are a good brand - chances are the VW one is made by them or by Bosch, so I wouldn't worry about quality. The relay can go bad over time - a good way to test this is to jumper the connection the relay makes with a short length of wire - this should run your pump directly. It's a fairly common relay and should be easy to source.
  13. Good to hear - it's probably just that VAG have decided to stop stocking it as the owners that would be looking for it will only annoy them with queries for obsolete parts and obscure ETKA lookups! It think the Quantum Silver has gone through a few name changes anyway, but 10w40 will always be in demand for a long time to come. Pity we don't have TPS here in Ireland.
  14. It's pretty common, and unfortunately can be hard to diagnose - a search on here for VR6 idle and cut out will give you plenty of food for thought. Have you had the car scanned? This would be my first step. Next would be the PCV valve and hose between the rocker cover and the air inlet elbow - check, clean or replace. Also a back square baffle box on the right of the rocker cover near the auxiliary water pump. There is also a mess of vac tubing behind the airbox for the activated carbon canister etc. Then you have things like the hall sender near the coil pack or on the distributor, MAF, etc., but a scan for fault codes would help with these.
  15. The Bentley was/is an expensive factory authorised compiled reproduction of the US market VW dealer repair database - it covers the G60 and SLC/2.8 VR6 engines, but not the 16/8v/2.9, although the VR engines are more or less identical and the others can be found in the Haynes series. Everything else - brakes, chassis, body and interior and most electrics is the same. It's the only, albeit incomplete, resource for the Corrado. Watch out for differences in the wiring diagrams. What VW stuff do you have? Most 80/90s stuff was on now defunct microfiche, or came in individual ble/white VAG service and repair booklets. Most of these were in German and an English set for UK/Europe cars is very hard to find. Rear axle and front subframe will be exactly the same details in both. Hope that clears it up a bit with the risk of confusing things even more. But if you have actual english language UK Corrado manuals, I'd say there might be a few here interested in them - there was an effort to scan some of these in the past but I think it never got finished.
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