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  1. Looks like there was another successful group buy in the States in 2019 for the 16": https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/feeler-group-buy-16-speedline-corse-corrado-speedlines.8783130/page-4 and it was a small run, only 30 wheels or so. The suggestion is that they seem to be able to run these off existing 2110 tooling and then machine the bore and PCD etc. for ET35. Hmm - I wonder would it be worth gauging interest as these would be the ideal wheels for many who are looking for an OEM+ solution?
  2. Ah - the now almost legendary VW Vortex 16" Speedline remake! All makes sense now - great idea, "We want 16 inch OEM wheels for our Corrados, let's get the manufacturer to run some off..." Was a year or two before my VR6 ownership began, but if I had know there were some left over I would have definitely had a set. Looks like we might all need to go to 16s soon to be able to find sensible tyres. Well wear.
  3. Are these the Speedline Type 2110 Challenge wheels from their website, or some other variation? They look really well, I'll bet you're chuffed!
  4. When you think about it, the OEM thermostat housings and coolant pipe have all done well over 100k miles and 20+ years, so I think the quality is fine. What they don't like is being removed and put back on, and you need to make sure everything is really clean and smooth on all the faces and use new seals and o-rings.
  5. What can happen with the crack pipe is that the new o-ring seals get nipped or damaged during installation, usually on the water pump/block side, but I see it's on the stat housing from your post - could be worth replacing the seal but it's a lot of hassle. Also sometimes the leaking coolant will make it's way far from where it is actually leaking from. As far as I know UK Corrado 2.9 cars with original ABS never used diagnostics to bleed the pump - it's not possible, and not available as an option in VCDS. This was only for the later OBD2 2.8 cars with a different ABS setup where the pump was integrated into the master cylinder and reservoir - possibly also on LHD Euro and US cars.
  6. I use a Bosch S4 Silver size 004, smaller than what you have but more than enough to start the VR6. I think you'll find a big difference between Halfrauds own far-east brand and an established battery maker such as Bosch or Varta. The covers come in different sizes and materials from VAG, or if you search eBay there's a few on there as well. Nothing like keeping your battery nice and cosy in the winter! Watch out when buying them as most are made to fit with the battery terminal posts closer to the bonnet, not at the back as on the Corrado.
  7. Mad money - I guess because it's a SWB rally build/replica. I wonder is it an actual rally car with race history or a SWB conversion where they do cut and shut from a standard car, or from a coupe and use an Audi 80 windscreen to get the rake right? Used to be a popular conversion.
  8. They are embedded into the door handle metal and break very easily - it would be easier just to fit a set of handles with the micro-switches in them, as I don;t think you would get them out without damaging them. I thought these switches were only for activating total closure for the electric windows and sunroof when the key is turned, and then only on later cars? The central locking will work just on lock position as it uses an actuating rod, so once the battery is connected, both sides and the boot should open or close on the turn of a key. Issues with that could be loss vacuum, or faulty broken wiring. Could be wrong on this though and glad to be corrected - it's been a while since I've had that part of the car apart.
  9. Not sure about the steering column - maybe the clamp is loose or the holding spring gone - you’d need to take the cowling off to have a proper look. Lots of people have swapped for no-adjustable columns. Late fogs are long gone NLA. Your options are second hand, but they are very expensive even for cracked ones, or a couple of companies sell replacement lenses for around 100 each for the glass. These are not always like for like, and it can be a bit tricky removing the old glass cleanly from the housing.
  10. I did it dash in, but would always now advise doing it dash out for the small amount of extra effort required, as there is so much more access for getting the heater box in and out. See, it's so easy to do on a Mk2 - just the dash under trays and centre console have to come out - oh, yeah, they actually have a console that can be removed!
  11. Not available from VW, any more but a number of sellers on eBay have 3D printed them - do a search with the part number and they should pop up, otherwise I know some on here have bought some recently and should be along to let you know.
  12. Ah ok, makes sense now - an early version of the multi function steering wheel with audio controls...
  13. Possible - but with the diff locks engaged the ABS is turned off anyway - do they get much snow in Cyprus?
  14. Anyone know what that weird switch/light thing is between the electric window switches, in the panel below the diff lock control? Frost/temperature warning? I've never seen one before and there wasn't one on my 87 CQ, although everything else looks familiar and original.
  15. Mmm - cracking car, and only 38k miles on it - looks like it came out of a museum! I think those wheels are rare 15" Ronal 4 studs, as the originals were smaller at 14" and didn't fill the arches as well.
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