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  1. I think it might only be 10. If you are lucky the parts will be in demand due to the number of cars sold, and they will sell off tooling, patents and licensing to aftermarket manufacturers - almost never happens with expensive to reproduce or rare stuff like model specific trim.
  2. They were less than useless as far as I can remember - compared to the likes of BMW, Mercedes and even Porsche. They didn't even have a Heritage division in the noughties. All they cared about was a few nice museum cars for their Rally division that could be trotted out for product launches and press events. I had to buy most of the parts from the VAG dealers in the US as they had a large stock of 4000q parts that were shared among the models.
  3. Used to have an 87 Audi Coupe Quattro, the old shape T85 with a 2.3 inline 5 in it - was a great car, especially in the snow with the Torsen drive. Even then it had an ABS system that always worked - seems like the Corrado was a step backwards in that respect. Oh, and it was a lovely retro maroon as well. A proper rare car too with only just less than 1k made in RHD.
  4. That's all extremely useful - thanks for your hard work and sharing/documenting the results.
  5. Strange - the only other suggestion I would have is that it might be from one of the vacuum hoses or openings on the TB and it was used to blank one of them off?
  6. That's really useful to know - I've noticed this as well with some of the spare replacement motors I have - must dig them out. Was it tricky to get access to and remove/replace the cam wheel? I suppose if you have multiple motors where one is dead you could just swap over the cam wheel?
  7. Is it the fuel test hole plug at the front left of the fuel rail that you use to release the fuel pressure or to connect a test gauge to?
  8. On the ABS error - could be the sensor or the ring, so possibly worth replacing both - and invariable the other side will go soon afterwards. Only pain is that to replace the rings the hub has to come off, or on the rear the disc - which is why the front ones rarely get replaced. 00552 is the MAF - could be a vacuum leak, wiring to the MAF or the MAF is on it's way out - if you can get hold of a known good one, it's worth simply swapping it out - then again I don't know how much 8v ones cost, it mightn't be too bad.
  9. It's just a bad handbrake actuation design - common to all VWs/Audis that have them. The main thing is to actually use the handbrake on a regular basis to exercise them and to make sure everything is clean and moves freely as above.
  10. That would look great in my engine bay - can I borrow it please? 🙂
  11. Seems like a solid car with a lot of work gone into it - the UV Recaros are worth a fair it on their own.
  12. Tease - my guess is he's going to build a Gemini with Quaife LSD out of rare NOS Technics Lego!
  13. Is it not just an earth and 2 live pins, 3 speeds are got using 1 or 2 and 1+2 together?
  14. I've seen before that two parts can break - most often the handle striker, and also the arm that holds the release plate. Not near my car to check - but is there enough room go use something to release the lock catch between B-pillar and the door edge, from the inside?
  15. No worries - welcome to the forum. About the image hosting, as far as I know if you use the in thread browser widgets, the images get hosted on the site itself, but a lot of people use tapatalk because it's easier to upload straight from you phone,, in which case they are hosted by tapatalk. It's always been an issue for forums because over time they take up a lot storage unless you really police the size - and many forums lost all their images when the big photo hosting sites stopped cross-linking.
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