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  1. So all the signs that my matrix has gone, had it replaced in 2011 and just dug out my receipt for the work over £500 for a £40 part. My question is, surely it should have lasted more than six years?
  2. I've bought "Genuine" ones off eBay before and they're clearly fakes. My first Corrado that I owned actually did have genuine mats and the lugs where a separate part that clamped to the base of each front seat. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. where can I get the accessory that clamps to the bottom of the seat and provides two locating pins in order to keep the mats in place?
  4. Thought as much. Thanks a million for your help Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. hmm, maybe I will attempt it when I have the time and I need to do it before the winter comes. I'm assuming that VW doesn't sell the plastic clips and you have to buy the whole mechanism? Thanks for coming back to me I understand what you've done now.
  6. I'm kind of figuring that out. Essentially its a spacer or cable guide and without it, in place, the cable has too much play which is the same amount as the gap when closed. Clearly, this part is broken. Can you tell me more about your repair? At least I know what the problem is, now I need to figure out a solution. Taking the mechanism out is a total bitch of a job given that it's riveted in and not nuts and bolts. Maybe a call to my local garage is in order cos I don't fancy doing it
  7. So my driver side window keeps stopping about 5 or 6 mill short. I've taken the door card off and can't see any way of adjusting it. I also found this plastic bit sitting at the bottom of the door. Anyone got any clues? There is a fair amount of play if you pull the window up and down by grabbing the glass and moving it, is there any way of tightening this up?
  8. Do you have said part? If so how much is the cost with delivery please?
  9. Cool. Thanks. I could use a rear number plate surround too if you have one Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  10. The part that sits inside of the top and left inside of the window frame, the part that the glass slides into so not the scraper. Hope that helps?
  11. do you still have the drivers side window seal? If so cost please?
  12. Just in case anyone is reading this thread, I took out relay no 72, 99 & 18. Opened them up, sprayed them with contact cleaner and put them back, everything works fine now but really couldn't tell you which one was at fault. Fixed one problem and discovered another, rear no plate lights has a well dodgy connection, time to invest in a soldering iron, the joys of owning at 23 year old motor
  13. yeah, I know but how does one test a relay? They all look fine to me. Is there a list of which ones do what somewhere?
  14. So I just fired up the 'rado after my week away at work to find myself without wipers, front and rear, no blower, no heated rear screen. Checked all the fuses and all looks fine. Anyone had this issue? I'm thinking it could be a relay or something.
  15. They're a bit pricey though, I don't remember paying that much to VW, but I bought mine about 10 years ago
  16. I'm looking for a gearknob as VW have discontinued them and mine is beginning to fall apart. I see there are some on ebay for about £55, sounds too expensive to me and they're probably fake. Can anyone fix me up with a good used one or even better, a new one? PM me if so Thanks
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    That's great news, obviously they were indeed talking bollox. So where, and how much/?
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  19. LED bulb looks cool but do they actually light the road ahead as well as a standard halogen?
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    I contacted a firm who specialise in remapping and their reply was that Corrado's can't be remapped.
  21. I'd second that, or possible exhaust manifold. My first 'rado had an emissions issue which a new lambda sensor didn't fix
  22. THis is why you want a 'rado
  23. another quick question, isn't there some kind of sensor in the original set up? I'm assuming it isn't important?
  24. Ah. Right. Cheers dude, sounds like a plan. I'll take a look at the link and lets be honest, the environment wasn't high on the agenda when we decided to buy a 'rado was it? :-D
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