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  1. Just concerned over recennt tax changes, does anyone know what rating the VR6 is? Is it F or G?
  2. thanks, sorry didn't realise that I had double posted. Didn't do it on purpose
  3. Can anyone give me a hint as to how you remove the ECU? I can see it but have no idea how to remove it. Many thanks in advance for any help
  4. Can anyone give me a hint as to how you remove the ECU? I can see it but have no idea how to remove it. Many thanks in advance for any help
  5. How do ya get ya ECU out? VR6?
  6. tried that already, not really got antyhing relevant. I guess it aint too hard. I'll give it a try see how I get on
  7. Before I attempt to remove mine, anyone got any tips on how ya do it? My drivers side appears to have become unattached at the bottom & I'm thinking along the lines of I'll have to remove it in order to reattach? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. thought I might, where do I get one from? Of course now I can't get anywhere, I'll have to borrow the wife's motor
  9. I've discovered an arching lead so I pulled it off, now i can't get the fecker back on, any tips anyone? Pls!!
  10. Bought mine 2yrs ago from a 40-something balding bloke who had 9pts on his license. I've done 10k miles in it, bought it with 95k on. Aftermarket aircon fitted, full leather, VWSH definately make sure you get one with FULL service history. Had my wheels refurbished cost around £250, worth every penny. My bet advice would be, buy carefully & don't be tempted by a cheaper one with no history & look for a totally original genearlly means no boy-racer abuse. I've had no probs at all, exhaust is starting to blow a little but passed MOT nps. VR6 is arguebly the best engine VW ever made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPHDHyAu ... golf%20r32
  11. corrado-forum sticker - so how do I get me a car sticker?
  12. My first C was moonlight blue, everyone used to think it was black. When ya lookin for a C its not always that easy to get the colour you want. I didn't like the Green to start with but its really grown on me. I think it looks great especially as it contrasts well with the cream leather interior. :D
  13. mebbe for now but I have a very good friend in Greenock & my bro live in Edinburgh so mebbe next time I'm up there..... Where are they based?
  14. If so where did ya get the chip from? How much does it cost? Is it easy to fit? Is it worth the effort? Any feedback would be gladly recieved :D
  15. ahh OK, that makes mine a dragon green pearl effect thanks
  16. Not sure if mine is pearl green or dragon green??
  17. got me thinking now, I might just go check the paint code. Do you know where I can cross reference the code to colour?
  18. lol I changed the plate, the green is Dragon Green, I think. It IS a metallic. As a mad Everton fan, I bought the plate for my last C then transferred it onto my newer one. Its actually an M plate, 1994.
  19. I Like to keep mine totally original, and of course well polished :D I bought this from a guy in Coventry, he was selling as he rarely drove it, was the wrong side of 40 & had 9pts on his license :evil: Its a high spec with leather & air-con I LURVE IT!!! :)
  20. cheers, any idea what I can expect? is Stealth on the forum?
  21. if so whats the best way? How much? Would ya recommend it or leave it well alone? Can ya do it yourself or are ya best gettin someone to do it? (I'm in the East Midlands if that helps) Comments please ta
  22. hmm I'll have to take a closer look when i get home. Thanks for the help
  23. just had a look there's nowt there
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