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  1. awesome thanks! much appreciated.
  2. Hi all, Looking for some wisdom as to where I could possibly buy a new 16valve rear axle. As far as I know the rear axles are different on the VR6 and the 16valves. Someone with infite more knowledge may correct me..... I would rather buy a new one than recondition.
  3. The big issue I have with the powder coating is the prep work - how well they blast the items. Back in the day. I grit blasted my own front subframe, it took a lot of work with the grit blaster to remove the pitted rust. This was a industrial grit blaster that was the size of a room. I then Zinga ( Zinc based paint) painted it, primed, then top coated. On a properly grit blasted surface, the Zinga adheres really well, recomend it. The powder coating will also be good, if the surface is prepped properly. I reckon a lot of places will only give rusty parts a light blasting.
  4. A spot of spring cleaning down the sill, since I have access.
  5. Slowly making progress ...... removing all the rust with the Deox Gel on the underside. Gravity is not in your favor so it takes about 7 goes with any steel that is pitted. If you want to remove all the rust.
  6. thats great! such a good build thread.
  7. Cant wait to see this bolted back in, it looks great. Nice work.💪
  8. I got the tank return lines replaced. Also removed all the rust and paint off the metal filler neck and painted with an enamel paint.
  9. thanks Matt and Cressa, I think I will have spent more time on my back underneath a Corrado, than driving one!
  10. Making some progress. I have been having sucess with the Deox-Gel to get back to the bare metal, I even managed to get some primer on in a couple of spots! slow progress....
  11. awesome, I look forward to seeing your refurb it
  12. thanks Cressa! I will keep you all updated as I go. Its great to have the support.
  13. thanks Chris! its good to get inspiration. Ah, almost neat.... my mixtures measures are getting stronger each time - seems to be better for getting the stuff off. Yours looks great, nice work, I bet it was a good feeling once it was done.
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