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  1. Wild-Animal

    Wiper linkage

    I currently have mine off the car, it looks to be in okay condition. But I did have the thought of what would I do if the joints needed to be replaced. The best route I could think of was creating new rods with spherical bearings at the ends, like rod ends with spherical bearings. What I would say, is don't use cheap spherical bearings.
  2. ah brilliant, I have been reading good things about Bilt Hammer products. Thanks those heat sheilds have come up real nice!
  3. That looks great, its a real pain of a job. I can see why it took 40 hours. I am in the progress of doing mine. So far i have had the most success with a citruis based cleaner liquid. What did you use to get thoses results? apart from plenty of elbow grease....
  4. Thanks MooG60, I seen you a PM, yes mine is cracked at the fuel filter mount point, thanks 🙂
  5. Picture attached of the 1.8 16valve black housing that I require
  6. Hi Moog60, yes. I am after the one for the 16valve 1.8 KR engine. I will get a picture of the exact one. Mine is cracked, thanks
  7. I am looking for a Casing for Fuel Pump P/N 535201043. I have attached an image of the housing. CM
  8. ah great! I was just trying to hunt for those bolts. Perfect. I am trying to avoid going to VW, thanks a lot.
  9. thanks, that Zap7VW website its a huge help! 👍 going to save me a lot of time. I did look to try and plate them but the heads of the bolts are quiet corroded. I think I will end up getting them replaced. Thanks, appreciated
  10. Hi folks, I am looking to replacing the bolting on the rear and front end of the car. For the front subframe, rear axle, axle studs, retaining axle brakets etc. The current bolts I have are heavily rusted on their heads. Does anyone know what grade of bolts are used, e.g.are they all 8.8 across the whole car? I may have to get a few from VW. My plan was to source most of them myself. Thanks
  11. Looking for an old set of VR 6 calipers to trade in. I am looking to upgrade the 16v ones. Someone may have an old set they want rid off? Thanks
  12. The harder your engine is working the harder your pump spins as its belt runs to the engine, the bearings inside the pump may be past it. The best way to tell if you take the belt of and rotate the pump by hand, if its grinding as you rotate it then you have your answer. By the sounds off it I would get a new pump then take the belt off, sounds like it needs replaced.
  13. If you have never taken a gearbox off before and are planning on doing it on the ground with haxle stands , its not a nice job. If you know someone who has done it before then try and get help of them. Its a heavy brute of a thing to be sitting on your chest while trying to allign it.
  14. They tried to say that hole was already there?! wowzer. Having a friend who works for a franchise I know what it s like, stories off burn outs in customers cars and stories of body shops bodging thing. Its all about the techs "efficiencies", how much money they make for the company. I think you should dig deep, contact VW somehow, surely they cant get away with that £2,500. Shameful.
  15. I would be very suspect of the injectors, mine was hard to start when cold, but fine once warm. The injectors were leaking, I only found this out once i replaced them. Now the other problem I encountered was, i had adjusted the fuel/air ratio level fuel mixture. Now I got it set up at the MOT. The car was pinking all over the place after the M.O.T, I was looking at everything testing, replacing parts. Anyway I gave up took it to a specialist and found out the car was running far to lean. You could try pulling an injector out and check their condition, as soon as I pulled one out I knew straight away they were past their best just by looking at one. But if the previous owner has been tinkering around, then I would be suspect of the fuel/air ratio it may have been adjusted to try and compensate for the running of the car.
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