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  1. Well that might explain it! Get the no nails out :)
  2. Well she went for £1200 on the end so you would have been over budget. There are a few on the bay at the moment though.
  3. Lets see how strong his will power is shall we :)
  4. Dunno about the new owner being on here but he's from around Tamworth area. A3 sold on flea bay yesterday - down to 3 cars now :(
  5. Ask me nicely and I'll pick them up and you can collect from me. Now about my commission
  6. you know it makes sense :)
  7. Well the old girl went off with her new owner this afternoon, sad to see her go but glad that she is going to get driven daily by the looks of things. I think I will have a break from Corrado insanity for a while but you never know I might be back .......just don't tell the wife I said that.
  8. These do http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=82704 :) however you will probably get VW standard ones for about the same price if not less.
  9. Is that for a litre or 4? Asda do 4 litres of 5w-40 for £38 http://direct.asda.com/Castrol-Edge-Engine-Oil-5W40---4L/001022057,default,pd.html
  10. Hold the phone!! If he hit you and excepted liability it is up to his insurance company to do the running around not you or your insurance. It shouldn't affect your no claims either or your excess. The repair looks to be less than the value of the car easily so don't let them scare you with right off cobblers
  11. Bit of T cut should sort that out :) Not a right off m8 just couple of hundred at the painters
  12. True - at least you won't have to explain to the mrs now.
  13. Audi A3 1.8T 2002 3dr – Remapped & Modified - £1250 ono Located in Leighton Buzzard, Beds Audi A3 3dr in Denim blue registered in 2002 with 2 previous owners and111457 miles on the clock (will increase as car is in use). Owned by myself since 2006 and only now being sold due to the purchase of a new car, so is surplus to requirements. Car has been modified to improve both the power and handling, see below: Mods: Remapped by AMD Essex to around 200+ BHP (Car has K03s turbo as factory fitment) Single Mass flywheel conversion with Sachs clutch TT 312mm brake conversion including Goodridge hoses (6 lines not the usual 4) Forge Silicon Turbo hoses throughout Forge Diverter valve N249 delete Boost gauge Eibach anti roll bars front and back Koni Shocks & Springs – lowered around 30 – 40 mm Top Strut brace MOT until April 2014 Tax until Jan 2014 Service history until 68,000 then serviced every 8000 miles by myself using Castrol Edge synthetic oil Cam belt & water pump changed at 75,000 New Discs and pads front and back only a few thousand miles ago. New rear caliper's a few thousand miles ago CD Auto changer & I-pod adapter Bad points: Slight bubble under the paint on the driver’s side roof Alloys could do with a refurb or replacement as the factory paint has started to flake off Couple of stone chips in windscreen but passed MOT Usual mileage related stone chips and car park nudges.
  14. Some one on here must fancy a nice winter project that doesn't need much doing surely? Revised price http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=82665 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321242040132?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  15. Make it £20 for the Diesel and I'll get some new pics up in an hour or so.
  16. I have had no rubbing issues with these m8 although I generally have had the car with a couple of finger width's between the tyre and arch.
  17. The proper size for correct speedo rate etc 205 x 45 x 16
  18. You pay my Diesel and I will drop them off to Stealth save them being slaughtered by a courier?
  19. Last price drop before I lock them away in the shed until they are so uber rare some bloke in Greece will be charging £5000 a wheel on Ebay for them :)
  20. Just how close does it look when you just close the bonnet? might be worth just using some plastigauge or a lump of bluetak to see how much room you actually have without the engine running/ transmission force etc. Mine has front and rear Vibratec mounts and a VF gearbox mount which does keep things pretty much located but still allowed some contact with the Schrick.
  21. What engine mounts do you have Jamie as that looks quite high up contact when compared to a Schrick mani. Does the engine jump up quite high on the front mount when the engine is revved?
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