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  1. It's not looking good for Corrado selling at the moment, only had one enquiry on mine and that was with a MOT and Tax. I suppose it takes a special kind of nut case to own one of these things and they must be in short supply at the moment.
  2. Join up to vagcat.com and look them up.
  3. I bought a pair from VW not so long ago and they were not that expensive. Might be worth asking?
  4. Guys need these gone as I need the space so make me a reasonable offer
  5. Pretty sure that this has been asked before and the answer was either no or at least that they are interchangeable.
  6. Now this is a tank http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-V70R-Estate-/131027894803?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e81df0213 loads of room and you can sleep in the back.
  7. Christmas is coming and these would look nice under the tree :)
  8. It has a generic Bluefin remap so should be about 290 BHP and 430LB Torque according to their blurb. Certainly gives you a dose of neck snap when you toe it in 1st and 2nd gear - permanent Quattro helps of course.
  9. My S-line 3.0 TDi A4 might be a bit on the barge side of the scales but it's definitely not dull with 430lb ish of torque to play with :)
  10. Well I'm normally an ebay demon when searching for stuff but I couldn't find that one for love nor money - Cheers though :)
  11. Thank you very much Stuart item bought.
  12. I really don't want to have to buy a whole manifold for a bracket, anyone have one or failing that the part number??
  13. Looking good. So about my installation consultancy fees :)
  14. Cheers m8, just know my one will turn up somewhere stupid!!
  15. Anyone have one of these, just turned my garage upside down and inside out!!
  16. They do look a little stretched, are they new arms as well?
  17. Price drop bump - come on guys need the space in the shed to store some more of the wife's shoes
  18. Does anyone have the inlet manifold bracket that has the three earth connections on the rear of the right hand side of the manifold. I managed to put mine in a safe place that I cannot find!!
  19. Make me an offer Jon. Last clean set of these went for £600 on here a little while ago and I bought these as a scabby set for £300 + refurb + tyres + genuine BBS caps.
  20. As said above really. If its ragged from cold and never gets a service from one year to the next any engine will die young. Heartless plug but if you are looking for a running vehicle with all the nasties already taken care of have a look at mine in the for sale section.
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