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  1. Unfortunately the old girl is now up for sale: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=82665
  2. Located in Leighton Buzzard LU7 - Bedfordshire For Sale: £2900, *** Car is on the standard Speedlines and not the BBS wheels shown *** MOT Expires = April 2014. Six Months Tax just put on the car. VW service history up to 89000 Miles Current Mileage= 104033 (may increase but not by much) Owner’s manual and documentation from when 1st delivered. MOT’s since 1999 (basically all of the cars life) Various receipts for work completed and items installed on vehicle. Full Cat 1 Cobra Thatcham approved alarm/immobiliser installed only a few months ago with certificate of installation I have owned this car since 2009 and in that time I have covered less than 10,000 miles. Unfortunately as life, work and all the parts in-between seem to have taken over my life at the moment this car is not being used as it should and I don’t want to see it sitting on the driveway when it should be being used in anger. Good Stuff: • Schimmel 263 Cams fitted at 100,000 • Schimmel Performance Valve Springs • Schimmel Lightweight Valve retainers and valve cotters • Light weight pulleys (water pump, alternator and power steering) • Miltek Stainless exhaust • Samco Coolant Hoses • Mocal Oil Cooler & Thermostatic sandwich plate • Gruven Rad elbow • New Radiator • D & G Radiator mount with 12’ & 9 ‘ Fans • Ceramic coated 6-2-1 Exhaust manifold • Magnecor 8mm HT leads • Vibratec front & rear mounts • VF Gearbox Mount • Ground Control Camber plates (http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=727) • SWG scuttle cover • GAZ GHA adjustable Coilovers • 288mm front brake conversion • Mk4 rear brake caliper conversion • Goodridge hoses throughout • Front Neuspeed 25mm Anti Roll Bar • Rear Eibach 25mm Anti Roll Bar • DDI Gauges • Sony Bluetooth Stereo and new speakers throughout • Black heated Leather interior • All Electrics work including the sunroof and spoiler (mirror switch is sticky but I have a spare) Minor engine rebuild at 100,000 miles due to head gasket failure with the following parts replaced/ refurbed: • Head Skimmed and checked • Valve Seats recut • Chains and Guides • Water pump • Crackpipe, Thermostat housing and stat • MK4 High Comp head gasket • Valve guides & Seals • Sachs Performance Clutch • New expansion tank • Coolant & Oil inc Filter • Other assorted gaskets and seals • New PCV • Front cross member, sub frame etc rust treated and painted Parts replaced within the last 4000 miles: • Rear discs & pads – This year • Rear bearings – This year • Front discs and pads • Aux tensioner and belt • Rear top mounts • Front suspension arm bush’s (R32 rear) • Rear Beam bush – Powerflex • Battery – This year • Wipers • Sunroof seal • Plugs • Drivers front wheel bearing • Front Grill & VW badge • Drivers Door seal • Rear VW badge • Ariel Seal • Beru Coil pack (heat shielded) Bad Bits: • Occasional ABS warning light but VAGCOM reports it as the traction control valve. I have 2 spare ABS pumps that I will give to the buyer. • Bonnet and wings have motorway induced stone chips in the paintwork. This car used to travel back and forth to Edinburgh every week. • Two small dents on top of bonnet and one underneath and age related body work scratches. • Small piece of rust the size of a 20p on the passenger door • Scuff on rear bumper • Scratch on rear panel near boot lid which has been touched up PM me for further info.
  3. Well seeing as you are only a stones throw away from me you could collect it for £45 :)
  4. As the title says a used Bentley Official Factory Repair Manual (big yellow one) in fairly good condition and only a few oily finger printed pages. £70 on Amazon at the moment so yours for £50 posted.
  5. From memory -1.1 is the normal setting for a standard car so tbh I would go for that or -1 if your car is lowered.
  6. http://www.facebook.com/ls3photos One of my work colleagues has been running around the country side taking a lot of pics of Supercars. If your into your high cost horsepower it might be worth a look.
  7. If the clips are all intact I'll have the airbox pls. Can you post it?
  8. Spotted green valver sitting in Ashton car repairs nr Leighton Buzzard.
  9. Hi Dan I will deffo take the Passenger headlight can you give me a price posted please.
  10. I would reckon that with all the money I have spent on my Corrado I could have bought at least another Corrado but that would mean I would now be doubly skint instead :)
  11. I also thought they looked a bit on the small side when mine arrived today. Mind you they might be the right length now I look at them again, are we supposed to put our own bends into them when fitting?
  12. I'd be up for a go as long as we have instructors and tiered driver levels. Rockingham, Bedford airdrome or Brands Hatch spring to mind.
  13. On the look out for a passenger side head lamp casing with that has the mounting clips intact as they are prone to cracking as mine have. Would consider a complete headlamp as long as it's not a silly price as I don't need the glass or innards.
  14. Having been inspired by the level of quality cars at yesterdays national day I have found myself nosing around various Corrado related websites today :) I came across these on the not always that reasonably priced ARZ site - http://www.arz-tuning.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4568_Trim-Screw-Cap-for-Corrado-Gauge-Cluster---right-side.html. Mine are missing somewhere in the mess that is my garage (possibly the shed) so I ordered a set along with some other bits to make the postage worthwhile. Hopefully they are as good as OEM but anything is better than the sight of two self tappers.
  15. Hi Tom are the doors still for sale and if so have you any pics?
  16. No idea on labour costs but it's not really too hard to do your self with a few tools and a single user bleeding kit.
  17. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, thanks to all that helped to arrange and to Wendy for directing us when we came in the wrong gate :)
  18. Funds have been sent - cheers for organising Fla
  19. I knew that extra shredded wheat this morning was a good idea :) In fact I would like one in carbon, polished ally or stainless steel tbh
  20. Surely the fact it was on the front cover of practical classics (or whichever one it was) this month means that's it has now qualified?
  21. Well I have been out for a proper 10 mile test drive this morning and the noise has gone so that's good news. Whilst looking for the "odd noise" location I also located a very slight blow from the exhaust to cat join which I have also sorted - must be Pimms O'clock by now :)
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