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  1. You chuffing doughnut :) Glad it's only your mind that's gone missing though
  2. Well the 263's certainly made a difference to the feel of my engine and that was with a standard map a standard exhaust and inlet manifold. I think the majority of the tuning guys say the standard exhaust manifold is already pretty good but I do think the noise is so much better. If you are defo going for a SC I would leave the schrick manifold and save up for the charger.
  3. Well if I can't shift my car in the next couple of weeks there will be another one for sale - not for £600 though :)
  4. Looks like you are heading in the right direction to me but keep in mind that NA tuning is usually no where near as rewarding as a boosted motor and can require more cash to achieve a lesser result.
  5. That might explain it then.
  6. I'm fine with them going up in price ;)
  7. Now did this go for £920 because its OBD2 or is £900 about the going rate for one of these now days regardless to OBD1/2 ??
  8. beastie4126


    Did my drivers seal dry as the one I took off didn't seem to have any kind of solvent / glue product on it. Be ready to give your door sills a ruddy good clean as mine where covered in filth underneath and needed a fair bit of persuasion to get the rubber bond to part with the paintwork.
  9. Added some fresh pics to the for sale thread - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=82665
  10. Thieving scumbags!! the very reason my VR6 grill badge is in a box in the garage !! Just bought a fresh set of 56mm caps from PW as I managed to kill the current set with the jet wash. Reasonable price and delivered within a few days.
  11. Following a small bump last year Admiral basically doubled our insurance premium for four cars in January this year. Managed to get two of the cars covered by Elephant Insurance for a lot less only to find out that they are basically run by Admiral!! I hate insurance companies - license to print money and need reigning in by the government imho.
  12. I have a Buffalo NAS drive and it's dog slow via USB and Ethernet so expect and nice long wait I'm afraid.
  13. You can but you normally have to supply high pressure air into the spark plug hole to keep the valve's up. TBH I would complete a compression test 1st to see how everything else is standing up before deciding what to do.
  14. If your going to do a job do it properly :salute: I would add some reinforcement to the weakened tab before you slot it in place just to be on the safe side.
  15. For those that have paid they have been dispatched. Just one left now
  16. I think Nick needs fans as well so he may well pass - I'll text him to give him a nudge.
  17. To be honest if it was staying with me I would be looking to either super or turbo charge it, even though my insurance is expensive enough already. I'm a bit spoilt with the torque of my 3.0 TDI A4 that makes the Rado feel a little limp in comparison and it's a V6 as well :)
  18. They secure on either end of a pattern rad but need rad ties and a spacer for the middle connectors. Tbh the fans and rad ties would do the job just as well, just doesn't look as nice.
  19. Meet me in the middle with £52.50 and this lovely piece of bling is yours.
  20. No one fancy a nice shiny Aux pump clamp type bump
  21. Im sure it has been done but you have to lock the valve or something.
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