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  1. I remember this happening to me all the way into to london one day. Scared the bloody life out of me thinking I was going to get squashed by 10+ cars
  2. Maybe a spark plug socket wedged onto the top? Or maybe remove some of the plastics to get a better angle on the plug cap with those long nose pliers
  3. This is going to sound mad but I have used it as a bodge before :shock: Cut a peice of rubber garden hose and stick it in boiling hot water until soft. Quickly ram it over the cap and allow it to cool down and go rigid again. Gently pursuade the cap to give way by pulling and twisting. I was lucky and managed to get the broken cap off first time.
  4. I made a saving of approx £300 with a multicar policy from Admiral covering four cars so it is worth a look. The NCB is allocatable per person/vehicle so isn't just accrued by the policy holder.
  5. Spotted a nice Blackberry VR6 with TT comps, J444 *** sitting next to me in the lovely M25 clockwise queue at 4pm ish today.
  6. I went to our local John Lewis and its pretty big, but they didnt have any :shrug: Any other High Street stores suggested? Also, where did you get the flock tape Kev? You could try somewhere like hobby craft if you have one local.
  7. Spotted Yellow G reg on north side of M25 heading towards Heathrow at 7.30am this morning.
  8. This happened on my fathers Mondeo and we managed to get the remainder of the plug out with a bit wd40 and an fat easy out. Perhaps more luck than judgement but you are not going to lose any thing by taking a chance.
  9. The clearance from stut housing to the inside of the wheel will be 9mm LESS, the outside edge of the wheel will EXTEND an extra 29mm according to http://marksink.com/tire_wheel_offset/offset.html using the standard vr6 settings take a look here http://www.the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewto ... 23&t=40503
  10. Spotted red C (actually the front was more faded pink) heading into Berkhamstead at about 9am this morning.
  11. That was me - must have been moving otherwise you would have seen the stone chips on the bonnet :)
  12. After attempting to fit my old A3 Turbo 288mm Black Diamond front discs this afternoon and finding out that they foul the caliper hangers the answer is no. The calipers fit though and I suspect after comparing part numbers the Golf Mk3 288mm discs would be needed instead. Grateful if some one can confirm that though.
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