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  1. Funnily enough the BMC CDA is one part I have left over from Corrado ownership and it turns out it's the same fitment for my 523i.. makes that 6 cylinder engine sound significantly better as well, compared to the standard airbox :) Favourite Corrado modification for me? Tough one.. I think the VW Cup 16" Speedlines remained a firm favourite, not least because of the rarity of them. That or a VM Motorsport VSR.. again.. the rarity of it always appealed. Having a really well specced or OEM+ example would be the way I'd love to go if I ever got back into a Corrado again.
  2. That does look pretty cool to be fair :)
  3. If eugopnosaj has no luck finding the loom, I took should have a coil pack engine loom from my old '95 VR6 going spare. It's the piece of loom from the big round multi-pin connector which goes to the injectors, etc etc.
  4. The old man has a 2004 (I think) Volvo V70 D5.. he seems fairly happy with it, but I have to say despite Volvo's reputation and despite this one being a low number of owners and reasonably low mileage car, every time I drive it I leave feeling rather unimpressed. I like that the torque is excellent even from basically idle revs.. it just pulls away so keenly and goes like stink if you decide to get on the power. But there's various issues like the indicators not working correctly, warnings about auxiliary power outlet port in use (when it's not), and it just generally feels rattly and cheap inside. My tired old 5 Series touring feels leagues ahead of it inside in terms of quality and how solid it feels. I've always liked the thought of a T5 or similar but having driven the V70 a few times now I've definitely cooled off on them somewhat.
  5. Thanks for the positive comments! I was fairly pleased with the design improvements - a perfect example of the sorts of advantages that 3D printing can bring. I think some folks said they didn't want to buy them due to them not being like the original design, but the changes I felt were something of a no brainer. And certainly in my experience of testing with prototypes originally using 3D printed material, they were less durable anyway than the original plastic - just reproducing the original design, I found they broke literally the first time I tried to remove them so, basically, were useless.
  6. Very cool indeed - nice skills! :)
  7. Well, I got my first Corrado I think when I was around 20-21.. I'm now in my late 30's! I've had a Corrado in my life pretty much most of the time since then for a total of four (2 x 2.0 16v, 1x G60, 1x VR6) with the odd stint in other cars in between. I've had the pleasure of driving numerous other people's Corrado's too including 1.8 16v's, 8v's, supercharged VR6's, turbo charged VR6's... I've had the pleasure of driving them various up to Scotland, and out across to Germany, and even a couple of laps of the Nurburgring thrown in. I feel I can fairly safely say I've been there and got the t-shirt and honestly whilst I still get very excited when I see a Corrado on the road, I just can't see me coming back in the near future, unless someone literally gives me a Corrado.. which I can't see happening either :)
  8. I do wish I could get them made in a better matching colour. So frustrating. But glad you're pleased with them :)
  9. £9 for the first pair and £8 for each additional pair :)
  10. Any more for any more? Got about 5 pairs left. Cheers.
  11. Honestly, the originality argument is a non point to be honest. Yes there are a lot of modified Corrado’s out there but there’s also quite a lot of original, unmolested, low number of owner cars out there.. and often with better spec. The advertised example does seem nice but whatever way you skin it, it’s arguably overpriced.
  12. This thread is a year old! Did you notice the date on the first post?
  13. That's a laughable price. I know as enthusiasts we're supposed to talk the prices up on these but at some point, an amount of common sense has to be realised! Cloth interior and undesirable colour (although I've personally always liked them in white)... I'll be stunned if it sells for that price.
  14. Got payments from akacheesy, g6089, and vr6monkey. Hopefully get these sets posted later today. Cheers chaps :)
  15. Sent PM's to everyone who I think is possibly after some sets. Please PM me if you haven't had a message or are after some pairs. Cheers.
  16. OK - I think these have been delivered. I'll check them out over lunch. I'll start PM'ing folks that have been asking to confirm if they still want sets, with details on payment, etc :) If this batch sell out immediately (I got 15 pairs) I'll order some more immediately.
  17. Going to guess then that the Corrado badge is missing a grommet or two and it's allowed water in around that area which has caused the rust. Does seem fairly strong money given the mileage and the rust if I'm honest.
  18. This might fit the brief? http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?106204-Carbonated-Corrado-1994-20V-Turbo-for-sale-%A312990
  19. Stealth made up a little prototype bracket for the CDA, which they kindly gave to me. It attaches to the auxiliary belt tensioner. I've actually still got the complete kit in the garage.. if I remember next time I'm over there (mid week perhaps) I'll try remember to grab a picture of it!
  20. What did you get in the "kit" ? My CDA kit had a piece of Samco silicone pipe to connect it from the MAF to the CDA.
  21. Correct about the badging. I have seen a picture of the 'kit' including the fitting instructions. I'm sure we all wish we had the foresight to go to the dealer and buy a few of those packs when the Storm first came out.. could have made a bit of a killing on them now I'm sure!
  22. I mean.. sure, I could do that. With respect, I have already more than done my bit in the past in terms of helping the community out and even VW Heritage.. sold Anna for a very fair price a set of OE headlight protectors so they could get some reproductions made.
  23. Pretty sure they're obsolete. I'm a little torn as I'd like to sell to a friend on here for a fair price, but I'm also curious to know what they could sell for if I was feeling particularly unscrupulous... hmmm... if I do decide to sell Ian, I'll give you a shout as you asked first.
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