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  1. Hi Wendy- no PM recieved yet. Golfinger- Was splitting my daily driving between two 22 year old cars- Corrado and a 964. I have 3 small kids as well, so had to rationalise the situation and seeing as though I have been driving Corrado for 6 years now- My brother had her for 5 years prior to that- Thought it was time to let her go for a while. VW4 Life and I have been speaking for about a year now and he is the right person to take over from me- He has owned many classic Vw's and works at a vw dealership. As per my reply above- I have reserved first right to buy back so if he ever sells I will get her back again :thumbleft:
  2. Welcome to the forum! Glad to see you are up and going.... It is an awesome source of inspiration and information especially since the cars are so rare in SA. Remember, first option to buy back hey!! Missing her already...... Enjoy!
  3. Hey Jim, any developments here or feedback wrt pricing? Regards, Jason
  4. HI Jim, a pair for me Please- Looking Great!!! Well Done!!!1
  5. I prefer the shape of the 997 to the new 991. Think the water cooled cars are more civilized for daily duties, which is why Porsche maybe stopped with the aircooled. Would love a 997 Carrera 4s with that fat rear end as a daily!!!!! Best thing for me about the aircooled, is when you accelerate and take your foot off, the sound of the engine running in compression is amazing!! The turbo cars must be something else, but for me the clean lines of a Carrera are awesome- never been a fan of the whale tails and duck tails..
  6. Yip, the 964 isn't pleasant as a daily. But for twisty road blasts it is brutal.... Always thought the c was a hooligan but she seems so sophisticated now! 964 really has made the corrado seem fresh again. After getting to know the 964 cannot imagine what a turbo or seriously tweaked one would feel like.... Definately understand why it got the nickname the widow maker!!
  7. Mmmmmmmmm, I see a pattern forming here....................one could say I do like a nice ass. Starting with the Corrado!!! :thumbleft:
  8. LOL, now that I think of it, here is the pic that started the chopper thing for me..................[ATTACH=CONFIG]77613[/ATTACH]
  9. It is a chopper indeed, 1971 judging from the number stamped into the rear hub. Got new tyres for her and all the rest is there- just taken it apart for a clean up- not going to restore her- like the playworn orignal look. Riding the chpper really makes you appreciate why on BMXs they reinforced the handle bars with the cross brace- Man those chopper bars really have alot of flex!!!! On the porker- all I have changed is the centre caps on the wheels are now black which looks alot better omo. Would love to go the whole hog and get the 17" Fuchs - This is the pic that started it all for me.......................[ATTACH=CONFIG]77609[/ATTACH]
  10. Thanks VAG- HAG.............The In-Laws are coming to stay next weekend from the UK, and considering I have 3 kids under 6 and other responsibilities that need attending to, I dont think they are going to "Like my Style"!!! They have been acting as my Corrado part mules for years now, lugging things like sunroof panels out from the UK, so can you imagine their faces when they see the other 22 year old misfit parked up next to the C- Oh yeah baby! More parts please!!! :dance:
  12. So to all you sensible Corrado owners out there............If you looking for something economical- 17mpg- and thats a massive contrast to the C- I sincerely recommend a 964!!:thumbleft:
  13. Yip, so now got 2 x 22 year misfits that I am combining my daily driving duties with. Amazing how much more I am enjoying the corrado now that I have got the 964. Although you could not find 2 more different cars, the corrado feels very sophisticated and well behaved next top the porsche. And I have also stopped being so ANAL with the corrado- HAd a full engine rebuild last year on her, but when I got her back- she was lacking personality, so end of last year took the head off again and followed Vince's Stealths instructions on getting cam timing set right, and had the head polished and ported.................OOhhh what a difference! 964 is much more of a brute that the C- if you pull away while turning and boot it by accident you can get yourself into real trouble- it has growled at me a coup,le of times now.........Went into a corner a bit quickly a week ago and booted it on the way out- did a fill 180 spin ina cloud of expensive P-Zero smoke!!!! Corrado would have sailed through the corner- spose I have alot to learn with the new girl. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77605[/ATTACH]
  14. It all started in November last year- got the itch to be sensible and get a polo for daily duties- something with aircon and a small engine.............. [ATTACH=CONFIG]77604[/ATTACH]
  15. Slippery slope having to replace the corrado as a daily. Been using mine since 2009 as a daily and redid engine last year, got paint and exterior up to scratch and then a few months back decided that another summer without Aircon was not possible. So started looking around for a replacement.... Audi a5, golf 6, polo....... All of them depreciate big time, and have little personality when placed next to corrado. So I end up buying another 21 year old.... And corrado stays as daily....almost like the corrado holds one hostage!!!! Am loving her even more now with new arrival...!??
  16. Pics sent..........regards, Jason
  17. D90's all day long.............:thumbleft:
  18. One of my pistons had the same chips out the top of it and- maybe about 50% worse than that, and I was advised that it was from Pinking/ pre-ignition. Shouldnt cause any problems if you were to re-use those pistons with new rings..............I went ahead and ordered new pistons from MAhle and rebored the cylinders. Not a trace of oil burning now, but had to remove the head after rebuild to replace valves due to worn valve stems. Good Luck!
  19. Much better!! Well done with the strips, roof and wheels, love the colour too...... Not crazy about the grill and less so about colour coded. Leather interior? Got tt's on mine....;)
  20. THanks for that Vr6, with the shipping and the purchase price- excl import duty takes it up to about 1000gbp, which translates into R16 000, which is steep but almost do-able. I am going to have to pass up them as I just dont have that kind of spare cash at the moment. Thanks again...............
  21. If its not too much effort, yeah lets see what it will cost- but I am guessing it will cost more than you want for the wheels. Plastic centre consol for dash was 100gbp to post.....!!! and that weighs nothing and is half the size of one of the wheels.............
  22. What did you end up getting as a daily....?
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