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    Corrado wanted,

    Thanks Pete, I've got the details of that one, Good car but not the one for me Funny thing is the owners are emigrating to Australia, I've sent her a few details re. importing into Aus
  2. J.C

    Corrado wanted,

    Hi I'm looking for a very nice Corrado. Has to be a VR6, Has to be low milage (around 100K and lower), History important, Really would prefer leather interior (light shade would be preferred), Would like one of the darker colours, Air Conditioning would be nice but not a deal breaker as I plan to convert her to Climatronic, I am planning to export it to Australia when we return in 18 months time, so will spend the rest of it's life in sun drenched climate (more importantly, no salt on the roads), Don't mind doing some work on the body (no major rust) as I can give it a respray (if needed) before transporting to Australia. I'm not scared of fixing problems, in fact I like the idea of spending the next 18 months working her, If you love your car, rest assured it will be going to a true VW enthusiast (have 1966 Beetle in Sydney, and was an active member of the VW scene in the late 80's and 90's until I emigrated to Australia, founding member of "Lo 'e' Nuf" vee dub club) and will be looked after, I don't mind traveling for the right car (we're in St.Albans, Herts), Have money waiting for the right one, I have a nice 1997 mk3 Golf VR6 with 100K, subtly lowered, Leather interior, which can be PX'd with cash, you can contact me via PM and will exchange contact details for photos etc, Thanks for taking the time to read this. Steve (JC)
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