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  1. Fitted a K&N 57i kit to the car this weekend - car feels like it has a new lease of life now - sounds fantastic too! I need to get some updated pics on here - i think im all done regarding modifications now - all i've done is: - New front and rear numberplate - Inpro style clear rear lights. - Induction kit - Painted brake callipers And that should be that 8)
  2. Its currently a buyers market for Corrados it seems - ebay is being flooded with Corrados. I was able to pick up by Storm (admitidley with 225,000 miles on the clock!) with 17" TSW alloys and everything working - even the sunroof + full service history + immaculate condition inside and out + clarion 12 cd changer for £2,500. Definately a bad time to sell and a good time to buy - just hope prices do pick up in the new year / summer..
  3. I've got a couple at the moment - the 1991 16V'er is just having some body repairs done - and the other is the VR6 storm with 227k millage now.
  4. I agree with the last comment - there should be a Corrado Storm register of some sort.
  5. He looked about 30-40 id say - it has to be everyone's dreams to be at the lights with a lambo along side - still cant believe it all happened - shame we didnt have a proper camera - could have got about 30 minutes of footage if we did!
  6. Ok.. so the story goes a little something like this.. On the way home with my two younger brothers (19 and 15) and was waiting at Shannon Corner roundabout in New Malden about 2 minutes from home - whilst waiting to join the A3 we saw 5-6 TVRs, what looked like a Skyline (but later turned out to be a GTO) all following each other somewhere! Needless to say i followed! They headed down the A3 towards Wandsworth and the sound from the cars was something special - this was no illegal street race either - just a collection of some top cars going for a drive - every now and then a driver would put his foot down and it was great! Once in to Wandsworth i managed to move my way up the queue of cars and then right at the front i pulled up along side a Lamborghini Gallardo - could things get any better? :lol: My 19 year old brother got out his camera phone and so i got a few vids - the quality is pretty terrible, but u can hear the noise from the lambo and see my trying to keep up :) also u can embarrassingly hear exactly how excited we were each time any driver put their foot down :wink: In the end the cars lined up along what i think was Wandsworth Bridge and had their meet up and we took the opportunity to park up n take some pics. So here are the vids + a few pics - enjoy 8)
  7. Today my brake caliper paint and Corrado T-shirts that i bought off ebay arrived - so i put them both to good use by painting the calipers and getting my two younger brothers to lend a hand whilst all three of us wore Corrado t-shirts! :lol: [Done as a joke but in the end they both wanted to keep the ones they had on!] So a day of taking off each wheel and replacing and whlist the wheels were off the car it was a chance to do a spot of 'i wonder what this car would look like with 17" alloys' to both the old mk2 golf i have parked on the drive and also the the valver - here are the pics - enjoy!
  8. :shock: I think that is the highest on the forum then...
  9. With the shocks my valver failed on one of the back shocks 'leaking to excess' but i only had a 'warning' for one of the front ones which they said was 'starting to leak' - so there appears to be some measure of severity regarding leaking shocks.
  10. Ahh that would be me - Henny has more but im catching up :) i think someone had a G60 with 250k + though.
  11. Apparently this morning whilst i was at work a DHL delivery guy after dropping a parcel off at the house next door he started asking my brother if he knew who owned the Corrado Storm outside - and then asking if i was selling it! The DHL guy said that he owns a red VR6 and is after a nice storm and that he'd try coming over again! My brother mentioned the forum - and he said he comes on here now and then - so any takers? 8)
  12. Thanks guys - Dazzy that screw you mentioned is exactly what i've seen and it will definately need some plus gas!
  13. I got my VR6 with adjustable shock absorbers and they are set too stiff, i've softened the front shocks with a tool they came with - but after some advice on adjusting the rear. The previous owner was not sure, but pointed out a small screw at the base of the shock that he thought was the one to adjust the shock - but the front ones are adjusted at the top - so id expect the back may be that way too? I think to get to the top of the back shocks you need to remove a body panel - is this right? If its normal for the back shocks to be adjusted at the bottom of the shock then the bolt i was shown must be the right one - any pointers appreciated - i need to soften them to avoid rear passengers putting in injury claims against me ;)
  14. Ok i sorted myself out with a page on the members gallery for this car at: http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28883 so this thread can be locked now mods 8)
  15. Thanks for the comments guys - the car is a lot tidier than the advert suggested (how rare is that!) and the millage doesnt show either, even the leather interior is almost spotless. Oh yeh - i dont like the pedals at all - the brake pedal is HUGE and i can only just get my foot past it to get to the accelerator!
  16. Here's the car i bought recently - found the car via ebay and after the winning bidder pulled out i came to an arrangement with the seller. Spec is: VW Corrado VR6 Storm 1995 N Registration 2.9 VR6 engine Pearlescent green with beige leather interior Full storm spec: Leather heated seats Power steering Central Locking Full Closure Alarm & immobiliser Electric windows, mirrors and sunroof Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Active spoiler, comes up at about 55-60MPH Clarion 12 CD Multichanger Stereo Air conditioning Mostly Volkswagon service history with many receipts. 17" TSW Apex alloys Miltec stainless steel exhaust system New Front discs and pads & headlight switch Avo Shocks (adjustable) and H&R springs And the famous millage... 225,000 miles! Here are some photos for now - taken by a friend - i'll take some better ones when i get a chance and the weather improves!
  17. The other one is a 1.8 16V hank - you about to make me an offer for it? :)
  18. Ah haa - this could explain it - here's a picture from the ebay ad that will give you an idea about the positioning of the storm badge on the rear. Seems a bit high and should be in line with the VR6 i thought? Anyway - it doesnt make much difference - i'll call VW and find out when i get a moment - i checked the paint code and it matches the green that should be on the storms according to the colour code guide on the buyers guide (classic green + pearl effect). Henny - i look forward to J-Dub's reintroduction to the world - will he still have the same engine?
  19. Yep - this is the green one that was on ebay - although now i am not sure if its a storm or not - Jim asking made me dig around about - and i was wrong when i said DVLA had it down as a storm - it was built at the right time - has the right spec at least (so it doesnt make that much difference) BUT the storm badge looks in the wrong place! I've taken the day off work today as i am not feeling well ;-) so i'll be able to poke around a bit more and get some pics in the members gallery. About the valver - im doing some body repairs to it at the moment and i hope to get that looking good - id consider selling it to someone who would keep it and use it - but most ppl who want to buy em are just gonna scrap it for parts :( For now i'll keep both - with the valver i've paid the insurance till the end of the year-and its MoT'd till June 06 so for now i'll have em both (gready i know!) Right now i've moved back home with my parents so living costs are low and and communte in on the train + tube - so not driving much - i can just about to afford to keep em both going :)
  20. There's a stack of reciepts totaling about 12K that i need to go through in detail - i am hoping that the belts + tensioner has been done alread - would be great if the engine has been rebuilt but i think hoping for that is a bit optimistic :) would be great though! Engine sure runs very smooth and the idle is smoother than my valver that has only got 109k on it.
  21. Pretty sure its a storm [if not its got the storm spec + badges - so almost the same thing!] Its got all the storm badging, the biege leathers, the colour - the wheels have been changed from the BBS solutiudes - and it comes up as a VR6 storm accoding to DVLA using the number plate etc - and its one of those cars that comes with ALL the reciepts etc - i still have the original sale documents with the agents name + number who first sold the car. At this thread: http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28831 i have a link to the ebay ad so you can have a poke around there till i get some pics up.
  22. The valver is showing about 109k .. just bought a VR6 storm that is showing 225,557 miles at the moment :shock: Do i win? :)
  23. Yesterday i bought my second Corrado - a 1995 VR6 Storm in pearlescent green. I had seen the car on ebay (see advert here ) and although i didnt win the bid i sent the seller a message that if the winner pulls out to let me know. Sure enough this paid off and the winner pulled out. The car's biggest issue is its millage, a huge 225,000 miles! This seems to have put a lot of people of it completely. I offered the guy £2,500 subject to viewing it and went to see it yesterday. The owner had talked of cracked windscreens and key scratches, but the bodywork was almost perfect, the scratches may even T-cut out as they were only very thin. I got some advice off the forum for what to look for in a high millage VR6 and the suspension was mentioned as probably needing replacing - and the ride does feel very hard - but it does have adjustable shocks so softening these may help. Despite the miles it runs very smoothly and idles really nice and quietly - the best part is probably the extras, leather heated seats, air conditioning, a sunroof that does tilt & slide and the elecric mirrors, windows and working spoiler! I am very happy with my purchase and feel i've bagged a bargain - will be getting a service done soon then hope to just look after it and see how long this engine will keep going for - this has to be the highest millage storm on here and almost the highest millage Corrado on the forum (now that Henny's J-Dub is no longer with us). There are photos on the ebay advert - but they do not do it justice - i'll be getting some pics on here soon and adding a new thread on the members gallery. Thanks again to this forum for the buying guide + expert advice regarding the millage - most other people i talked to were completely shocked that id consider buying a car with over 200k miles on the clock!
  24. Thanks for the advice guys - based upon your comments i went to see the car and ended up buying it too! Its a 1995 VR6 Storm in Green - and i picked it up for £2,500 due to the millage. I hope it holds up ok - looks very well looked after.
  25. There's an N-reg VR6 Storm that i am interested in but the issue is the millage. The cost of the car is adjusted to reflect this - and my usage will be low - but the mileage is 225,000. Its got a full VW S/H and claims to have been regularly serviced and well looked after. I've read over the Corrado buying guide - my question are: 1. If looked after can the VR6 engine happily run to mileage over 250k? 2. What specific checks (if any) should be done on a high mileage VR6 engine? 3. Which engine parts are likely to need replacing first and how expensive are these typically? From what ive read the timing chain and guides and tensioners should be given particular attention - any other tips appreciated!
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