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    Mocal hoses

    Try spraying a bit of silicone spray to ease It all the way in or a pot of boiling water usually softwns the hose end enuff to reinsert. Definatly use a hose clip, my fittings that i used ayons ago to build various oil cooler set ups would Always leak After removing the end, even the barbed end types..
  2. Rite then, Been awhile now since i came across two rear quater lite windows i found recently, they look ok, the glued in place seals look fine. Anyone Need a set? Let me know, either send me your WhatsApp or email and i'll get a few photos sorted. Cheers.
  3. When i built my 2.0 9A 16v engine it would only work using a st.5 SNS eprom, all the rest were rubbish in comparison. Night and day difference between SLS and other off the shelf chips. Also remember that the sns chip programming eliminates the infamous 'Digilag' that's present on every original and aftermarket eprom. Probably not related to your problem but i'd check the fuel pump voltage under load too, the g60 Digifant harnesses are getting quite old now..
  4. Hi Aston, Have a look on NKAutomotive, they have the distancing shim ( 861955245) you need mate. The other part is just an oil/grease seal. Let me have a look down in the garage and see if i have a few spare, used to have loads of old g60 bits.. If i do have any tensioner arms left i'll send you over the ness. bits mate.
  5. Maxrpm.de does the original Bosch g60 plugs too, 30 Euro each though PLUS postage..
  6. Although not Bosch, These are a good alternative. Ngk G-Power BPR6EGP Platinum. Gladen-Motorsport.de also stock the Bosch W6DPO plugs but at 99 euro+postage but i'd think twice..
  7. Allrite matey, Were to start.. family, work, family work...... Car's hasen't turned a wheel in 11 years now.. One day i'll get around to rebuilding It.
  8. Hi mate, Tommorow morning i'll check and see if i've got any decent ones left over. Send me your email and i'll get a few photos uploaded. Cheers-Andrew.
  9. I may have nearly all the high/low pressure (O.E Goodridge ABV 2.9 Vr6) pipes going spare, along with the aluminium compressor bracket that bolts up to the engine. The crashed car was scrapped way back in '93 as it was wiped out down one side.. Let me knoiw if you need them, it's a start..

    vr6 pistons

    Still got an ABV 2.9 VR Bottom end left over from '94.. Only done 19.000kms.. pistons, Rods, crankshaft, sump.. If your interested send me your email and i'll load up a few photos.
  11. Well, Great to see that lots of us are still here, GREAT to hear from all you guys! My corrado went in the garage in '09, removed engine and box and started to build yet another version of the good old turbo-16.. There it's been ever since.. two kids later, morgage, bills etc etc leaves me (Like 99% of us) with no time anymore. I should have left it a 2.0 16v-g60, bloodywell reliable and fuel conumption was great compared to a ball bearing'd Garrett T4 turboed mill. I'm gonna wait till it's 30 years old so road tax won't be E420 a year.. and insurance has gone down alot since '09. I'll keep on using this great forum as long as possible. Cheers guys!
  12. Anyone left?? Haven't been on in ages, bloody car is still sitting in garage.. 11 years later same old $hit.. Well, VEEDUBBED IS still lurking....
  13. You'll have to jog my Memory a bit mate, i don't Remember!! Getting Bloody old.
  14. How's it going spen? Yep, Still hear.. My bloody corrado hasn't been on the road for 11 years now..
  15. No mate, They are part of the headlamps made by DEPO. Basically they act as blanking plugs for the electric motors that weren't included with the new lights. Send me your email and i'll shoot off a couple of photos from my phone..
  16. Right then, Been ages since i posted, never got time etc.. This may have been already discoverd previously by somebody else who's fed up with the ancient headlamp adjusters that crumble as soon as you breath on them. Anyway, By chance i had an old 2004 Toyota yaris in for repairs to the front end, had to change both headlampas with cheapo DEPO versions. Yep.. the plastic adjusters are an identical fit to ours, even the black, rubber o-ring is exactly the same.. Unscrew the DEPO's adjuster (DEPO or Toyoyta manual adjusted headlamps only, electric motor versions obviously have electric motors without the adjuster needed) First put your corrado's adjuster in a vice and remove the adjuster's plastic thumb wheel by pulling it (carefully) off, screw into the new adjuster your old 'raddo threaded adjuster and press back on the thumb wheel and refit your new adjuster in the corrado's headlamp and adjust the beam. No more searching for expensive, 30 year old bits of shiyte plastic.. P/N on the DEPO's adjuster: 32-212-11A4N2 or 32-772-1101N3. I've got a few photos but i can never seem to upload them here.. Cheers-Andrew
  17. I've only ever seen the Vr racks fitted with ZF manufactured steering racks mate, i have two spare Vr6 racks, both ZF.
  18. Let me check down in the lock-up, i may have one to swap. Cheers-Andrew.
  19. I think i may still have a complete set off a 19.000km bottom end. If you still need them, Send me youe email and i'll snap a few photos. Cheers-Andrew

    VR6 engine

    Hi mate, I-ve got a -92 2.9 ABV Vr6 bottom end left over from a crashed corrado, way back in -92.. Been sitting since then and only had 19.000km-s.. I-ve got the block, crankshaft, pistons without rings, sump and a few other bits. Head was sold years ago. One slight snag, i'm in Rome though. If your interested, Let me know. cheers.
  21. Hi Ben, You still need the elbow mate?
  22. Forgot to mention that what i don't have, chris lillfuzzer probably has stashed somewhere..
  23. Hi, What exactly do you need mate? my email:[email protected]
  24. Sorry for the late reply Tom, busy with work.. The hoses are fine mate. Could you get a postage quote for posting the lot here to Rome, Italy? Thanks.
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