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  1. all provisionally sold! please be patient as I work out how best to wrap them and send... cheers y'all.
  2. Sorry i must have missed this. yes there are!! PM sent.
  3. I’ll hang onto yours for when I see u bud
  4. Yes indeed. I just need to find some packaging suitable now :)
  5. I know mate, just being typical you and me with our crazy banter :lol: no probs at all.
  6. Well that saves me doing the pics, cheeky sod!! :lol: Sorry for delay guys I’ve been away. So there you have them folks, I have 5 available
  7. Ooh where it buy das grosse vw Corrado?
  8. Maybe go and get an hours legal advice on the matter? Usually free, this could help inform how simila4 cases have played out that are similar to your situation from an informed source of info
  9. Hi all, Anyone interested in these, I’ve got about 4-5 of them that I’ll sell if people want them. I got them from Karmann, Osnabruck when I visited in 2008 along with a group of other enthusiasts who were in Germany for the 20 year anniversary. I need to reduce the amount of stuff I hoard so here they are! Price £20 delivered. I’ll sort some pics ASAP. Cheers
  10. classicline are great to deal with, great price and product.
  11. Oil. Use 10 40 synta silver semi synthetic , from TPS or vw or anywhere really. It's what vw would put in it. Chains guides and tensioner. May as well do these when gb is off. You could look into upgrading the tensioner and bolt to a 12v mk4 jobbie (banana) as it's a much better design.
  12. My main fear with a carbon bonnet and high speeds....
  13. Right by the fuse box. Yellow single female connector from (****e) memory :lol:
  14. It's for oil pressure to VDO gauges, just pop it out of the way in case you ever get them fitted
  15. That makes more sense! Cheers Dave. I wouldn't be without my mocal.... it gets hot quickly!
  16. That looks right parts wise, you will know right away when installing. Make sure the sandwhich plate goes on the right way, I read an article where someone managed to get this wrong which starved the engine of oil. Seems hard to do though as there is only a seal on one side of the sandwich plate which needs to face the engine and meet the oe heat exchanger.
  17. Find a part number and put it in google. Once you know your caliper you can look into what discs they were for....
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