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  1. Least I know how old I am!! :lol:
  2. Saw this by accident in San Francisco, it's was great :)
  3. I'm an office bod but love to tinker with cars as a hobby
  4. Glad you got sorted mate
  5. Fair do's..... I guess I'm just sore from when aa messed up my freshly painted bonnet on my old car.....
  6. they are pretty hard to find these days but there are many non standard clips that will do the job.... check out vehicleclips.co.uk :)
  7. Bloody lovely interior that
  8. Mine was originally one slat but it's now open..... anything to keep temps down under there I'll do!!
  9. Hello. Pc80 has asked for it now, cheers. If he doesn't take it I'll let you know.
  10. Nice one Sean. I wonder how many were sold with them. Do you recall the price of them new?
  11. Glad I bought when I did. I'm sure I paid 1500 ish and mine are stone cold mint. What would you say they are worth Sean?
  12. That's crap but that's the way it is :(
  13. These switches are a great purchase
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