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  1. They are no good for you...... I feel really smug when I sit in mine :lol:
  2. Tough call! Smooth mirrors are a top one of mine. The straight cut box with lsd is hilarious. And sexy brakes.... :)
  3. Sorry I haven’t sent you some nice love texts recently ya fuzzy man peach, am a stuck here in the wilderness
  4. Should you install oil pressure gauge keep it in mind, otherwise just ignore it ;)
  5. I’m not much use regarding spec of my gb. Jon Malik said it was strong so I bought it! :lol:
  6. “Don’t see many of those about”
  7. I’d use screws to attach the carrier to the car then the carrier holds the plate :)
  8. courier booked boys. they are all packed and ready to go. Thanks for your patience...
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