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  1. Rough that! Would make a nice project for someone though....
  2. VAG-hag

    Loom relays

    No bother mate, thanks again for your help. I'll try my local tomorrow
  3. VAG-hag

    Loom relays

    Cheers Stuart, I'd like micro relays though :)
  4. VAG-hag

    Loom relays

    Are they from your local auto factors?
  5. VAG-hag

    Loom relays

    Thanks Andy that great mate. I've been looking into these again this evening and indeed what I linked to are 2x what you have :) So 2 relays in 1
  6. VAG-hag

    Loom relays

    Hi all, I'm getting the dreaded intermittent headlight failure and I'm putting it down to failing relays in my aftermarket loom. Can someone confirm if this one will do the trick for me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201277305761 Mine is a 2 relay loom. Cheers.
  7. Strippers :) they are weird and I've had car loads in the past. Won't happen again now I've a nice new interior.... and a girlfriend :lol:
  8. Old tatty IT equipment.... nothing else really :lol:
  9. SNR are a good bearing manufacturer
  10. a good fitting over seat cover for Recaros would be awesome!!
  11. This is in the wrong section
  12. Another stealth vote. My vrt runs very well on std ECU and double the original power
  13. reminds of the time it took me 6 visits to get some tyres out of ATS...... :lol:
  14. since i went to 4" MAF I get 50+ MPG..... its ace :lol:
  15. and a VR coffee table :lol:
  16. I have one too.... bare block - edit. if Fuzzs isnt suitable.
  17. Yeah all speeds are same if you bridge them..... works a treat though. I do hear a tiny drop between speeds as it switches speeds
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