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  1. Carbon canister purge valve probably. Does the tick frequency increase when driving?
  2. I'm running a 4Motion engine and manifold without any modification to the standard 4Motion manifold? Strange that on a LHD car it just fits!?
  3. Well, after several spirited journeys I'm glad to report no rubbing, so far! Haven't driven with any passengers yet mind so need to see how that goes, but so far so good. Can't say I've noticed the steering being any heavier than before either and strangely less tram lining too? Maybe yours was dropped lower than mine Stone? Compared to the old 195/40 p zero nero's that were on before the ride is 100% better so I think I've made the right choice. Guess time will tell. Dutch
  4. It's been a while since I last posted on here and it would seem things have changed quite a bit by the looks of it! I still have the C, but haven't driven her much over the last year or so. She's back in favour at the moment so decided to treat her to some new tyres. I've been running 195/40 on my 17*7.5j rkii's for the last 3 years or so with FK konigsport coilovers lowered +/-40mm. The ride was terrible though so after much deliberation I've had 4 215/40 17 conti sport contact 3's fitted. I must say the ride is vastly improved, but I've noticed a rather notable drop in acceleration!? Should I have gone for 205/40's instead? Would it be worth the extra cost and hassle to change?? So far I have no rubbing issues, but I'm not 100% convinced I've made the right choice. I presume 205/40's will give a much better ride than the 195's, but not as good as the 215's? I also presume acceleration will be improved too, but by how much and will I feel the difference? I cannot measure the difference in acceleration, but it feels quite sluggish compared to when running on the 195's! What would be the best bet based on your experiences? R, Dutch
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm on coilovers so like you say can adjust if necessary. I did do some searching before posting, but wasn't 100% clear if 215/40's would rub with my wheel size and offset. My current wheels and tyre sizes give a sidewall of 3.1 inches according to http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html, and 215/40 would be 3.4 and 215/35 - 3 inches. From a comfort point of view the 215/40 would be the better option I guess and give virtually no stretch? I think I'll be going for 215/40 Conti SP3's then, unless you know of a better option with some rim protection? R, Paul
  6. Will 17*7.5 et35 wheels with 215/40 17 tyres fit a VR6 without any issues on a 40mm drop? I cannot decide over 205/40, 215/40 or 215/35 on above mentioned wheels. Cost is not an issue for the tyres and the main concern is comfort and no rubbing issues. Any input appreciated as I cannot decide. I'm currently running 195/40 17 on these rims but the ride is a bit harsh and I don't like the stretch look that much (the tyres came with the wheels when I bought them but now need replacing). I would also like a fairly straight side wall and with some kind of rim protection as it's too easy to kerb the alloys atm and they will be refurbed before I fit any new tyres. Cheers, Dutch
  7. I'm looking at replacing all 4 types on my VR. I'm currently running 17*7.5 wheels. What is the best size tyre for this size wheel? 205/40 or 225/35?? Does anyone run 225/35 on 17's and do you have any front rubbing issues? R, Paul
  8. I have one - 2.8 24v. Been driving now for 2 years or so. Did the conversion myself with the engine coxy was going to use before he went with the 3.2 Dutch ...edit: but I'm obviously not in the UK ;)
  9. Oil warning light should function as normal. From what I remember you need both the high and low pressure switchs mounted to the 24v oil filter/cooler. I remember having the same problem, but solved it by adding both switches. I think you have to locate them in the right position too though otherwise the light and buzzer will still go off. Dutch
  10. Just confirmed this and I can now unlock my car too :) On the new VAG pumps (suffix G) pins 3 & 8 need to be connected together and then the pump will lock AND unlock the car :clap: Hope this helps others with a new pump and the same problem. R, Paul
  11. Well, just been told by VW that the replacement pump you get now (suffix G) is not exactly the same as the original one and that you have to jump pins 3 & 8 for the pump to actually unlock. If pins 3&8 are not connected it will act as a one way pump only - ie only locking the car. I'll try over the weekend. Hopefully it'll work, but I'm not convinced! R, Paul
  12. I've read that a few others have had the same problem too. It's strange that if I remove the vac line to the pump it works fine (ie. sucks and then blows). If I stop it by blocking the vac point though whilst sucking it will not blow anymore. I'm going to ask VW to replace the pump tomorrow and go from there. I can't see how it could be a wiring issue though as surely it would never blow if that were the case and connecting/removing the vac line would have no effect. R, Paul
  13. I've searched and read all there is on this but I'm still confused. My pump was overheating and almost burnt out - luckily I removed it before and real damage was done. Before I removed it it was sucking and blowing as it should, but it would take 10 minutes or so before it stopped blowing when I unlocked the car. So I buy a new one from VW and now it won't blow when the vac line is connected. If I plug the pump in but leave the vac line of it will suck when I "lock" the car and it will blow when I "unlock" the car (via the alarm key fob), but when I connect the vac line it will still suck to lock the car, but it 'will not blow to unlock it anymore. Strange? I have delocked door handles btw and I do not have the old ones anymore. If my pump was blowing before why doesn't the new one when the vac line is connected? I don't fancy removing the door cards and water membranes unless really necessary. Any idea on what/where the problem may be? R, Paul
  14. Thanks for clarification Swifty. The picture shown is of an rkii wheel size 17*8 - 5*112. If I could get hold of a pair of these I reckon I could swap faces with my 5*100 ones as the bolt patterns should be identical being basically the same wheels.!? Let the search begin... R, Dutch
  15. No me neither :D ...but I can't see why it can't be done, unless i'm missing something? R, Dutch
  16. Thanks c_m, but If the fascia and rim are one peice on 2-piece splits, why can't it still be swapped onto a wider wheel? Just had a thought - as these wheels are/were available in 17*7.5 5*100 AND 17*8 5*112 and both with an et35, couldn't I just swap the inner facia peice (5*100) from the 7.5j wheel onto the 8j wheel? Surelly the bolt location would be the same as the only diference of the facia bits would be the 5*100 & 5*112 mounting holes?? R, Dutch Pic of bbs_rkii_17*8_5*112:
  17. I have a set of BBS RKii's size 17*7.5j 5*100 et35. I'd really like 8.5j for the rear and thought it would be possible to simply re-dish mine to make them wider, but I've been told this is not possible with 2-peice wheels, only 3-peice :confused4: ? Is this right and if not anyone know somwhere that could carry out this work? Ideally I'd just buy 2 new rims, but cannot find any for sale and not even sure if they came in this size originally? I've seen 18*8.5, but never 17*8.5. Any wheel experts out there that know better??? R, Dutch
  18. Well, it's that time of year again so the C has had a spring clean ready to be driven again :clap: I've raised the ride height by 1cm due to local speed bumps though, but thinking of dropping her back 5 mm? I really liked the look 1cm lower, but the front splitter's taking a bashing and I don't fancy a 50mm one. R, Dutch
  19. "f00k me my van's a monster!" :lol: lol, I'm coming round to that opinion too now. When I first drove it it didn't "feel" that quick, but after driving the C again my opinion has changed :) I'm not sure what mine redlines at as I haven't taken it above 4000rpm yet, but from 1500rpm and up it just pulls so damn hard :D Having a 6th gear helps too - she doesn't run out of gas until very illegal speeds, and pulls hard all the way there. I'm very impressed with it so far! "obviously due to it being a TDI its all over by the time the VR6 gets going" - yep true, but the 24v gets going quite a bit earlier than the 12v, but still low end torque is nothing in comparison to the TDI. I'm also coming round to the same opinion mate - if I had to make a choice, the C would have to go :shock: :shock: Never ever ever thought I'd be saying that, even more so with a van as the second car. I love the C to death having owned her since '98 and spending so much time/money restoring/upgrading her over the last few years, but still, I know which one i'd rather jump in tomorrow for the daily trek to work and back. Damn, I'm now in desperate need of some motivation to turbo her. Kev - fancy a trip to Holland? :D Dutch btw - how much torque is your 2.5tdi making? I'm guessing quite a lot ;)
  20. Well, after driving the van for the last 8 days or so I took the Corrado out for a quick spin this afternoon and was quite shocked by the experience. It feels like it's 200 years old and unbelievably it felt SLOW !!! :shock: The van is running 170bhp compared to +/- 230bhp from the Corrado, but I guess all that torque (395Nm) makes the difference. I'm pretty sure the van will out pull the C in any gear from 50kph and up, even though it weighs maybe 250 kg more and is massive in comparison. So, what to do?? No idea, but guess the only way the C can be made to feel as quick is to whack a turbo on the 24v. Not sure if i can be arsed with all the hassle though at this point :( I originally bought the Caddy as a sensible(ish), economical(ish) daily and for taking the dog out in. Now it seems I'm beginning to prefer driving it over the Corrado :shock: :? Must be getting old I guess :) Dutch
  21. Thanks oliherst and yes it is a nice feeling. This is my first new new car and it's nice knowing no one else has abused her before me. :norty: 3 weeks ago she didn't even exist :) The camera is just an 8.2mp point and shoot Sony Cyber-shot. Can't remember the model, but It's about 2 years old and not top of the range. I can post the model if you want, but I'm sure the newer one's will be just as good/better. Dutch
  22. Yeah I know - give me a chance! ;) I'm beginning to like all this torque - she has more Nm's that the stage2 chipped 24v 2.8 in the Corrado! :shock: I'm currently eyeing up the eiback lowering kit (not coilovers) and the Caddy Sportline 17inch alloys. I also like the Sportline front bumber, rear spoiler and side bars! Looks like she won't be staying standard for long ;) Dutch
  23. Hi guys. I've not had the chance to post on here much recently so firstly happy new to everyone! Anyhow, I've had to sort out a new van as I crashed the old Caddy into a large bit of medal, which kind of killed it :( It was a bit of a mess anyway - 200000+ km's, a slipping clutch, a broken door lock, the bodywork was shot and only an SDI so really didn't see the point in spending any more money on it fixing it up. After a bit of ivestigation I ended up trading it in for a new Caddy 2.0 TDI (via the Dutch equivelant of the scrapage system you have in the UK now) I picked it up over the wekeend and have to say I'm well impressed so far. It's a 2010 model fully loaded 2.0 TDI with a factory remap to 170hp/395Nm. Obviously I'm taking it easyish for the first 1000km's or so but it doesn't half shift when you put your foot down :) The first service is due at 30,000 km's!! Whilst I was waiting for delivery (8 weeks) the Corrado was the daily driver - and she didn't miss a beat once on the 145 km daily journey :clap: Anyhow, a few pics of old and new: Dutch
  24. Hi Ian. I've not been on here that much recently due to work, but surprised to see your selling (sold) up. I can understand your decision though as I can't be arsed to mod mine anymore either. I am gong to enjoy that lovelly 24v for a while and see if the urge to take it to the next level comes back. Anyway, just want to say a big thanks to the help you gave me during my install - and for suppling such a peach of an engine! Good luck with the non-modding and hope to see you around here once in a while :) Dutch
  25. As Ian says the 2.8 expands quite a bit on flooring the throttle from idle, but it doesn't collapse? Dutch
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