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  1. /\/\ spking of which "the ice one" got a 5th place in the Turkish rally. can't tell if he is enjoying it though coz he always looks miserable. :)
  2. sounds like your bumping up on the rev limiter to me.
  3. it was slightly processional but I still enjoyed it. Lewis's body langauge as he was putting the steering wheel back on was classic.He seemed to take it quite well in the post race interview. Yup.Those redbulls are impressive machines.The reliability iussues this year are making things quite interesting. As mark webber said."You can build them like tractors but you want them to be fast and so you build them as close to the edge(in terms of robustness) as possible." 8)
  4. I have used a ford one reliably for a while now. Didn't think you'd brake it that quickly :) Did you ever fit that LC1 ? If your heavily overfueling on boost then that would cause a stumble. What do the plugs look like?
  5. I'd have to agree with the wires comments.I'm sure that for the right person the OP's work would prove very satisfying but I'd want fire and brimstone for that money.
  6. Quite right.They should of put you in stocks,thrown tomatoes at you and then publicly hung you. :roll:
  7. is that the lambda plug stu ?
  8. it does sound like an ignition prob but misfires can be caused by either ignition or fueling faults so.Don't know anything about these engines or their management systems but if one cyclinder is not getting fuel or spark or a poor mixture then... etc etc.
  9. /\/\/\ it's not great for such a light little car to be fair,although outright pace isn't really what they are all about. A friend of mine test drove a charged elise as he was thinking of doing the same for his exige.He said it was the "fastest thing he had ever driven,but it ruined the character of the car" Different strokes..
  10. good show. :) Now get driving it and break it again. :lol:
  11. :D sounds expensive. ah well.I'm guessing you aren't that surprised judging by your response?!?!!
  12. btw .. i'd get the head checked/skimmed once you have it off to make sure it is still true. That way you have a good chance of the HG sealing once you put it back together. 2p.
  13. can't help you with the "fallin out of love thing" :) Good luck with whatever you decide to do. 8) :salute:
  14. i'd still change it b4 it leaves you high and dry somewhere. :)
  15. ummm... water pump. Check condition of injector wiring. check all vac hoses,boost piping. Maybe do a compression check b4 you tear it all down Once you have you have it all srtipped down other engine bay parts that look a bit tired will make themselves known to you anyway.Things like old water piping and plastics etc.
  16. change the ignition switch.
  17. I disagree. :) I'd rather not spray fuel into the cylinders unless i intended to start the car. personally i'd go for the fuel relay. :) Either way will have the desired effect. grazie.
  18. playing around with mine at the moment. Havn't decided what i'm going to put in the last pod position.
  19. weird. All the vac pipes are back on the ecu right?
  20. great,are you going to put it on the rollers? Always wanted to know what this is pushing out.
  21. Hi Fay any plans to go back??? :) if you do I need a front bumper guide seen in this photo. Thought i'd be cheeky and ask I could just pick it up from work next time i was in the area. No worries if not. What scrappie is it? ta. Kris Pls excuse thread hijack.
  22. the amount i've spent on spare parts though.. There are a fair few people maintaining ageing VW's.At least as many as other marques if not more surely... Hmmm... Time to wrap the car up in cellophane. :)
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