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  1. Fantastic work John, it's heartening to see there are still folks out there who see the value in continuing to develop this classic in waiting... MF
  2. I'll take these please Tom; PM me payment details. Thanks M.
  3. Yep Ferrari for me too. The P1 seems the fastest on track and the sensible choice would probably be the Porker, but if you had the chance to own one and didn't take it, I think you'd always regret not choosing the Ferrari.... MF.
  4. Huge credit to you Chris - it looks like you could literally swim in that paint! MF.
  5. If you're going to go for a kettle, the 997 Gen1 is probably the best one to go for at the moment (give it another 5 years and the Gen2 will probably make more sense). The (facelift) 996 looks ok from the outside but the interior is truly awful and, 996 turbo aside, the 997 is a much better performer. There's loads of scaremongering on tinter web about bore scoring on the Gen 1 (and it's actually quite rare when you consider how many were sold), but they're half the price of a Gen 2, so buy a 997.1, drive it like you stole it and if the engine develops a loud ticking sound then throw it to Hartech, give them £8k to build you a bulletproof revised version and you'll still be £12k up on the smug buggers with their direct fuel injection Gen2's..... But, they're not for me. Test drove a few and to be honest they're so smooth and fast that until you're hitting 3 figures you don't feel like you're moving and as someone who's just had the pleasure of sitting in a room for 4 hours being lectured to for being a naughty boy (to avoid the points...), my appetite for trying to double the speed limit is losing it's appeal. That's why I've just bought a simple 1979 air cooled 911 with no power steering, no ABS and no traction control, which weighs 1100kgs and frankly 'feels' like it goes much more quickly up to the speed limit than most modern cars I've driven recently (997.1, 996 C4S, M3 GTP, RS4 saloon....). Be aware though that whatever you choose will make your eyes water when things go wrong with it, but, at least Porsche support owners of older models and keep the parts available unlike certain other German manufacturers..... M.
  6. Hey Bally Good to see you're back. I'm still running my RCs following inspiration from your car years ago. Well, I say "running"; it would be if I hadn't stripped it two years ago(!) under the banner of giving it some proper TLC.... Still working on it though and it'll look great when it's finished! MF
  7. Such rotten luck Jim! I honestly hope you find course for redress sooner rather than later. MF
  8. Photoshop is a wonderful thing...
  9. I loved stunt car racer!! I'd still play it today.....
  10. I've somehow missed them in the past; weird aesthetic. I don't think I like it to be honest, but I can't quite decide at the moment.....
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