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  1. hi chris the last ones worked out abour £83 delivered let me know if you want me to add you to the list
  2. apologies for no updates on this recently as far as i can see we have 4 people so far.... daves16v philipc oneohtwo jared_nomak i will drop Zak a message & see if he is happy to do a run of 4 so as to get these moving
  3. hi james checked this morning & they are ABS sadly, sorry
  4. i will check the boxes of parts ive got for you - i know i have some ECU's but think they may be all ABS rather then engine
  5. good advice thank you i will likely give it a go when the VR is back from its underside work as the interior is all currently out
  6. credit to those we have here still - a very helpful bunch thanks cressa that would be great as i can investigate a scan of the unused one for 3D printing- ive PM'd you
  7. briliiant thank you m8 - will do it now 🙂
  8. that would be handy dox thank you i might be able to get my friend to get the dimensions from it & then use it to try & stop the slight rattle on the VR6 d/s
  9. ive never seen or heard of this code but ive also never had a G60 have you got a Bentley manual - i cant recall if that covers the G60 but i think it does having had a quick search ive found the below, which though it doesnt mention the code you have it might make some sense of the MFA readings & lead you on a trail Boost Check Via MFA - Volkswagen Corrado G60
  10. good thinking dox i know i brought 2 sets that is the annoying thing - i might have a search through the group buys to check who did the run of them previously if i can get the 3D printer file i might be able to get some done somewhere
  11. interesting this as the D/S does very similar in the 16v i know i brought a couple of sets of window rollers in the group buy years ago but ive not been able to find them
  12. hi have you tried LLL parts? they sometimes have the exploded diagrams to drill down part numbers
  13. hi the post you are asking about is from over 12 years ago im afraid
  14. afternoon all good news! having received another pm about looms we are up to 4 people so ive contacted Zak & he is happy to do another run. as per previous runs, he works offshore & sometimes for long periods so they will be done as soon as time & work allows. similar to the previous buys we will set a minimum quantity, once that is hit we will ask people for deposits & then final balance will be due once they are made & ready to ship could i please politely request that people only put their name down if they are certain they want a loom & are happy with the terms - unfortunately on the last run we had a couple of people who put their name down but then did not reply to any contact messages i will start to form a list once we have a bit more interest
  15. hi m8 do you have any dehumidifiers in there? before i sold the 16v a few weeks ago i was having to wipe drips off the rear & front windscreen even with 2 dehumidifiers in there - as such it could just be heavy condensation rather water ingress the 16v is water tight too as id checked sunroof drains & also reskinned the door membranes
  16. im not sure why it disappeared but will message toby & ask
  17. ive just checked with my m8 who sold them - they went for £1k last year so yeah i would agree that they are over priced out of interest, what kind of size spacers or bolt on adaptors would you use to get the size & offset to fit? ive got some 16" modena's in a 7j +41 & 8j +51 & need to figure out how to get them to fit
  18. the garage looks mega Keyo!! im still gutted the council wouldnt let me build one 😞 i may build the base anyway & then reapply as that looks the nuts
  19. thanks Keyo - all arranged m8
  20. damn - my friend sold a set of these only last year
  21. thanks for the input shaun im in no rush so will persevere
  22. im the same - i emailed them at the start of the Jan about some for the mini & still no reply i did speak to the receptionist or whoever it was & she said there was a wait of about 2 weeks for email enquiries - im not sure why they take so long but im going to call them again this week. they were certainly not like this when i brought the calipers for the VR6 & i am sharing the disappointment
  23. interesting!! do you think i would get it all in to a golf estate m8?
  24. ive checked old posts on my build thread & the signatures have gone from the old ones as well maybe it was a feature we couldnt carry over when the site went to the newer version & different servers, similar to how we lost old pics etc
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