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  1. i have done a count & looks like just 2 people remaining to send deposits - i will chase them up this week
  2. hi hasan im trying to think back probably 20 years to when i first owned the 16v - i think i put 4" inifinity 2 ways in the dash but the covers would never fit over properly if im honest i the recess is so small i wouldnt bother putting a speaker in there ive got 6.5" JL audios in the front & 6*9 inifinity in the rear & sound is awesome you can get decent 5.25" in the OE door pods but be careful with how deep they are as they can push the door membrane back
  3. cracking thanks for being so prompt guys 🙂
  4. quick note to say that despite repeated attempts both on here & via email i have had no response from Kenny vr671 & i have removed from the list Kenny - if by chance you see this pls do get in touch
  5. afternoon all 🙂 right then time to get things moving on this, as im sure you will all be happy to hear Zak has calculated costs etc & is primed ready to order the parts. it looks like they will be coming in at around about the estimated £84 delivered due to the number of looms it is a large outlay so he would be grateful if everyone could pay a £25 deposit upfront if you could pls send the paypal friends & family to [email protected] once sent if you could then put a confirmation on here i can keep a track of it hopefully that is ok with everyone
  6. as per previous check out the wiki guides to being with if you havent already https://the-corrado.net/forum/34-wiki-amp-knowledge-base/
  7. have you had a look through the wiki pages? https://the-corrado.net/forum/34-wiki-amp-knowledge-base/
  8. true, i would imagine they would both work at a guess
  9. IIRC they are early or late model differences m8 my 1990 16v raises at 45mph the 95 VR6 raises at 55mph
  10. the 205 fitment for the speedline is becoming a problem i have always ran bridgestone potenza's on my VR6 & were always preference on my other cars too - however some wise fool at bridgestone decided they didnt want to make in our size any longer i have a similar dilemma with choice of tyres for the modena's im putting on the VR - the staggered 215 & 225 width on a 16" i want give me hardly any choice at all to have front & rear matching there was really only the yokohama ad08r's but i am aware they are meant to be bad in the wet as are predominantly a track tyre. however on a recent search nexen are making both sizes needed for the new wheels which bring me to my point........i run 205/45/17 on my supercharged mini & have last year moved to nexen fera su1 front & rear they are performing very well so far & the mini is a bit of an asbo beast. they seem good in both wet & dry, dont seem to spin up much with the traction turned off & side wall seems good on turn in my friend also runs the nexen on her track car & all reports are they a very good all rounder, they had sun, rain & snow on the last day out lol i will be putting nexens on the modean's when they are ready
  11. cant see the info sean 😞 any center gauges on there? lol
  12. oooo i have one of those in the 16v!! ideas begin
  13. as per as others are saying i would start with a top end rebuild & get the chains done. it is possible to inspect the health of the bottom end by looking for the original honing marks in the bores FYI i had my top end & chains done at approx 155K with vince at stealth & the bottom end was judged to be pretty healthy also as per what other have said, there will be a number of other parts which would be wise to renew during the work; water pump, aux water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, temp sensors to name a few IIRC my work with stealth ended up being around £3.5k as we ended up chasing old failing parts for a short while but i did also add fancy stuff like 263 cams, BMC CDA & a remap
  14. new repeaters with seals are pennies on ebay m8 couple of quid & no messing required
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