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  1. yes m8 it is a bit of relief too as i really didnt want to end up breaking it for parts plus unfortunately i dont have the time, money or inclination to restore another, im 13 years into the VR6 but apart from bottom end rebuild this is the last big stage have you decided which one to part with? it is indeed a lot of hard work trying to keep on top of 3 cars! i did barter with myself in terms of if i sold the 16v i would use the money to floor my downstairs at home (which will be my house pretty much finished) & also treat the mini to a few more tasty bits - it is currently a 5.5s 0-60 & i would like to get it to 5s if possible with some more weight stripped out & maybe a little more power 😄
  2. true m8 they are very nice indeed but DAMN they are expensive for what they are but at least it will add to those finishing touches
  3. thread title changed this morning as the day finally came when i parted with the 16v my driveway looks thoroughly empty last night with just the R53 sat there all alone im pleased to say that the 16v has gone to a good home where the new owner is a friend & plans to bring it back to how it deserves to be, fortunately he also lives very local & i will be helping & advising him on his journey on a good note i dropped a new alternator over to my mechanic on the weekend & he said the VR6 underside is pretty much stripped & they will be collating the parts to go off for blasting & powder coating this week. i also finally dropped the modena's off to the painter & am aiming to get them back, rebuilt & tyres on ready for the geometry to be set once everything is back together had a nice big box with not much in it at all from Heritage today so thanks to my friend i now have a pair of new gutter roof trim
  4. FYI many UK engineering or car firms etc have a factory shut down over christmas period, IE 23rd dec to 2nd jan for example as such i wouldnt expect a reply from HiSpec until next week, therefore i wouldnt get disappointed at no reply during this period further to this, on my billet 4 setup under the 15" speedlines, the discs & pads are not the OE corrado disc, IIRC they are volvo 240. i think i went for standard EBC discs & pads but i just brought the entire kit of HiSpec
  5. ohhhh the canada & time difference is a challenge i agree lol
  6. as mentioned before m8 - phone them....tell them your exact wheel specs & they will tell you what caliper / disc options will fit for your setup much easier to discuss options on the phone than over email
  7. HiSpec will be able to supply everything you need, calipers, brackets, discs, pads, brake hoses - just give them a call & run through what you would like
  8. yes i have nice yellow Billet 4s on my VR6 i absolutely love them, far superior to OE brakes & awesome performance i chose HiSpec as they were the only 4 pots i could get which would fit under the 15" speedlines as far as i know there are several reputable workshops that recommend HiSpecs for corrado's - pretty sure ive seen John Mitchell Racing fitting them to customers cars you can give them you full wheel spec & they will confirm if you can run 312's or tell you the max disc size for your setup i found them to be very helpful but i would say to not use their spacers if you need them as the cheap ones they did me were not hubcentric
  9. ok m8 no problem - 3 so far but maybe that will build soon 🙂
  10. an easier route would be to phone HiSpec & ask them to make you some Billet 4's which can run 312 discs
  11. send me your email & i will send you a copy Hasan i was able to reline the felt with the airbox in place once all the dash was out. access was pretty decent & i wasnt brave enough to disconnect the bowden cables etc i used sticky back felt which a forum member here sent me, i think it was purchased from a hobby shop it is possible to do it all on a driveway etc but you would need somewhere to put the larger parts indoors - if taking your time id guess at about 3 hours to take it out & then similar to put back in i sticky labelled all cables etc & then had loads of envelopes for the rest of the stuff & labelled everything
  12. hi, thanks for the post i would imagine purchasing an original ECU would be the best route if you want to keep it original & standard i believe the mileage is only recorded in the cluster & as such would not change with a replacement ECU pls do share some pics if you would like to
  13. having done the diverter flap job twice & had the dash out 3 times it is so much easier when you have full access you could try just removing the centre section but from memory i cant recall how much access this would give i can email you my dash out guide which has pics so maybe you could see if what you want to do would be possible worst case it really isnt a difficult job to get the dash out, just need to be organised & label everything
  14. holy shit this makes me excited to see this as i dropped the VR off at my mechanics for an underside restoration a week ago 🙂
  15. hi there if you send me your email address i will send you a full guide with pictures on how to change the matrix be very very careful driving a VR6 with no cooling, the block is aluminium & can warp if ran for too long without sufficient cooling
  16. i guess that if the mileage is absolutely genuine then with a decent chunk of investment it could be turned into a cracking ultra low miler however, for me, that chunk would be a near nut & bolt restoration to achieve the quality required for a top line premium - by which point i doubt there would be any profit in it at all
  17. sold for 14.5k i hope the buyer has a big wallet BUT a positive sign for the rest of us with well maintained & looked after versions
  18. currently at £11k with 6 hours to go just spotted that despite the advert saying a new sunroof motor is needed the sunroof is on tilt in the pics - have they done that by the manual winder i wonder
  19. wow that is worse that id have imagined - just think what the underside would be like if it is that bad under the bonnet
  20. currently at 9K bid by what looks to be a dealer kind of thing
  21. ohhhh now that is tempting ha ha ha what would you like to relinquish of said item? just in case 😉
  22. thanks m8, it wasnt cheap but i am very happy with it i think the sunroof switch part was covered with a single piece & then cut out where required i used a local place by me called B&M Trim - ive used them a few times & their work is superb
  23. honestly m8 WOW!! what a brilliant setup! if only i could get a car down the side of my house 😞 planning wouldnt let me build a garage on the huge front drive i have as it is in front of the parity line but due to the layout of the plot i cant get a car down the side
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