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  1. having done the diverter flap job twice & had the dash out 3 times it is so much easier when you have full access you could try just removing the centre section but from memory i cant recall how much access this would give i can email you my dash out guide which has pics so maybe you could see if what you want to do would be possible worst case it really isnt a difficult job to get the dash out, just need to be organised & label everything
  2. holy shit this makes me excited to see this as i dropped the VR off at my mechanics for an underside restoration a week ago 🙂
  3. hi there if you send me your email address i will send you a full guide with pictures on how to change the matrix be very very careful driving a VR6 with no cooling, the block is aluminium & can warp if ran for too long without sufficient cooling
  4. i guess that if the mileage is absolutely genuine then with a decent chunk of investment it could be turned into a cracking ultra low miler however, for me, that chunk would be a near nut & bolt restoration to achieve the quality required for a top line premium - by which point i doubt there would be any profit in it at all
  5. sold for 14.5k i hope the buyer has a big wallet BUT a positive sign for the rest of us with well maintained & looked after versions
  6. currently at £11k with 6 hours to go just spotted that despite the advert saying a new sunroof motor is needed the sunroof is on tilt in the pics - have they done that by the manual winder i wonder
  7. wow that is worse that id have imagined - just think what the underside would be like if it is that bad under the bonnet
  8. currently at 9K bid by what looks to be a dealer kind of thing
  9. ohhhh now that is tempting ha ha ha what would you like to relinquish of said item? just in case 😉
  10. thanks m8, it wasnt cheap but i am very happy with it i think the sunroof switch part was covered with a single piece & then cut out where required i used a local place by me called B&M Trim - ive used them a few times & their work is superb
  11. honestly m8 WOW!! what a brilliant setup! if only i could get a car down the side of my house 😞 planning wouldnt let me build a garage on the huge front drive i have as it is in front of the parity line but due to the layout of the plot i cant get a car down the side
  12. wow that really is awesome!! if only i had the space & money for a garage like that lol love the way you have big windows looking out onto the garden too - reminds me of Chris Evans show room for his ferrari's
  13. thanks chris errr id thought about putting a black one in as i have a black one in the 16v but i think it was out of a golf as the style is different i kinda quite like the accent the grey gives the overhead though, might look too black if all black
  14. out of interest does the circular floor part rotate independently?
  15. thanks m8 if im honest i dont even like touching it as i dont want to leave any finger marks or grease etc off hands but i was very pleased how it turned out
  16. few pic s of the black alcantera i had fitted a little while ago - tough to get a pic which wasnt oversaturated though
  17. your garage is just heaven m8 😄
  18. for me this rings many alarm bells firstly a low miler such as this will need a lot of work due to lack of use - all bushes, running gear, likely calipers all round, all fluids & filters changing - super low miles is not always a good thing as we all know these cars dont like to be stood standing for long periods the bolster wear doesnt support the mileage even just from the exhaust pic it looks seriously unloved underside to me it also looks like they have cleaned (badly) mould off the dash etc before taking the photos all looks a bit crusty in the engine bay too & youd have thought the battery jacket would have remained if so little use it could definitely become a decent vehicle but IMO would require a large investment to get back to the concours level the mileage deserves
  19. looking great dave! nice to see you back into it have you renewed the fan motor & fans? mine are something that linger on my mind i dropped the VR6 off to my mechanic for an underside restoration on thursday
  20. i will get some pics & post them up - TBF i do love the black alcantera above head in comparison to the factory grey
  21. FYI i had my sun visors trimmed in alcantera when i had the headliner done - they did it as a sleeve which was stitched over the top & i was able to simple click them back in place
  22. hi m8 i think the centre part pops out of the round adjuster - either that or it just pops off & the bolt is underneath
  23. hi phil as per my reply to dave there are currently no looms available but i may be able to organise another run in the future
  24. hi dave the last run was completed in july - at present there are no plans for another but if the numbers build i can ask the maker if he will do another normally need 10+ looms required i will keep an eye on this thread for requests
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