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  1. I bet your hearing an orchestra of tones now compared to the rubbish you took out. That really has had it
  2. It never gets old looking at these parts refreshed and renewed. It just looks so much better and you know after all the hard work you shouldn’t be going back to them very often, just light fettling and cleaning after all that.
  3. Looks Sherry to me too. I think the front of both sills could do with a in person look at as well
  4. An update a long time coming, but you can see why matey. It looks stunning, better than when it was new and I’m made up for you the engine fire up has gone well, there is so much that can go wrong or be missed. The most impressive thing is you’ve done it all by your self to that standard, be spring before you know it.
  5. When I open my garage and show people my car for their first time they normally say “wow” or similar I can’t imagine my disappointment never mind theirs if I opened my garage and that was in it
  6. Been and passed the MOT today Always a smiley moment when that happens. while parked up for a minute waiting my turn took this photo. The Corrado is smaller than a 20 year younger up haha. I be it weighs less too
  7. I thought that might be yours that went up this weekend. It’s easier said than done, but if mines sending me over the edge I leave it alone for a few weeks to build up enthusiasm and it’s always better to step back sometimes when you are chasing issues. When you come back to it you might look at the problem from a different angle or think of something you’ve missed which generally works out for me. Good luck either way
  8. I have a stealth made and fitted exhaust
  9. It was driving me nuts until I figured it out
  10. Exhaust banging on the rear brake compensator
  11. My coilovers use the original top mount and plates. Camber as you say is with the bottom two bolts on the shocker
  12. I’ve also got to check I’ve got the right disc on the right side. Having looked at the photos they look like they are side specific as the grooves are going different ways 🤔
  13. 320 I bet. You’d need new bracket and discs
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