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    Update, as I would have had to remove my "NOS", from about 2006 VDO Pump I mentioned I installed 18+ months ago to replace the fuel hoses (which I did change at the time , but stupid me, used the wrong hose, needs to be Submersible type, which I have now got Cohline 2190), it was just as well I did. The couple of small cracks noticed before install had spread like cancer, and given time probably the whole top cap would have broken apart, only the swirlpot top, where the return nozzle is affected, all the rest is fine, so its probably a different crappy plastic. See attached pictures, to me this evidence that the VOO NOS items, are probably not worth the risk, as even if the cracks are not there to start with, they could start sometime later. The Pump itself is ok, I have taken the unit apart completely to clean the filters, I obviously need to remove the old fuel (car has not been driven in 10+ years, has been started many times, but always on a low tank, and the fuel is now pretty horrible.! I may buy the JP Pump, and see if i can swap my VDO Pump into the JP casing, I would then have a spare pump.
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    Hi, My G60 pump is the same 4 bar VDO unit, , it was bought from a e-bay trader more than 10 yrs ago who sold dealers old stock etc, it was a Genuine VDO Unit, I didn't fit it for 10 years (!), and it had acquired a couple of tiny cracks, they had not been there when I looked at it a few years ago, so must be an plastic aging issue ( probably the same rubbish plastic used for the headlamp adjusting screws holder), no cracks around the fuel pipe junctions though, I will be taking it out again to redo the fuel hoses in tank, so will check again, may have to think about replacing it again! Attached a couple of pics.
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    That is terrible. Are you fitting a one way valve on the line as well as the new pump? Here are pics of my old pump that I changed last year. Which I assume was the original but not really any markings
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    Just checked, no markings on the body but I've no idea if it is the original, car has 133k miles.
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    Well after 21years my original has been sold. I had been contemplating for some time now so a chat with my brother resulted in a trip to Shrewsbury and a rendezvous so he could take it back North. We were open to sensible offers, fundamentally it was more about finding the right individual who would continue to look after her. We think that has been achieved. So she is now in Cambridgeshire.
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    So what has happened so far under my ownership. Well later that year August 2012 to be exact I met up with OSV and in exchange for some wonga I was given 263 cams. In Jan 2013 Meld went to DG and Graham set about future proofing her..... The timing chains, guides, tensioners, clutch, water housing, coil pack, lambda probe, ignition leads and spark plugs were replaced along with the cams getting fitted and a remap. A rattle in dash was done, front bumper bonnet and wings were resprayed and front and rear arp strut braces were added. I also bought a brand new 90mm lip spoiler from Graham (currently in garage. Got the car back in August as I'd told Graham I wasn't in a hurry to get it back. A year later Graham had her back for a service and a bit more fettling due to a loss of power - diagnostics fault finding and surgery commenced; the problem a blocked air filter and a cam position magnet failure. While there he also fitted a Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB radio and JBL by HARMANN GTO-5EZ/GTO-3EZ power amplifier. Now a few more pictures from shows attended: At the MK2 Golf Owners Club National meet: Nicely placed Meld has been put to bed during the Winters of 2013 & 14 and mainly been used to go to a number of shows when not in DG Autotech. attended shows are: Stanford Hall, All Types Bodelwyddan, Weston Park and the best (imo) Tatton Park. After Weston Park the roof lining started to peel I did try to repair using new glue but it just wasn't happening so a call on here and Purple Tom replied; deal struck and on on bank holiday weekend we drove up to Derbyshire to collect. Tips on fitting were past on and those tips made my life and the install much easier (thanks Tom) Nov 2015 I decided to go for a drive and she wouldn't start, she had been showing poor starting signs. Managed to find a Mobile Mechanic and he fitted a new starter motor only at the end of the install no start. Quick diagnostics by him and a frantic search on this forum by me for starting issues and we decided the ignition switch had gone....a week later and the part fitted Meld fired first time every time. 2016 has seen a change in wheel colour.......I didn't think I'd like the gold but they grew on me but due to an entrapment in the drive of my in laws farm after I'd come back from Weston Park last year; the alloys didn't get away scott free as the stones peppered them on my escape. So ready for this seasons shows I decided to get the LM's refurbished. The change did throw up mega issues though. I thought it would be easy so in May this year I took them to Platinum wheels in Swindon with the hope of getting them laser cut but due to them being split rims they coulbn't help, they didn't think their laser could manage the full dish, so a rethink and a chat with a friend put me onto his friend in Banbury. He's a powder coater and after a chat and a drive the wheels were handed over. 2 weeks later and I got them back, unfortunately due to the centre being changed back to how it should be the offset changed and when driving the rear were scrubbing the arch. Dialynx to the rescue (keep forgetting these guys are on my doorstep (granted the are more Audi specialists)) but when you see what they have done....well they must be good. After a few visits the idea height was found and this is it: The style and colour may not be to other people's taste but I didn't want bling wheels any more but I so love the LM alloy. New colour and new Dunlop Sportmaxx RT2 in 205/40/17 all round latest full photos
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