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  1. Holy cow, that is some rot! I've never seen a Corrado fall apart there, how strange. Welding is **** easy. Buy yourself a Clarke T135E Mig welder from Machine Mart and just weld loads of random crap for practice. It's really not that hard at all. Will save you a fortune in professional repairs.
  2. Agreed. It was all a bit staged (OMG, Ed China has turned up at my doorstep....hmmmmm) and the key details were skipped over. It went from doing a headlining in detail, to rear disc conversions and completely skipped past the carbs and engine tuning. Meh. I like the China and I'm glad the irritating little Brewster is out of the picture, but it could be more techie - which is what the China one wanted all along!! I did a 16V conversion into a MK1 myself way back when and trust me, they only covered 5% of what is required in that episode.
  3. Bin that crap off and fit a MK3 Highline ABS pump. That way you can lose the stupid 1980s proportioning valve, which A) always seizes up unless you drench it in WD40 every other week and B) the bolts that secure it to the rear beam always seize up solid, meaning a new P valve regardless.
  4. My MK5 does that as well, and also a friend's MK7. Nothing changes I'm afraid.
  5. :lol: Car ignorance in the youth of today astounds me. His MAF sensor will love him for that. What an utter clueless dork. Been watching too many youtube videos of drag cars fitted with front mounted, filterless turbos I expect. I swear this country is getting dumber and dumber. And if I hear one more chav doing exhaust explosions at 4am, I'm going to go out there with a stinger.
  6. I would have gone DSG on mine as well if I had all the parts at the time. It really suits the R32 engine. I fully approve of the factory air box as well!
  7. What's next for you then Kip? I'd take the LS3 motor personally! 500+hp & torque with cheap and easy bolt ons. A massive torque curve, light weight and proven very reliable simple engineering over decades of use in several vehicles......unlike German engines. I would never fit a German V8 to a project car. The Lexus V8 is another reliable one, but not as cheap or light as the LS.
  8. Same. What an utter crock of pooey pointlessness. Constantly we hear about cuts to the police force, and yet, it seems road traffic officers have the time and resources to waste by pulling people over for absolutely jack schitt. Dithering twunt does 20mph. ****ed off person behind wants to make progress and over takes. Oh my lord, Rado20VT, you should be put onto a medieval torture rack immediately. AND do 5 speed awareness courses back to back, for good measure. All at the tax payers expense, naturally. Punitive damages should also be awarded to the deeply upset overtaken person for the stress and emotional damage you caused. They are probably scarred for life by this incident and daren't leave the house. I'm sorry but slow arse dithering twunts are also "driving without consideration to others", but the law is always on the side of the sanctimonious "Speed limits are not a target" types. The way I see it: cars like Golf R's with barky exhausts are an easy target for narrow minded coppers. He probably prayed that you over take the dawdler so that he can take his own prejudices out on you. Damn right I would fight this one in court if it came to it! Overtaking a slower moving vehicle is not illegal.
  9. Probably showing off or racing and stacked it. YouTube has quite a few Supercar convoy videos where that happens. Money doesn't buy you skill.
  10. Stick to the standard downpipes is my advice. You lose too much torque otherwise. Easily adapted to fit. Kip did it on his conversion, kept the cats too!
  11. Christ, this was years ago when we imported those Hella lenses at $9 each or something! I agree with VEEDUBBED, they don't look quite right, and the glass is thinner......but it's better than busted originals. To lessen the impact of the visual discrepancies, I'm sure I did some black detailing of indicator lenses or something.
  12. I don't have as much free time as I used to (stricter girlfriend now) but I'll try and get something up very soon!
  13. Yeah the noise reminded me of the Carrera GT exhaust note, which is no bad thing!
  14. Haha, standard models posing for ShutterStock pictures special! Girls like that wouldn't last 5 minutes in a garage with all the inserting of greased shafts into slippery flange jokes....
  15. Yeah what a pain in the backside, thanks Photobucket :censored: Over on the MK5 GTI forum I also hang out in, a chap on there wrote a script to scrape the images out of PB and copied them to his own server/cloud site, and then it amended the links in the threads accordingly. I wonder if Andi could do the same? He's a bit of a whizz with the ol' compootas. I guess most of the images were pretty much of my build, so perhaps we could start over with a new one - which focuses more on the overall FI concept......dos and don'ts......SCs vs Turbos and n'asp tuning etc etc.
  16. I'm sure it will be a walk in the park for a man of your skills :) I saw a youtube clip recently of the V10 motor in an Elise or Exige. It sounded mental with a short exhaust!
  17. Seems like a good idea to me. Classic cars and enthusiasts aren't and never have been the problem. Annual MOTs are there because of the lazy, tight arsed people who neglect their cars. Take 10 reg plates at random from cars older than 5 years and MOT check them online......I bet at least 2 or 3 of them have advisories for worn tyres. Enthusiasts are on it with consumables.......only rust being the possible fail point. And then of course we have the chavs with chopped springs and exhausts hung up with cable ties. MOTs are for those sorts too.
  18. That's what she said last night.
  19. Now that I will definitely follow with interest!!! Please document it on here!! Many of the google images for "BMW V10 into Z4" link back to BMW forums unfortunately. The engine certainly looks like it belongs in there!
  20. The trouble with targeting an arbitrary number is it still may not feel any faster. As already mentioned (and as a load of us found out years ago) centrifugal chargers are not the way forward because you have to rev it to the redline to get the boost. 10-20 years ago, not so much of a problem, but the over-crowded roads these days means 7K rpm opportunities aren't frequent. You could run a small frame turbo running 6psi and it will feel a lot faster than a centrifugal charger, and you'll get your peak torque around 2800-3000rpm instead of 5000-7000. You don't need to uprate much. Mine ran standard driveshafts and CVs, standard gearbox and standard engine apart from Wossner pistons. I ran a lot of non-essential bits n bobs but the core drivetrain can support 400hp comfortably.
  21. Yeah, fabulous build. Defo in the top 5 best Corrado forum cars :smug:
  22. Turbo all day long. Don't waste anything on n'asp or S/C parts and put it towards the turbo kit instead.
  23. Speedlines with a moderate drop. Doesn't get any better than that. VW have always been good at choosing wheels.....apart from the Ronal Teddy Bears. 17" BBS RX rocking up with a close second.
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