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  1. Usually about 250 - 300 cars turn out - nice and relaxing morning, just wandering around and having a great bacon sarnie
  2. Anyone venturing to Cosford on Sunday morning - not been for a couple of months but I know the Oct meet is usually a big one - last chance for many people to take their car out with a chance of reasonable weather
  3. Its a material labelled CFRP - carbon fibre reinforced plastic, it does not need to be layered like traditional carbon fibre so its much quicker to manufacture, I believe Boeing are using it on the Dreamliner
  4. Built mainly to showcase the new type of carbon that they have developed in conjunction with Boeing. Its about a third of the cost of conventional carbon fibre, has about 80% of the structural rigidity of conventional carbon fibre and does not require oven baking, it can actually be stamped out like sheet steel Can see this material becoming widely utilised
  5. Kip - really sorry to hear the news, I know how much you'd craved a Nugget. There may be something that can be done with it, if not there are other Nuggets out there - I'm a believer in everything happening for a reason and that everything works out for the best in the end
  6. Shaun, Karl - thanks for the comments. The rims I just kind of fell on, newly refurbished BMW stamped BBS splits, 8.5"x17" - £250, just waiting ona set of M Sport staggered "Contours" to arrive, swapped them for the Hartges that i have never really liked The Simota is fine, to be honest not noticed any additional induction noise or performance but again it was a bargain at £50 Started to look at getting another 328i Sport - really nice, straight coupes can be had for £2k, this one is too nice to mess with but fancy getting one and stripping it out, making it a reasonable track car and fun weekend car
  7. Looking good Shaun, engine bay looks incredibly clean
  8. Heres some pics that I grabbed of it yesterday
  9. The e-tron Spyder was equally as stunning and is apparently close to production - pity Audis latest production cars are so lame in comparison
  10. It is absolutely stunning in the metal, was there for the reveal this morning - that and the new Jag were the stars of the show for me although the new BMW 6 series is also absolutely stunning - as were the girls on the Fiat stand, made the others look like real munters
  11. Managed to get some time this weekend to spend on the paintwork - few swirls removed, Zaino Z2 Pro polish ready for its new wax this week (hopefully) - looked clean enough after just the polish to find somewhere to get a few pictures, I'm pleased how its progressing
  12. The unit is great - did not go for the one with sat nav as we already have standalone units. Was very wary of it due to being an unknown name but so far so good :D
  13. Leonard - I was sure that all flat six official import Legacys were auto's but could very well be wrong
  14. IIRC all official UK 3.0 Legacys were automatics, if you do ome across a manual it will be an import
  15. boost monkey - I think the coupe is ok, looks odd but quirky, far less common than the hatches as well. Have asked the fleet bloke if he can find an M Sport model in white but I'm really not that bothered as its a free car. Will only have it for 3 months due to the mileage I do, the Golf I got at the end of May already has 26000 miles on it.
  16. Kev - the boot floor being ripped up is by no means arare occurence on the Z3M apparently. The coupe was a "skunks" works creation and never received the full engineering process. They were fine when new but now the welds are aging the floors are being torn on a regualr basis - I know at least 4 owners who have had to replace the floor. The Gaydon BMW show a few weeks ago saw the biggest ever gathering of the breadvans - quite a sight to behold
  17. After yesterdays offer of a paid trip to the Paris Motorshow just woke up to find a message from another client asking if I can return the Golf TDi I have from them as part of my deal with them and do I want it replaced with a 1 series 120d coupe, Golf GTD or A3 - asked for the 1 series - great engine (for a diesel) and I love the quirkiness of the coupe :D
  18. Proper drivers cars - personally see no appeal in Jap / Euro boxes that do everything for you - wheres the sense of achievement - must be gettinbg old because an XJ-S or R129 appeal to me :D
  19. Here you go http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1959950.htm http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2042575.htm http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2067663.htm http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1980716.htm http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1947247.htm http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2062859.htm
  20. Hada 9 -5 Aero HOTand was the worst car I have ever owned, comfortable, fast, big but so characterless and bargelike it was untrue - could not get out of it fast enough
  21. No way will 10k get a decent 911 or Integrale, Z3M is a good choice but I'd be wary of their main fault - the boot floor being ripped out by the torque. I'd go slightly more classic / less performance: Renault Alpine A610 OR Merc R129 - great used feature in last weeks Autocar, 10k will get a lovely 300 / 500SL - built like a tank and unlikely to depreciate - fantastic parts backup as well OR A late Jaguar XJ-S - finding them strangely appealling nowadays, definitely aged really well
  22. Its incredibly frustrating. I'm proud of the fact that the last 11 cars I've sold have all sold to the first viewer, can't see the point in wasting peoples time (and mine) by misrepresenting items. Just think along the lines of "Every bad one you see puts you a step closer to a good one" Bizarrely, the last three cars but one I've bought have been off E-Bay and all have been 100% as described
  23. An Audi 80 or A4 - loads around and cheap as chips
  24. I would steer well clear of an M3 at 3k - it will be an absolute money pit - 5k will get a good example, one at 3k will be false economy. I looked at a few (6) before I bought the 328i and realised that the budget I had (5k) would not get me what I wanted (a very, very good example)
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