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  1. Agreed Jim - its had so many positive reviews in terms of its dynamics that it must be a decent car. I personally do not like the styling but thats a personal thing, I know lots of people think its a great looking car. Yes it is expensive but only when compared against Corrados etc, against other new cars of similar performance, equipment etc its reasonably competitive I'd rather have VW have the Scirocco in the range than not as it makes justifying more focussed cars like the BlueSport that bit easier
  2. Its never too late I much prefer working with the engineering types in the motor industry. The sales / marketing people generally have no interest in cars, its just a commodity that they want to get sold - quite sad to see the general lack of passion / interest. I'd love to turn the clock back and do an engineering degree but I'm hapy to be involved in the motor industry in the way I am already - I do get to do / see things that I know a lot of enthusiasts would love to have access to Back OT, the current Type R was clearly a model dictated by the marketing dept whereas the first gen model was from the engineers - the forthcoming Euro 6 emissions regulations is probably going to kill off more high performance models and put more pressure on everyone to drive diesels, its about time that NOx and particulate emissions were focussed on as much as CO2
  3. Heres a pic with someone behind the wheel, makes you appreciate how tiny it is. Totally wooden frame with aluminium body, this car was once owned by a well known Brooklands racer named E B Ware so its got a really good history, butyers from all over the world are interested in it. The owner who sadly passed away last year also drove it rreally hard, his last trip out in it saw him lose control and slide on its side 200yds down a busy main road. Also got a 1972 Plus 8 in the garage that I'm detailing soon
  4. Had the privilege of detailing this little beauty yesterday, JAP V twin engine, hand throttle, starting procedure that runs to 2 pages of A4 - had not been cleaned inover 12 months but owner has recently passed away so it was being prepared for sale - offers over £30k
  5. Kev - I think the engine is the real special part of the car - build quality is awesome but its so efficient its almost German - very clinical and not any real character. I was passed by an Alfa 8C Competizione on the M6 on my way to Manchester airport yesterday morning - a fair bit slower and less well made than the Lexus but I would have that in preference every time - a car with real soul and character
  6. Jim - I do think that they are massively over-priced in relation to the competition but the quality is astonishing, I'd suggest that attention to detail is up there with the Veyron.
  7. Managed to get out in one of these today, no way was I being allowed to drive but being a passenger was quite enough, never heard a noise like it. Shame I was not allowed to take pictures but cameras are banned at the Toyota Technical Centre
  8. Nice purchase - have looked at them in the past but trying to find a straight one without intergalactic mileage meant I couldn't find one in the timescale I had
  9. Look no further than here but e prepared to have a whole new world opened to you. Any of the sellers on their will provide great service - I have used Elite Car Care, Serious Performance and Clean Your Car many times and never been let down / disappointed www.detailingworld.co.uk
  10. Its incredibly easy to dismantle, clean up and re-grease - probably no more than a 20 minute job, I did mine and just used common sense
  11. Work is now underway at last Stripped out all door cards, armrest, head rests and front and seats and took them to the trimmers. Got a great deal on a re-trim in light grey leather, double stitched in blue, embroidered BMW logos in grey on headrests, door cards re-connolised and re-fitting for £1050 - seen their week and its excellent. Bodyshop time is booked for w/c 2nd August, not going down the full re-spray route, I only wanted the problem areas fixed and bodyshop have assured me that a perfect match is achievable - I'll be holding them to their word. Next thing on the list is to get the BBS splits fitted and a 325i inlet manifold / big bore throttle body conversion
  12. Looks like you've got a good one there Kip, pleased that you have finally got hold of a Nugget, I'm sure it will soon be appearing at shows and picking up trophies
  13. Managed to secure four newly refurbished 8.5" x 17" BBS splits, satin silver centres and polished lips - love the fact theres no scene tax on BMW fitment BBS - £270 all in
  14. Portent - only reason I can think of is that dealers will not be able to search and / or secure stock cars until the new system is live, I suppose Volkswagen offer big discounts on new cars to incentivise dealers to buy stock, discounts will have been offered because of the financial implications of buying stock that has not yet been bought by an end customer. As to why there will be so much down time - thats the way the motor industry works - stupid but sadly true
  15. I know Inchcape have over 400 cars available from central stock, literally everything from Fox through to Passat CC - first come first served, if other Volkswagen dealers / groups have had any sense they will have also bought stock
  16. Volkswagens internal stock locating / ordering system is going down tonight for about 3 weeks, Inchcape have therefore secured and registered a large number of vehicles that will be available for sale immediately with some big savings on offer, 2k on Sciroccos, 4k on Tiguams etc, only downside is that they are effectively used cars (though with zero mileage) and can't be delivered for 2-3 months in some cases.
  17. With the greatest respect to car salesmen they are usually the last to know about new models - there is no new Corrado due for release in 2012, there is nowhere for it to fit in the Volkswagen Group range for starters. I know people in Volkswagen marketing department in Wolfsburg and if there was a Corrado due for release in 2012 the wheels of marketing would already be working
  18. Currently at the Toyota test facility in Belgium and on day two of evaluating the new car - all I can say is that it is deeply impressive. Styling is typical Japanese but shutlines, even on the early build examples (full production does not start until December) were tighter than on the A3's and 1 series on hand for comparison. I'm sure that many people will assume that its merely a Prius in a different set of clothes - the Prius I drove was awful in all respects next to the Lexus. Without a doubt the highest quality car in the C segment and its a car that you could buy on its own merits and not just because its a hybrid
  19. After having the car for a few weeks now have made some purchases and some decisions Simota induction kit bought and a nice stainless steel front strut brace is in the garage awaiting a good polishing. Interior is being stripped out, door cards being re-trimmed in dove grey nappa leather with Atlantis Blue stitching. All seats and headrests will also be re-trimmed in dove grey nappa with oE Atlantis Blue piping Paintwork wise it was soul destroying going round and unearthing every tiny mark, scratch and imperfection. Off with the car and fault list to a local bodyshop to discuss what needs to be done, decided on drivers side front wing, drivers door, drivers side rear quarter panel, rear bumper, bootlid and passenger door. Fortumately one one tiny little rust spot and one ding need doing, rest of car is 100% straight. Owner of the bodyshop want s the car for up to 3 weeks to ensure a top notch job and is in no doubt that I want a good job nad not a cheap, quick one :D Want it to look as close to showrom fresh as possible - last owner spent a fortune on the mechanicals, I want the interior and bodywork to be to the same level Now at least it is properly clean and has a nice shine after 3 coats of Glasur and black trim treated to ValetPro Dionysus
  20. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec, Puma, 205 GTi
  21. Ordered mine on the 8th and has not turned up yet - has it been sent?
  22. Just ordered a load of the Pro S - superb oil and at a great price
  23. Any chance of a Group Buy?
  24. At Silverstone in September, simply follow the link and get up to 4 free tickets http://www.renault.co.uk/worldseries/?W ... 410-STO4-1
  25. leeeeshad - its the new common rail 1.6 TDi - could have had the 2.0 TDi but was curious about the 1.6, absolutely amazed with it. Very smooth, much smoother than the 2.0 engine and I just can't get less than 55 mpg out of it - not a road rocket by any means but will cruise all day long at 80-90mph (where permitted) I do seem to have the knack of driving economically, both my G60's averaged 32-33mpg, even my barge of an A6 2.8 returns 32mpg consistently
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