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  1. I just checked and there is no UK stock... typical! So many people list the application incorrectly, some even clearly state the 4 Bar unit is replaced by the 3 Bar and we all know that makes them run lean. VW Classic have them genuine at €425 😲 I can possible get Huco for around £90 but it would take a few weeks and you know who in Berlin are cheaper
  2. I have used the thin 1/8” (3mm) Dynaliner from Dynamat which self adhesive but also the VAG foam used for door inner shower curtains but I would have to look the number up at work. Found it, 3A0 867 201 H £21.24 plus some aerosol web spray
  3. New hot wire AMM’s are impossible to find, I had one from a company in Lithuania and it was worse than the old one.
  4. Remember pre 95 VR6 Golf and Corrado are 4 Bar and post 95 Golf VR6 3Bar.
  5. The last one I had this on I could not get a used or new ECU, I sent it to BBA Reman and they sent it somewhere else and it came back fixed which is a rare thing with BBA... You can still get the EG and H suffix ECU's from VW Classic https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.com/catalog/en_uk/search?q=037906023h
  6. ECU failure is extremely rare BUT when I was working on a lot of PG engines I did experience a number of ECU failures where the internal ignition amplifier failed.
  7. Crasher

    Replacement key?

    A new key is still available under part number 1H0 837 219 A AUB for £43.90 cut to the car, TPS should be able to look up the coding and cut it to VIN.
  8. Yes but Herr Reichsfuhrer Khan is "saving the planet"
  9. Z Zap gets it wrong because ETKA also does not show it. It is an M8x45/M6x12 part number N 910 209 02 £17.40 inc VAT, no UK stock.
  10. What was the FEBI part number? Can you post a picture of the connector?
  11. The four speed right hand drive resistor 536 959 263 is not available aftermarket anywhere, the Febi resistor part number 19770 is 3 speed but if that is what you have used it should not be possible to plug it in as the centre pin is blank and won't accept the plug with five pins installed.
  12. I have a 95 VR6 that I need pull my finger out and to get around to selling as it is getting in the way, the paintwork is good but not perfect, we had it painted about ten years ago and about fifteen years ago we fitted a genuine new engine and it hasn’t done many miles since. The sadly now deceased previous owner (one of my favourite customers for decades) had the FULL custom light grey leather done a few years ago. It has a few mods such as InPro lights all round, 16” alloys, 288 front brakes, SuperSprint exhaust and Passat lockless door handles.
  13. We have gone over to G12 Evo mixed 60/40 with distilled water as that is the curent spec to TRY and stop MQB heater matrix's getting blocked; it is nearly that season again!
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