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  1. The front camber on a Corrado should be -40′ except the VR6 which is -1° 20′
  2. LPG is going https://www.catmag.co.uk/lpg-phase-out-continues-as-shell-ends-autogas-supply
  3. The head switch was 056 919 081 C and brown, it changed number to 028 919 081 D and then again to 028 919 081 H is now blue It is a 0.25 Bar pressure to open circuit and the wire is blue/black 068 919 081 is black 1.4Bar and is now 068 919 081 D, this goes into the oil filter bracket. This is a 1.4 bar pressure to close switch. It always confused me why the PG engine had a 1.4 Bar switch for the dynamic warning system when all others had a white 1.8 Bar and the VW wiring diagram even says it is 1.8 Bar, the wire is yellow.
  4. And green alcantara roof and pillar linings.
  5. Crasher

    ISV/IAC valve

    Yes, the target value is 9...19∠° and I aim for the middle. When set, repeated opening and closing must see it return the the same value.
  6. Not a good time for us to sell the VR6 we have then...
  7. Crasher

    ISV/IAC valve

    Sorry, force of habit, Measured Value Block
  8. Crasher

    ISV/IAC valve

    On the subject of the Air Mass Meter (MAF if you must use American TLA's) I have been unable to get the early one 026 906 461. I bought one from a company in Latvia and it was useless, the car would not run. Huty on here has the last decent used one on his car I had in my stash of test parts . The later 021 906 402 is still available from the aftermarket even if the quality isn't great.
  9. Crasher

    ISV/IAC valve

    Check the MVB for the TB pot value. I was having problems with the idle on forum member @Hutty car and I noticed the closed value was changing each time the throttle was opened and closed so we got a new pot from Classic which fixed it and apparently the car drives better in general.
  10. Fit the earlier non immo ECU, yours should be 8A0 907 404 L, the earlier version was 8A0 907 404 CC, there is one on eBay for £35.
  11. I have been doing this for 40 years and I have to constantly study in my spare time to keep up but it is my life and I want to learn, if you are just an average person who isn't consumed by cars then it isn't going to work. Garages are finding it increasingly hard to find good candidates to train as the reputation of the job is so low that youngsters with the aptitude to work on modern cars don't want to know and the money is rubbish. This leaves employers with staff you just can't rise up to the challenges of modern mobile computers, sorry cars; the complexity is beyond belief and most people can't read a VAG current flow diagram.
  12. Crasher

    VR6 Throttle Body

    All UK spec Corrado VR6’s were OBD1, cars from wvwzzz50zPK009001 up until wvwzzz50zSK000718 (Hutty’s is in the middle) used ECU 021 906 258 AG where the VAG specific so called 2x2 diagnostic plugs were replaced by the industry standard 16 pin OBD2 style plug but the engine is not OBD2 and neither are the later final S VIN series with ECU 021 906 258 AP. Simply put, OBD2 is defined as having a post cat lambda sensor to contribute to fuel tuning and monitor the cat and the dash has a Malfunction Indicator Light to warn the driver of any emissions related errors. People also refer to the later Golf 3 VR6 with stepper motor idle control as OBD2, they aren’t. From experience I know that a new throttle pot is nearly impossible to set up correctly, you tend to end up one side or the other of the ideal value so I always replaced the throttle body set at the factory but I need to give it a go as throttle body 021 133 061 L seems to be impossible to buy new but the pot is available.
  13. These racks have been an issue lately, I had to rebuild one a few weeks back with the VAG seal set 1H0 498 020 which is £48.23, very time consuming and no good if the gears are worn. I spoke to TRW (the original manufacturer) today and they have four recon units due into them from TRW Germany at the beginning of April, however two are back orders so that only leaves two being available, the typical price would be £230 all in BUT there is a £100 surcharge until they get the old one back. The pump, originally made by ZF, is easy to get as it fits all sorts of VAG cars, a TRW recon is £140 all in and there is plenty of UK stock BUT there is a £75 surcharge.
  14. Please be aware that Tony AKA "odd job" of Nottingham VW/AUDI breakers is gravely ill in Nottingham QMC intensive care in a coma after suffering from meningitis and a stroke. My prayers are with you my old friend....
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