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  1. This happened to mine. It was simply a fuse. it will tell you which one in the instruction manual. Check this first.
  2. Look at this beast. Looks like an Americanised Corrado on steroids
  3. Dave was kind enough to let me have a spin in this fantastic car tonight :D I must admit I was expecting it to be like a race car and hard to drive but it is still beautifully refined and easy to drive. The suspension is set up really well giving a ride that is not too firm which I was again impressed with. Put your foot down and it really does put a big grin on your face. Its a great piece of engineering.
  4. Sorry guys. Sometimes you forget to check the obvious. :cuckoo: After refering to the Corrado instructions manual I noticed that there is a 10amp fuse for each mainbeam and one of these had gone so all is now well. :D
  5. I have a problem with main beam on the left side. I noticed the blue light on my dah was not coming on. When main beam is engaged it works on the right side but the left headlight goes off to just leave the side light. Eveything is fine on dipped beam and side light settings. Ive tried replacing the main beam bulb with the wire attached and also the the headlight bulb wich i thought would solve it. Any ideas as I need to sort this for monday. Cheers
  6. Is a 1994 VR6. Totally standard. Im guessing from your reactions that it must be in rude health which is great news. :D
  7. its all motorway. Worcester to maidenhead M5-M40/42- M4 link to junction 8-9, I was reading 34.9mpg yesterday. Thats chillin obviously. mor like 30 if I want to get back quicker.
  8. Ive just got a new job and have gone from doing 40 miles a week to 500 miles aweek :shock: Ive been doing it for a month now and loved every mile. Car has been brilliant through 6 ins of snow the lot. But the sensible side of me knows that at 108k and £60 a week petrol this is not good. But I dont want to sell it. Think I will save and buy a cheap diesel but the wife has done her nut about me having 2 cars :( Some women just dont understand do they.
  9. Wow. That oak green Rado looks stunning. I prefer standard cars now but this wins me over 8)
  10. I think you are forgetting how vintage these cars now are and how bodged a lot are. Original cars that have been carefully and skillfully maintained in standard condition with reasonable milage are still very nice. There are not that many cars on the road that are between 13 and 20years old.
  11. I personally dont think the springs sag that much over time especially at the rear. I rebuilt the rear suspension on my early VR with new shocks and mount rubbers and this reinstated exactly the right height. It is a nice set up, I think a lot of people dont realise how good an original set up with new shocks bumpstops etc is. I dont like the late ride height but the set up on my current early Vr with the deeper chin spoiler and more level ride height is brilliant. I ruined my old storm and to my experience most stiffened spring set ups are just too uncomfortable on our roads. Its not at low speeds but undulations on motorways that I hated with my lowered storm. Both sets of original rear springs were in good condition and had not covered horrendous miles when I compared these.
  12. I owned a Storm several years ago and had lowered it and kept the original springs. This sat very high at the back. The Storm went and eventually I bought an earlier VR6 with a much better more level stance. Anyway I replaced the shocks recently and as I still had the springs off the Storm I compared and measured them. Storm/late VR6 rear springs- 345mm Earlier VR6 rear spring-325mm Its surprising how much difference 20mm makes. Had I known when I had my Storm that the earlier rear springs were slightly lower I would have sourced some as I wanted to keep it original and spoilt it with over low and stiff eibach springs.[/
  13. My favourite pairing was James Hunt and Murray Walker . It was such a shock in 1993. I had watched the live race on the Sunday with Hunt and Walker and then switched the radio on at work on monday to here that James Hunt had died suddenly. Never been quite the same since.
  14. Yes welcome from another Worcester dweller also. :wink:
  15. I did this a couple of weeks ago without removing the dash. I took some pictures which may help a bit. I dont know how to link to my thread but it was called 'how big a swear box' I think. Just do an author search and good luck!
  16. Once you have poked the old seal out the air will soon dry it out. I did it on a warm day which I know is now unlikley but as long as its not raining you should be fine.
  17. Dave. looks cool with the ring sticker. Id really like to earn one of those. Maybe next year. Ive been so busy plus fixing my Corrado (blown matrix) I havn't managed any events. See you soon.
  18. Hi. Been unhappy with my perished roof strips for some time. I know a lot of people have mensioned replacing these before but heres another idea which worked for me. The photos will help make it clearer. I purchased some black silicone from homebase. This has a 35 year guarentee! 1. carefully remove all the perished rubber. 2.mask an acurate line along the body 3. Cut the aplicator to about the size of the old seal and aply the silicone in one pass. 4. straight away run your finger carefully along using the plastic part of the roof strip as a guide and getting only a thin layer where you are going to pull up the tape.This is the tricky bit but dont be tempted t prat around as the silicone will start to skin. One pass should be all you need. 5. pull up the tape revealing a nice neat edge and a very new looking seal. If you balls it up just leave it to dry overnight and pull it out and try again. :D Im really chuffed with mine.
  19. I also replace the ignition switch last week and done away with the Heath Robinson start button that someone had fitted. Car is now much better until the next thing :gag:
  20. Just to conclude I am still alive :) and I have a new matrix :D I can also confirm it is indeed an ass of a job involving lots of hardcore swearing. The car now has that new car heater smell and no more mist! I think it has been leaking slightly since Ive had it. Also think ive cured my intermittent ABS problem. The three relays under the passenger shelf were soaked! I would say that once you have removed everything re-assembley is much easier. I folowed the knowledge base procedure with the dash in place. Here are some pictures as ther are non. May help someone.
  21. Just to conclude this, once the new switch was fitted properly it did indeed work properly. The key now starts the car as it should and no more Heath Robinson bodge up button start. :D Now the fun really begins with the heater matrix at the weekend :pale:
  22. Well I tasted quite a lot and then drunk some from the header tank to confirm they were the same. Ill let you know if I die any time soon :D
  23. Ive tried what you sugested jumping those wires and it does indeed turn over so im going to fit the new switch properly and see what happens. As you say I may not be turning the switch enough as I dont want to trash a brand new switch.
  24. Dec. Thanks for your imput on this. Here are some more pictures. The first was taken before the start button was removed. The second as it is now with the new ig switch plugged in. I have only turned it with a screw driver but am affraid of forcing it too far so maybe have not turned it far enough. Do you think I should fit the new switch properly first and then see what happens with the key?
  25. I must conclude I suppose that the imobiliser has been fitted after the button start. Does this seem right? I am affraid wiring is not my strongest point.
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