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  1. im in a similar position, although i believe i need Cat1 for agreed value next year i had a ring round end of last year & a few places were mentioning Sigma but what they were telling me didnt sit right when i 1st brought the 16v 20 odd years ago i had a mobile installer come & fit an alarm/immob to it - i remember it well as it was he who showed me how to tell if a car has "closure" capabilities. the early models only close the windows when lock the door & hold the key in lock position, late models do sunroof as well. the point of this was he said he only had to attach 1 wire to the Sigma system & it would operate the full closure via the key fob skip to 20 years later & the last place i spoke to was saying i needed expensive additional controller boxes for a Sigma alarm to give full closure - the guy was even questioning if i knew my car had it built in as such i shant be using that place but i am hoping to find a solution this month so will post anything i find
  2. hi m8 i have checked the wikky & the links worked for me - the site currently doesnt like some newer web browsers i have to use MS Edge as Brave wont work properly try this link for your issue Fan speed thermal fuse repair - THE Corrado Forum Knowledge Base (the-corrado.net) this was the fix we have stored for the fan speed 4 issue let me know if you can get it to load ok?
  3. it is so annoying isnt it! we purposely park as far away as possible & someone always end up by you even in an empty car park
  4. im the same with both of mine i used to go & collect wood cut offs for the fire in the 16v & would just pile it in the back
  5. absolutely! hence why i pulled the dash out of the 16v twice as the 1st time i did the matrix but not the heater box relining - big mistake
  6. hmmm - ive thought about it but apart from a slight hand brake improvement is there any other point? im more refreshing underneath rather than nut & bolt resto lots of hardware & solid items & things that are OK to re-use will be used again ive also got to account for a new Cat1 with full closure - anyone have any ideas on brand & model choices? im thinking Sigma but the last place i spoke to was saying need extra boxes for the full closure, whereas i recall the guy who fitted the Sigma on my 16v many years ago say he only needed to connect 1 wire to enable full closure i also need to get the Modena's painted, rebuilt & tyres put on them - oh yeah & bolt on spacers front & rear
  7. thanks everyone i will have a good read through
  8. thanks MJA - id not found that page on LLL good shout about the alternator too, mine could definitely do with a refub - do you have a record of how much it cost with them? i was thinking of new wishbones as not sure how the originals would be after sand blasting - any reason you say to refurb existing than buy new? yeah im aware it is going to be hunting around for lots of parts, im used to it after all these years with a corrado lol im sending it to my mechanic for the work, too much for me to do on a driveway
  9. thank you for the input, appreciated is ETKA online? spoke to KW & the chap said can send them an email with what currently have & they will send out a reply with the correct parts available 🙂
  10. Should also add, ive tried looking for part numbers on LLL Parts but they have very little info to offer
  11. Hi All The VR6 is planned to go in for an underside restoration over winter & i am about to embark on buying parts in preparation. Plan is to drop everything off, blast & powder coat anything that can be & then buy new where needed - bushes, running gear, front wishbones, brake lines etc Has anyone here tackled similar & have any info on parts & part numbers & where to go for them? Randomly off the top of my head in no order Front top mounts front wishbones with bushes (is it worth getting R32 bushes?) drop links CV boots steering rack boots front disc back plates possibly new discs & pads all round rear top mounts rear beam bushes rear disc plates exhaust hanger rubbers thats about all i can think of, if anyone can think of other bits pls chip in, it would be appreciated oh - anybody know if KW offer a refresh service for their coilovers? thanks in advance
  12. try this search result string vw corrado heater blower motor - Google Search try to go for the higher powered version as there are 2 types available
  13. interesting - yes m8 hence the thought as i may refresh discs & pads in the winter when it goes in for the underside refresh in the winter why not go bigger disc if possible eh lol
  14. tasty! i went for the 4 pots as had to run the speedline but ive finally got the wheels i want for the VR6 i wonder how much of a bigger disc i could fit under the 16" modena's in comparison to the 15" speedlines - may have to call HiSpec for a chat
  15. looking good - are they the 6 pots? ive got the 4 pots from HiSpec & love them 🙂
  16. i did think i could help but id read it wrong, thought it was the actual parcel shelf you needed
  17. i think they are referring to the fact that there are different speeds of USB cable, ideally you want a USB 3 if possible as these can handle a higher data throughput however, it may be that whatever you are using is not corrado compatible IIRC you cant read much through the OBD1 port
  18. only just seen this post - ive got a full guide with pics on how to do this job so much easier with dash fully out i email it out on request
  19. ha ha ha that is one hell of an expensive way to do it but also a very good one!! i could only afford the V1's but they have seen me perfect for about 75K miles so far
  20. hi chris good idea but in all my years of corrado-ness 17's & upwards kill the ride & handling there are people that run them & i guess it depends if you are going for look or for performance IMO, & im sure many of the long term members here would agree from their experience, that 16" is the biggest you want to go i have a feeling that you can actually still buy a 16" speedline brand new i also think that the group buy here many years ago for Compomotive Mo 5's were in a 16" but may have been 15
  21. not sure - it was £400 for the rolling road setup but this was a long time ago
  22. when i had my head rebuild at stealth i dropped schrick 263's in there, BMC CDA & then vince mapped it - ended just shy of 210bhp this was with OE exhaust as i hadnt yet put the longlife SS on it the way the new map performs in comparison to OE is superb
  23. ahhh reading all these comments does make me smile - i will pass on the thanks & happiness to Kurzy 😄
  24. great news guys, im glad they are all arriving quickly i hope you are all happy with them yes the maker lives pretty much a the end of the country up in scotland lol
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