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  1. More than happy to help, have some IT skills too. Happy to join a WhatsApp group to discuss.
  2. Possibly the same list on Facebook now, Can ChrisL confirm? ATR solutions were making them, £160 a pair. No update since August from them however. I started this thread when I was trying to get them made, sadly, my efforts failed even though I was willing to buy the whole batch, thread since took a new lease of life 🙂
  3. Thanks for the tips guys. I've already found a load of connections hanging out of the back of the fuse box to identify, going to check for bad earths first as the clocks were working when parked up. The nothing works on the instrument panel except shows time and mileage. No warning lights or dials working. No MFA. Also unable to establish connection to read faults. Last MOT (a long time ago) highlighted brake pipe corrosion so first suspect is one of those has finally popped.
  4. Well, good news if that I have got it started. I'm not 100% sure if was just the battery as I inspected and reseated a few relays, battery readings were the same as before. Was a bit lumpy to start with but ok. Next issue is the instrument cluster doesn't work (time and mileage shows but that's it) and I can't get a code reader to connect at all - perhaps relates... oh and brake pedal goes to the floor.
  5. Battery was new not long before it was stored but didn't think to put on a trickle charger as wasn't planning on leaving so long 🙂
  6. I've left the battery on charge so will try again and put a jump pack on too. Just seems odd I can't get a code reader to connect anymore. I've never changed anything on the car - I bought as a bit of a project but more as a template for putting my storm back together one day!
  7. Hi all, I tried to start my VR6 today without joy. It ran ok a year ago and has stood in the garage since. Now a relay click and nothing else, no effort to crank. Battery tested and fine, relays appear to be working, fuses seem good. The MFA doesn't appear to work - just shows time, can't click through. believe fuel gauge also not working, Also don't think the warning lights on instrument panel working either (these could be a resistor on the panel and unrelated) Interestingly, I have tried two port readers, neither can connect to the car with key in position 2. The car has a Toad i606 alarm, it arms disarms, so don't think that. VW key immobilizer... if that goes would that let me use all the electrics and still get a the ecu relay click? I know this is like a needle in a haystack ... I've looked around for answers and had been in ownership for approaching 20 years and this has confused me 🙂 just trying to make the haystack smaller! thanks in advance!
  8. A pack of the new stuff arrived and had chance to compare it, Dimension wise its about the same length as a front footwell section and about 3/4 of the width. The thickness came in at 1.5mm, VS factory fronts being about 3.4 and rear footwell being 1.7. It is self adhesive and way more brittle - I've not compared the the sections inside the doors, but it does look more like Dynamat type stuff that needs a little warmth to shape, to fit to rigid panel skins. I'm sure you could use as a replacement under the carpets, but isn't ideal. I will reuse the factory rubber, backed with heritage insulation. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fdDAnPwndvfZyygs8
  9. thanks again, looks good, might make an enquiry, most off putting part is the distance from me and finding the time to get over. cheers.
  10. Many thanks Keyo, which one did you see with the leather? couldn't see on the link?
  11. I'm looking for a Corrado to work on with my son on the run up to getting his licence. Ideally one currently road worthy (easier to move!) late type preferred, VR would be great but any engine considered. Not bothered about condition of interior or if a little bit of exterior rot. Just want something solid to save from a breaking or scrap. Anything about?
  12. Did this find a new home?, looking for something similar for my boy to learn on. Runner not a ratter ideal!
  13. Pretty sure my original material will be ok to reuse but I'm interested in the new Part No in the name of science I've purchased some of the 323 863 950 (new rubber material) and will have a look and report back. Good research Keyo, need the Wiki up so your findings can be filed 👍
  14. Digging around...that product looks like it's the stuff that you put on bare panels, such as floor plan and door skins.
  15. Good research 👍 Is this to replace the heavy bitumen/rubber layer between the felt and the carpet? I've not tried to pull apart the factory layer yet but looks a little brittle in places. Do we know if it is the same material or is it an improved one?
  16. Pictures show just one layer, I'll double it up and look again when I get chance. I'm a long way off rebuilding mine, but already stocking many rolls of loom tape and OE anti rattle tape... Going to see what I can source for foam a wrap too. The bonnet stuff I have looks like OE, not gimp mask like 😂 though sometimes I feel like I'm abused like a gimp when buying Corrado parts.
  17. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Lj89vf62MCg9XNgf6 The description on VW Heritage: Deluxe underfelt kit for Corrado, The kit includes 8 pieces to use where no underfelt is present. It is used underneath the carpet Made from a heavy duty 10-12mm thick felt and cut to shape, this set provides two layers of underfelt for the front and rear foot well areas giving a total thickness 0f 20-24mm in each area. Read that description after took pics, I'll layer them up and compare again (and measure) later today if I get chance. I don't think 2 layers of this will be as bulky as one layer of factory, that said, once you've loads a couple of thin layers off the factory stuff by removing it, may not be much in it. One layer of the new stuff is closer to the thickness of the deadening on the bulkhead behind dash (but not as thin)
  18. Yeah, realise it adds up to an obscene figure! I'll grab some photos of the VW Heritage stuff and share them. To be honest, I bought it in a big sale a while ago when I bought new carpets too without really looking into the best options. Regarding the under bonnet sound deadening, you saying the VW Heritage stuff isn't good? is it the same as what was on a group buy on here a long time ago? I bought that set, but thinking about running without it all together. Perhaps stretching the boundaries of the subject... has anyone ever replaced the foam wraps on the loom behind the dash? mine has turned to dust and I'm mindful I need to use something to not introduce new rattles.
  19. Good and interesting thread guys. I've purchased new carpets and the deluxe underfelt from VW Heritage, I'm also not sure of the quality of the under felt comparing to the factory layer. Has anyone used the Spoonfed option? it is going to cost a fortune... but is it worth it? https://www.spoonfedtuning.com/collections/corrado/products/corrado-sound-insulation-kit
  20. I paid a little under £3k (no VAT) for a glass out respray albeit 11 years ago! Wasn't much rust to resolve. Was great for a time but the job lasted about 8 years (it wasn't garaged much and was left parked up for 2 years) Renewed a few bits of trim at the same time. I'm undertaking a full resto now, I'm stripping the shell and rebuilding. Welding and Spray work will be circa £8k/£9k. New panels about £1500. Two visits to a dip will be 2-3k I'd expect.
  21. Thanks for responding... I tried the email on your website and it bounced btw. Will the upgrade bring the images back?
  22. Still no word from our Admin, I'd really like to help update/fix the forum or at the very least help ensure it isn't going to vanish overnight.
  23. I paid £55 from heritage a year ago for a passenger side one.
  24. I sent a new scraper as a sample...I was going to send an old one for sacrifice if it came to it!
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