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  1. Been a long time since I've updated my build thread, just been looking at just how good it looked all fresh!... Since the respray/rebuild I've cranked the mileage upto 159k thrown in a few track days and quite a few rough winters. Sadly the respray hasn't lasted too well, few dings from other peoples car doors plus rough roads around here and high speed track time took a toll on the wheel arches also a fault with the paint work on the bonnet surfaced 4 years on causing a crazing on the top coat. Recently I damaged 2nd gear, ABS failed and finally the factory exhaust gave up... to be fair it had all served well. Having recently put a deposit on a 2010 S3 (it was fun to drive, just left me a bit cold), on collection day I just couldn't go through with the purchase. I still really love the Storm and knew it would be left to rot as I'd be too busy and without need to do anything about it. So with the help of some bits from DubPower and lilfuzzer I've got the Storm MOT'd again. This summer I intend to respray (don't know where) again and do something with the engine, possibly retrim too. I think I want to stick with the VR6, wouldn't mind a little more power, though I have a quick toy also... perhaps I should talk to Stealth. I can't see me ever letting the car go and I apreciate anything I spend I know I'll never get back but the cost to run as a daily is largely insignificant compared the depreciation I would suffer on a modern Eurobox. I will be visiting here as frequently as possible to keep my eye out for nice bits that could be of use :-) Any recommendations on places to respray welcome, local to me (Lincoln/Nottingham) ideal, but not adverse to travelling for the right job.
  2. Are you able to post at all?
  3. Code I have is 1h2614217a
  4. I will check the code this evening and get back to you, thanks you.
  5. Excellent, How much would you be looking for it?
  6. Storm Warning

    VR6 Gearbox

    Looking for a VR6 Gearbox, at the moment I just need one that works and isn't noisy. Would consider something modified, LSD etc. I purchased a 'recon' box which lasted about 1 month longer than its warranty! Many Thanks
  7. I'm after a good working ABS unit for a VR6, mines giving a host of error codes :-) many thanks
  8. £621 Looks like a better deal IMO, tempted myself. I'm not saying don't get the ebay one, just that gets what you pay for, and a bit of lucky dip.
  9. I am currently running one of those eBay recon boxes.... Changed it about 10k ago and it's now worse than what I removed. They change 1st and 2nd syncros and possibly a bearing? 5th gear came loose after a couple of 1000 miles. I think they are still pot luck as often the source and quality on road is unknown and most inspection is visual. 6mth warranty at end of day and a fraction of a rebuilt box with new gears. Not saying don't do it, just be aware. I found the worst part was the cost of changing not the part itself. Wonder what the 600 rebuild covers?
  10. Its just to keep mine going a bit bit longer in semi retirement now the new steed has arrived to share duties, just buys some while I decide what to to do. Purple Tom, I will take your thanks And thank you larceny fink for the offer.
  11. Thanks guys, what mileage did they have? Thanks.
  12. Storm Warning

    VR6 Gearbox

    I'm after a VR6 gearbox in good condition, don't fancy taking a punt on a used box off fleabay! Cheers!
  13. Sorry, yes, I didn't think you'd seen my post but just saw your message, my bad (or the mobile app I'm using!) will get that paid shortly. Thanks Cheers
  14. Hi, i'll take the passenger handle please. Do you know if the lock is a fairly easy swap? and is the wire something that can be transplanted from my existing one? thanks.
  15. Hi, i'll take the passenger handle please. Do you know if the lock is a fairly easy swap? and is the wire something that can be transplanted from my existing one? thanks.
  16. Excellent, this forum is a life (car) saver! thank you.
  17. Hi, I'm desperate for a late passenger door handle, mine has broken not in the normal way (bought a repair kit) and I need it to pass my MOT. Obviously I'd like it serviceable, but I can change the metal part from the repair kit if that is broken. Many Thanks, Duncan
  18. Hi, I will take the passenger handle if you still have it and assuming the codes ok on the gearbox could you let me know your postcode please and I will see if I can arrange collection. Thanks
  19. How much for the passenger handle? could i have pics please... i assume i can swap locks? How much for the gearbox? was it in good working order and not noisy? Many Thanks :-)
  20. Didn't like the filename, here it is:
  21. Yes, it does get a huge amount of attention, the sound wakes up people followed by the colour. Ah well, was fun while it lasted, was an honour and a pleasure. In someways its focused me to sort the Storms niggles and also to find away to earn the money to add to my car collection :-) Oh, I did see one Corrado while I was driving (near nottingham) still gave them a nod :-) also, the corrado that makes an appearance on the dash, but I can't upload the picture for some reason.
  22. When for a nice run last night, just handed keys back :-( awaiting delivery of new front discs and pads for Storm, should be an interesting drive when it is sorted.
  23. It is a V10 Spyder, owned by my boss who is away. He knows I like cars so entrusted me with the keys :-) Can't decide if I'm more impressed by his generosity or trust! I have been lucky enough do drive a few high end motors like, Ferraris, Aston, Lambo but never long enough to really live with them. I've been to the shops, done the school run, commuted, been out to meetings and had a little weekend drive out, so just as I would the Corrado. It is awesome car, such power and control, great looks and a sound track that is addictive, words cannot describe the attack on your ears... and yes, there is some odd C DNA can't quite put a finger on it but feel its the weight of the steering and that squat heavy tightening feeling you get breaking in a corner in the VR. there is also the fact it sounds amazing. I wonder too, if I had time, to take some proportion measurements, seat, steering wheel, bottom of window lines and see if they are similar to the Corrado. Perhaps is just that we want it to feel that way! and that really its the trick of new fast leather smelling car experience. I'm going to be gutted to hand it back, I would have loved to take the opportunity to get a test drive in a V8 Coupe back to back (but none forsale near me) as if I was to be able to get one in comming years that the likely candidate. Probably the most impressive thing is the ease of driving, its so so easy. My corrado takes way more effort to drive in traffic or at any speed. I actually don't think I've ever hopped into a car and go so confident so quickly of feel of controls. The other amazing thing is the MPG. The computer is showing a 'trip' average of 16mpg, looks like thats over 7k of its 10k life. I'm getting 18mpg on my route to work and just over 20 if a longer journey. Thats not granny driving nor is it balls-out, just pretty regualar with occasionally spirited driving. Well, one thing is for sure I have been grinning like im high since I've had it, day and night! really puts you in a good mood.
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