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Speedo Binacle Screw Covers - Pair

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Hi all,


Have managed to find a overseas supplier for some German OEM made 'Speedo Binacle Screw Covers' and would like to gauge interest for a group buy.


I have been sent a test pair to assess quality/fitment etc and they appear to be identical items to a couple of pairs which recently appeared on the forum advertised as "New OEM VW" and sold for a rather large amount of money.


Please see pics below of the sample pair I have received compared to my original (slightly broken) pair:


Left & Right Sample:




Left Comparison Shot (Sample on the left):




Pair Comparison Shot (Sample @ the front):




Back of Pair Comparison Shot (Sample @ the front):




I'm hoping to price these @ £3.50 each so £7.00 the pair.

Postage will be £2 sent out 1st class recorded.


Please post up if you are interested in purchasing so I can judge interest/quantity to order.


Cheers, Stu




Official Order List (First Order Limit: 50 Pairs)

Sold in pairs


1. leeeeshad x 1

2. beastie4126 x 2

3. The_Dude x 2

4. Jon_vr6 x 2

5. fendervg x 2

6. dragon green x 2

7. Dude VR6 x 1

8. pumbaa x 1

9. joebloggsVR69 x 2

10. __Andy__ x 1

11. volksworld13 x 2

12. MarkFoster x 1

13. coolrado x 1

14. cheesy x 1

15. emu x 2

16. neuon2003 x 2

17. jamiehamy x 2

18. iceviolet x 1

19. KIPVW x 4

20. carrots x 1

21. monzablau16v x 1

22. bristolbaron x 3

23. 3corsameal x 1

24. poll250 x 2

25. CazzaVR x 1

26. Swompy x 1

27. Ridlymaca x 1

28. Yandards x 2

29. OSV x 2

30. nathan x 1

31. quickly1980 x 2


Current Total: 50



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Will definitely take 2 sets - thanks, and great work on trying to get these sorted.

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I still have mine in place, but you never know what's round the corner so put me down for a pair stu.

I must stop hording parts and start sticking some on the car, or sell what I don't want/need

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I'll also be interested in a pair please, even though I don't need 'em :)


*edit* I meant a pair of sets, just to be clear!

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I thought i'd have a few interested parties but not quite this many.


Better get the ball rolling on this then.


Will start a list in the original post to keep people in the loop.

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Have updated the first post with the official order list.


Please check this to ensure I've got the quantity you want correct as the first 50 pairs are going fast.


Anyone saying they may want a 2nd pair I've simply put down as a single pair for now. Please inform me if otherwise.

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