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  1. Are you serious? :lol:
  2. Won't they stick out quite a bit? :iamwithstupid:
  3. VR6

    Passenger door handle!

    Use the classifieds next time please.
  4. Price please. No feelers ... you should be able to price your own items.
  5. VR6

    Mountain Bikes

    Or just make something ... http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Tech-Tuesday-Make-a-Ghetto-Tubeless-Tire-Inflator.html I'm sure I don't need to tell you Kip, but figured someone may find it useful if they don't have a compressor laying around.
  6. Great wheel! Would take the boss if you consider splitting ...
  7. VR6

    G60 Mk1

    Damnit. Outfoxed. :lol:
  8. VR6

    G60 Mk1

    What's a G60 Mk1?
  9. Yep 100%. Need to remove a small section of the underside of the bonnet.
  10. Would you consider selling the boss separately Steve? Let me know if so ...
  11. If only an automated forum message told you that you needed to wait while your post was approved by a Moderator ...
  12. Damn, this thread nearly made it an entire decade without being posted in! :nuts:
  13. The general opinion was if you're too stupid to include your location, price, details, photos etc ... the only person who is going to lose out is the seller. Ok it's frustrating for potential buyers but, personally, if somone can't even be arsed avertising something properly, how can they possibly take care of a Corrado. Or a baby. Or themselves.
  14. Yeah Mods and Admin will be able to post if needed. And it was moved from Parts for Sale (I think) so it technically could have had 'mortals' posting in it beforehand.
  15. Everyone complained when it was open for anyone to post comments. Everyone complains when it's closed for comments and people can't reply. Moral of the story: we can't win!! :grin:
  16. See, if I said that ^ it would be "sarcastic" !!
  17. Wrong forum, not that anybody cares, and there's enough threads on this already.
  18. Or he's driving with the handbrake on. Good work!
  19. I hate to sound unwelcoming, everyone has to start somewhere, but have you looked at the search at all? I know the search can be a bit crap but you can use Google to specifically search on just the corrado forum. Use Google and the keyword site:the-corrado.net http://direct.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=70633
  20. This still gets my vote as THE gayest sounding thread title ever.
  21. How much did they pay you to take that away??
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