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  1. Hmmm. I was going to step in with a harsh and critical comment but it seems like I have been beaten to it!
  2. Is it a bit like seeing your ex with a new bloke?
  3. Good to see the old girl on the forum. The car that is. Not Kev :lol:
  4. What was worse ... ? 1) Thinking your car had been nicked. 2) Realising it hadn't ... and remembering you posted on here about it.
  5. :lol: Quite easily the funniest thing I've read for a long time!! :lol:
  6. VR6

    A Magic Trick

    :lol: Almost definitely a fake I would say, still funnny though!
  7. :lol: damn straight! Do you not want a new username yet Mr Bacon?
  8. Is it "National Annoy The **** Out Of VR6" week or something? Have I missed a circular? READ THE FORUM DESCRIPTIONS AND FIGURE OUT WHERE TO START NEW THREADS. Or I'm going to start dishing out new usernames. :lol: :grin:
  9. Why £2k?? Got to be worth £6k if it's as nice as it sounds. Blue or green? Or did I miss that part?!
  10. We don't need another thread ... http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=83087 Especially as Bill suggests you could search the forum or the entire internet!
  11. I couldn't sit idly by while the Corrado Forum continued to remain ignorant on the subject of G60 Storms ... Don't hate the player.
  12. :notworthy: Good choice!
  13. Standard VR6 for the win. You wouldn't buy a Mustang and fit a Celica engine to it.
  14. VR6


    Some sort of backwards reflection thing going on there! Welcome to the CF :wave:
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