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  1. Cheers bud. I know the title can be a pain but it shouldn't be toooo bad.
  2. And the eyebrow ;) Both cars look amazing ... keep both! :salute:
  3. "I will go super saiyan" *screaming* Fecking nutcase!! Edit: dead easy to find if you want to ..
  4. VR6

    What's missing?

    We switched servers quite a while ago and I'm not aware of any error reports thus far ... are you still experiencing problems?
  5. VR6

    What's missing?

    Are you deliberately starting all threads in the General forum??
  6. Ring the AA? Sounds daft but if you have no tools, there's probably not a huge amount you can do.
  7. I see you've found the other thread.
  8. VR6


    Welcome to the CF :wave:
  9. If you weren't trying to be a renegade who plays by his own rules, we wouldn't have to intervene :grin:
  10. The electrics are fairly straightforward, it's about quality of components i.e. relays and also whether you want OEM plugs etc. Obviously you need the workmanship to put them together as well. Sounds daft but price should be a very good indicator. Personally I last bought a loom about 8 years ago so I honestly don't know who the best quality comes from these days. There's a prominent seller on here though - I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to track down.
  11. You won't mind if I edit your thread title then ;) Feelers not allowed in the classifieds so they're not allowed here to try and circumvent the classifieds either :hitler:
  12. VR6

    18 wheels

    Too big, make it look daft.
  13. Proper For Sale thread if you are selling please dude. It's not fair on others by trying to use your Members Gallery thread to drum up business. Same rules for everyone. Not me picking on you for once :lol:
  14. Thanks Paddy, I think the thread above should provide sufficient answers.
  15. Seems like a knob - he's had bad feedback in the past for selling cars and then saying they had been sold elsewhere in the morning ... just because he didn't get the money he wanted presumably.
  16. The (friendly) warning was more to other people who might try and offer CD copies to you. I know you weren't asking for a CD copy. Exactly, the forum has been warned in the past about members distributing/selling (not with our blessing might I add), copyrighted material.
  17. I'm sure I've asked before but could you try and keep sales to one thread please? It's not a strict rule as such but I'm sure you don't want us just merging/mashing all your threads together. Far easier to manage your own thread.
  18. The Bentley manual (book) can be had second hand on the classifieds here - usually £50 or so. Please be aware that discussion about the illegal sale/distribution of copyrighted material e.g. CD's will not be tolerated. Ta :salute:
  19. Sounds like a dick who's going to screw over any winning bidder unless they meet his unrealistic valuation.
  20. Pete, don't you run a car website / forum? I would have thought you'd be more qualified than most to start threads in the right place ... :scratch: :grin:
  21. We have a Bad Salesman thread for this very purpose ... Hope you get it sorted.
  22. VR6


    I'm not sure I could sit in them out of principle! They look pretty nice though and a great price :salute:
  23. http://the-corrado.net/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=57 If that doesn't work you just need a few posts under your belt. Don't just post rubbish though, we get enough of that already ;) ;)
  24. VR6

    Black Roof lining?

    Each to their own but it looks like a nightclub to me.
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