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  1. In fact it's probably advisable not to. You'll save thousands.
  2. Whoop :salute: Thankfully you weren't being a tit ;)
  3. Closing then. You will need to be a Donator in order to start a breaking thread.
  4. C'mon I know it's your first post here. But if you can't even be bothered to list some parts, the thread will just get deleted faster than EJ Taylor can say either "please change my username back" or "VR6 is my idol and I praise him like Jesus".
  5. VR6

    Disaster Today

    Somehow I don't think the tyres are to blame ...
  6. Hi :wave: Stick them in Parts for Sale ... Ebay/Misc tends to be more for when you spot someone elses stuff on Ebay.
  7. You've uploaded a profile pic ... click on your profile to see it. You haven't uploaded an avatar though, which is what I suspect the problem is ...
  8. VR6

    Wanted wanted

    You even called the thread "Wanted Wanted" and didn't think about the Wanted forum? ;) Thread moved ...
  9. Yeah he said he put used to comply with Ebay listing rules. Surely if it was brand new he would just list it as brand new. Therefore it must be a used item, although he obviously feels that the box and condition of the light means he should be able to describe it as new.
  10. Tried any solvent remover? And nothing to do with engines, so moving ;) And to think I was just about to change your username back!! :grin:
  11. Putting the reg or a bit more detail about the car in the thread title would help ...
  12. VR6

    Who owns CCGB

    Please enlighten us as to who has posted up incorrect information ... The question was answered in the second reply.
  13. VR6

    Who owns CCGB

    Could be hugely wrong but ... the members do. That's how it usually works anyway. If a club is wound up, any funds/assets get split amongst active members.
  14. What have I told you before about annoying me? ;) :lol:
  15. VR6

    headlignt bulb

    Couple of tealights should be an improvement.
  16. VR6

    headlignt bulb

    No one said it wasn't possible, but for the sake of 3 screws either side, removing the units makes life a lot easier. Of course assuming you don't encounter a rusty screw :norty:
  17. VR6

    headlignt bulb

    Best to take the headlight out first.
  18. Early VR = dizzy (prior to late 92). Late VR = coilpack.
  19. Firm prices please. If you won't sell for £50 please update your ad. Ta
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